[XGNews]: Apple appletoo engineers were accused by several colleagues of violating privacy

The following is the [XGNews]: Apple appletoo engineers were accused by several colleagues of violating privacy recommended by xgapn.com.

An apple security engineer was in a dilemma because she set up appletoo to expose the facts of gender discrimination, inequality and abuse within the company. As a result, some Apple employees thought her practices had damaged apple.

Cher Scarlett set up appletoo in the hope that Apple would pay attention to the problem and make corrections. Scarlett said that Apple culture attaches great importance to confidentiality and loyalty. Some employees are dissatisfied with her practices and leave criticism. Employees think Scarlett has leaked secrets. But Scarlett denied the accusation.

Despite many unfriendly comments, the immediate team still supports Scarlett. The team calls for a boycott of engineer abuse. Scarlett said: “events have affected me in unexpected ways. I feel isolated. There are a lot of people outside my team who want me to leave, and they make me want to leave. “

Why did Scarlett set up appletoo? The thing is this: in June, some employees asked Scarlett to provide personal office accommodation facilities for remote office. Scarlett encouraged employees to apply through the human resources department or other channels, but almost no one was arranged.

In this case, Scarlett organized everyone and hoped that the company would make changes. Everyone gathered in discord to discuss and finally established appletoo. Scarlett hopes Apple will listen more to the voices of its employees.

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