[XGNews]: After completing three “perfect launches” in two days, musk congratulated the SpaceX team

The following is the [XGNews]: After completing three “perfect launches” in two days, musk congratulated the SpaceX team recommended by xgapn.com.

On June 20, musk posted a video on twitter on Sunday to show the successful recovery of his rocket. He also wrote: “congratulations to SpaceX Falcon rocket team for achieving three perfect launches in two days!” So far in 2022, SpaceX has completed 26 launches.

Since last Friday (June 17), SpaceX has carried out three launch missions in 36 hours. On the same day, SpaceX launched 53 star chain Internet satellites from the Kennedy Space Center. The booster used in this launch set a record of 13 launch recoveries, and is also the booster with the most repeated flights of the company at present.

The second launch took place at the Vandenberg space force base in California on Saturday, US Eastern time. SpaceX launched the sarah-1 radar imaging satellite for the German military. SpaceX only provided limited information about the launch, similar to the restrictions imposed by the United States on secret launch missions, but the German military later confirmed the payload and successfully contacted the 4-ton satellite.

The third launch took place on Sunday in Cape Canaveral, Florida. SpaceX successfully completed the launch of the two-stage Falcon 9 rocket. The booster returned to earth 10 minutes after launch. The only payload that can be determined for this launch is Globalstar fm15, which is the backup satellite of Globalstar, a low earth orbit satellite operator. The satellite entered its intended orbit nearly two hours after its launch.

However, there are many indications that the Globalstar fm15 is not the only payload launched by SpaceX in the third mission. Globalstar also did not provide a detailed description of its satellite, saying only that the satellite was in good condition after launch. The satellite will remain in the lower transfer orbit as an in orbit backup satellite to replace the existing satellite if necessary.

Musk said on June 14 that SpaceX would be ready for the first orbital test flight of the Starship before July, and the second starship would be ready in August.

He said: “the Starship will take off next month. Late last night, I assessed the progress of the project in the high cabin. We will prepare a second starship in August, and then accelerate the construction after that.”

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