[XGNews]: 20 years of hard work! Uncover the first “vicino” of flexible screen

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“Folding screen is becoming the biggest outlet of smart phones in 2022!” Recently, the electronic analysis of major securities companies frequently issued research reports to predict this trend.

In the last month of 2021, oppo released its first folding screen mobile phone, find n. Subsequently, Huawei launched its flagship mobile phone p50pocket treasure box with vertical folding screen, and glory also brought the “one-step” folding mobile phone magic v.

Huawei vertical folding screen flagship mobile phone p50pocket treasure box, source: Huawei official website

Glory folding mobile phone Magic V, source: glory official website

The first year of folding, this time really came!

The real driver behind this mobile phone revolution is the screen manufacturers, who have solved the core technical problem – Flexible AMOLED folding screen. Like the transformation from keyboard to touch screen, the form of smart phone has once again opened a new world.

Vicino flexible AMOLED 360 degree folding terminal

Different from the past, domestic manufacturers have separated from the follow-up strategy of innovation after the introduction, digestion and absorption of the previous generation of LCD technology. In the OLED era, through advanced prediction, independent innovation and firm adherence, domestic manufacturers have realized the market pattern of “confrontation between China and South Korea”.

Among domestic manufacturers, vicino has become a typical representative of independent innovation in the OLED industry. Compared with BOE and Huaxing optoelectronics, whose main business is more than 90% LCD business, they have experienced more than 10 years of capacity accumulation before they can be realized. Vicino has predicted and laid out more futuristic OLED display technology as early as 20 years ago, which once made many people confused.

On whether this persistence is worth it, the folding trend of mobile phone industry reform has given a positive answer. Just imagine that if it were not for the layout in advance, the situation of competing against each other today would no longer exist.

The 20-year battle from university laboratory to industrialization

As we all know, since the 1990s, the domestic display panel industry has experienced several rounds of technology and market cycles. This includes the unremitting efforts of manufacturers such as vicino, BOE, shentianma and TCL Huaxing for many years, which has basically realized the independent control of the supply chain.

However, the initial development paths of these enterprises are very different. Compared with BOE and shentianma, which originated from the restructuring of state-owned enterprises and market-oriented transformation to the “market follower” of panel industry, vicino is regarded as starting from the “academic school”.

When it comes to the starting history of vicino, we should start from the OLED project team of Tsinghua University in the 1990s. At that time, the project team conducted basic research from light-emitting devices based on a second-hand coating machine in the laboratory. At that time, the research on this technology by well-known large international companies, including Kodak, Sony, Fuji electric and Japanese pioneer, was also in its infancy. However, with the development of the industry, these large enterprises withdrew from the OLED process one after another.

The reason for the withdrawal is also very simple. In addition to OLED, PDP, fed and other display technologies also belong to the research hotspot. At that time, no one dared to predict that OLED would become the mainstream display technology in a few years. However, the OLED project team of Tsinghua University made a forward-looking prediction based on the scientific mechanism, and made a layout towards the goal of “industrialization” from the beginning.

In 2001, in order to promote the first step of OLED technology industrialization, vicino was registered! This also opened the innovative practice of “moving forward on an industrialization road”.

With the start of international large companies, and starting from basic research and mastering the most essential understanding of OLED, the Chinese mainland’s panel display has gained the right to speak for the first time in the world. In 2002, the formulation of global OLED standards was officially put on the agenda. Then in 2010, the flexible display device working group (wg8) under the technical committee of electronic display devices of IEC / TC 110 International Electrotechnical Commission was officially established, which represents that the display industry is about to enter the era of flexible display from flat panel display. Subsequently, in 2002 and 2012, vicino became the first enterprise to undertake the formulation of OLED international standards and flexible display international standards on behalf of China.

During this period, in addition to promoting the process of industrial standards, based on the advantages of Tsinghua’s basic research, vicino is also carrying out industrialization at the same time. By the end of 2005, the company had opened the “last mile” on the industrialization road, and began to build the first OLED production line in Chinese mainland to compete in the global OLED field, and began to maintain PMOLED shipments for the first time in 2012.

At present, in the four innovation bases of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, and Chengdu and Chongqing, vicino has laid out a G5 5 AMOLED production line, two G6 fully flexible AMOLED production lines, two AMOLED module production lines, and micro led pilot test line for future display. The production capacity and yield of the production line are continuously improved, and the product category is rapidly expanded.

Based on 20 years of technology accumulation, vicino flexible OLED products have also created a number of world firsts, including the world’s first off-screen camera phone, the world’s first 144hz refresh rate phone, the world’s first 165hz refresh rate phone, the world’s first surround screen phone, the world’s first flexible wearer, the world’s first transparent A-pillar car, etc.

Up to now, vicino has owned more than 10000 OLED key patents and participated in leading the formulation or revision of a number of OLED international, national and industrial standards. Standing on the commanding height of international competition, it has won the right to speak for China’s industrial development.

From the achievements made by vicino in its 20-year development, from PMOLED to hard screen AMOLED to flexible AMOLED, vicino has successfully predicted the development direction based on its understanding of the essence of OLED and years of accumulation. And layout in advance, meet difficulties and move forward firmly on the road of independent innovation, continuously improve the autonomy level of the information technology industry, and continuously enhance the confidence and confidence of China’s display industry to deal with the uncertainty of the external environment.

The hard and right path: the goal of the world’s top three

Although this is a relatively clear technical path today, it has not been so easy for vicino in the past 20 years. From key equipment and materials to process and yield, every step is very difficult.

Li Leiguang, chief analyst of JW insights display industry, said: “In terms of technology, in the past 20 years, China’s LCD panel enterprises have mostly followed the innovation, basically followed the mature technology direction verified by Japan and South Korea, and the pace is half a beat. Vicino’s involvement in the OLED field is synchronized with the starting time of the global OLED industry, starting from 0. It can be said that there is no successful experience to learn from, from materials to devices, from scientific research to pilot test and mass production , behind every step taken by vicino is the accumulation of countless failures and unremitting persistence. “

“It’s not just technology, but also the uncertainty of the market. Whether this road can go through, when the industry will break out, when it can obtain capital recognition and ensure continuous investment are all the pressure on vicino’s management and R & D personnel.” Li Leiguang said.

Fortunately, over the past 20 years, vicino has made correct predictions again and again and “endured” the period of market uncertainty.

Standing on the node of 20 years, vicino once again made its own prediction. At the 20th anniversary celebration of vicino on December 7, 2021, they publicly expounded their “medium and long-term development strategy” for the first time: within five years, the company focused on the emerging display business of OLED and micro led, realized the product capacity to cover the full-scale application field from micro to super large, and the shipment of OLED panels ranked among the top three in the world. Through ten years of efforts, the company has realized the coordinated development of industrial ecology and become a global leader in emerging display industry.

These strategies have long appeared in their technical layout. According to the author, vicino attaches importance to the research and development of OLED technology. At present, vicino has core technical advantages in extreme small hole, off screen camera, narrow frame, high refresh rate, folding screen, low power consumption, wide frequency conversion refresh rate, no polarizer, screen integration and so on. Especially in the field of off screen photography, vicino is at the leading level in the industry.

Vicino inv see Pro off screen camera solution

At present, in the field of smart phones, vicino has supplied the main models of many brand customers such as glory, Xiaomi, ZTE, Nubia, Motorola and Lenovo, as well as folding products from many mobile phone manufacturers, glory 60 and 50 series, V40, 30pro and PRO + series products; The off screen camera upgrade scheme has been released to promote the application landing in collaboration with terminal manufacturers. In terms of ultra-high refresh rate screen, 165hz and 144hz supply Nubian Red Devils and Lenovo savior game phones.

In the field of smart wear, it has realized the full supply of head brands – Fitbit, oppo, vivo, huami, Xiaomi and other customers, and provided the whole series of oppo watch and watch 2 with oppo flexible screen smart watches alone; Only for huami amazfit x smart watch; In the first half of this year, Xiaomi Bracelet 6, Xiaomi watch, vivo watch, etc. were supplied.

With the introduction of more brand customers, the revenue scale of vicino has increased significantly in recent years. In the first three quarters of 2021, vicino achieved an operating revenue of RMB 2.733 billion, including the revenue of OLED products of RMB 2.623 billion, a year-on-year increase of 94.61%, and its shipment volume also ranked among the top four in the world.

Vicino has also made rapid progress in the production of new production lines. Since 2021, the production capacity of Kunshan generation 5.5 production line and Gu’an generation 6 flexible production line controlled by the company has been continuously released, the yield and production rate have been further improved, the products have been continuously delivered to first-line brand customers, and the shipment volume in the first three quarters has increased by more than 100% year-on-year. In addition, the 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line in Hefei and the flexible module line in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, in which it participates, have achieved mass production and delivery to brand customers, and the production capacity has climbed steadily.

It is worth mentioning that the daily operating orders signed by vicino with glory Terminal Co., Ltd. for 12 consecutive months amounted to RMB 2.248 billion. The products purchased by glory this time are mainly shipped by vicino Gu’an generation 6 flexible AMOLED panel production line. Insiders pointed out that the orders signed by vicino with customers for 12 consecutive months fully reflect the release of production capacity and the improvement of delivery capacity of each production line, and can further consolidate vicino’s market competitive position.

In addition to further improving its competitiveness in the field of small-size AMOLED, vicino also actively develops its layout in medium-sized application fields such as tablet, laptop and vehicle. In the new technology direction, Chengdu Chen Xian photoelectric company has been established as a Micro LED pilot line, and has completed the process of opening the whole process. The Chinese mainland’s first pixel density 326PPI, 1.84 inch Micro LED wearable sample has been developed, and the first TV TV single screen sample for high-end TV has been developed to accelerate the company’s strategic layout in the new display industry. It is expected to further enrich the company’s product structure in the future.

Application of vicino flexible screen in electronic products

Nowadays, in order to achieve the goal of the top three flexible screens in the world, vicino has expanded new areas of medium-sized applications and opened up new tracks of large-size applications on the basis of building a solid foundation in the field of small-size applications. At present, it has promoted the mass production and application of innovative technologies such as flexible wear, tablet / laptop and vehicle, and continued to explore the application markets such as AR / VR and TV.

At present, no one knows whether vicino can achieve its goals, but based on 20 years of technology accumulation, the company has strong prediction ability for the development of display industry and makes a forward-looking layout of new technologies, new markets and new products. We believe that with continuous efforts, vicino can achieve its medium – and long-term goals.

The crucial battle under the long-term doctrine will lead the next era

At present, the display industry is at the juncture of technological change and evolution. The formulation of new development strategy by vicino is optimistic about the broad market prospect of new display technology.

As we all know, display equipment, as a key link of information presentation and human-computer interaction, is one of the most important foundations of the electronic information industry. With the development of intelligent, flexible and portable electronic products, the new display technology represented by OLED and micro LED is expected to usher in the golden period of industry development.

Facing the important opportunities of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform in the world, the Chinese government has also issued a number of policies to support the development of new display industry. For example, the “14th five year plan” of the Ministry of industry and information technology will focus on the fields of full flexible display, micro display and ultra-high definition, accelerate the process of basic research and industrialization, and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry.

As the main force of China’s OLED industry for 20 years, vicino has achieved global debut and catch-up in the fields of OLED new pixel design, off screen camera technology, high refresh rate technology and international standardization. However, vicino, which embeds the independent innovation gene in the corporate culture, is not satisfied with this. The company is still unremittingly committed to exploring the path for China’s high-end screens and bringing value to customers at home and abroad with independent innovation.

Zhang Ming, general manager of Hefei vicino, said that consumers are very happy to obtain all kinds of enjoyment at a very low cost. Only by reducing the cost can they win a broader market. In the flat panel display industry, how to reduce costs is the pursuit of the development of the industry. “Through technological innovation and cost reduction, the display industry has been industrialized, benefiting thousands of households.”

The development of display industry is inseparable from the expansion of terminal application scenarios, but at the same time, the development of domestic upstream industrial chain still needs to be continuously strengthened. Relevant leaders of the Ministry of industry and information technology have repeatedly stressed that they will promote the new display industry to move towards the middle and high-end of the global value chain, and said that they will formulate and implement the “14th five year plan” display industry planning policy, coordinate resources, promote upstream and downstream linkage, and supplement the industrial weakness.

It is worth noting that vicino has been practicing the “industrial ecological strategy”, and its vision is to achieve the success of the whole industrial chain through upstream and downstream efforts. In the PMOLED stage, vicino accelerated the process of supporting localization through collaborative innovation, and the localization rate of PMOLED raw materials increased from 20% at the beginning to more than 90%.

In the AMOLED display field, vicino has achieved domestic substitution with the upstream industrial chain at multiple levels. In the field of materials, for the problems of organic light-emitting materials, film packaging ink materials, high-resolution photoresists, etc., vicino has carried out joint development and verification with more than 10 key material manufacturers in China to support the introduction of domestic materials. In terms of equipment development, in cooperation with upstream equipment companies, vicino completed the manufacturing and mass production operation of screen laser cutting equipment in only 7 months, and performed well in terms of product yield.

At this year’s Innovation Conference, vicino also jointly issued the proposal on jointly building an ecosystem of emerging display industries with 9 representatives from experts, academicians and upstream and downstream enterprises of the display industry, aiming to orderly drive the cooperation between upstream materials, equipment, downstream terminals and emerging display industries, and promote the industry to move towards medium and high-end through scientific and technological innovation.

Vicino, together with experts, academicians and enterprise representatives, jointly issued the proposal on building an ecosystem of emerging display industries

As Li Qiang, chairman of Hongxin electronics, said, the upstream and downstream coordination of the panel industry chain is very key. Korean manufacturers originally used soft and hard circuit boards in OLED manufacturing, but the cost of this method is very high. Chinese manufacturers mainly use multilayer board technology, which can reduce the cost by half. On this basis, vicino proposed to the supplier Hongxin electronics whether to use double-layer circuit board. Based on this, the two sides successfully developed a double-sided board suitable for OLED, and the cost was reduced by more than 80%. “The innovation ability and integration ability of China’s supply chain are very strong. From this perspective, the opportunities for OLEDs in the future must be in China.”

An enterprise may expand a career, but only a group of enterprises can strengthen an industry. Only by constructing a new display industry ecology can we accelerate the rise of China’s display industry. Zhang Deqiang, chairman and President of vicino, believes that industrial collaborative innovation has a multiplicative effect. Only through collaborative innovation can China’s new display industry really change the industrial pattern and serve the transformation and upgrading of China’s economy.

Mr. Zhang Deqiang, chairman and President of vicino

“Vicino focuses on emerging display, practices long-term ism, makes emerging display industries bigger, better and stronger, and continues to output innovative power.” Zhang Deqiang said at the conference that in the next decade, with the joint support of the four main strategic lines of vicino including technological innovation, lean operation, industrial ecology and human resources and the “2345” development framework, the company will realize the coordinated development of industrial ecology and become a global leader in emerging display industry.

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