[XGNews]: Baowu Maanshan Steel 5g helps to change the old appearance of the steel yard

The following is the [XGNews]: Baowu Maanshan Steel 5g helps to change the old appearance of the steel yard recommended by xgapn.com.

How amazing is the application of 5g in steel? Walking into the closed material shed of Maanshan Iron and steel port raw material General Factory, driverless stackers and reclaimers shuttle back and forth between the hill like raw material piles, with accurate and orderly stacking and reclaiming; At the other end, in the central control room of the operation management center of the general raw material factory, the real-time dynamics and data in the factory are jumping on the giant display screen, and the 85 large mobile devices in the field have a panoramic view

“Our plant is a modern large-scale raw material plant with an annual processing capacity of about 70 million tons. It is the ‘granary’ of raw materials and fuels of Masteel. It is composed of unloading facilities, primary material yard, mixing yard, feeding facilities and central control room, mainly serving the company’s’ 5 machines and 6 Furnaces’,” Ye Hui, deputy director of the equipment management office of Masteel port raw material general plant, pointed to the screen, “In the past, due to the large area of the factory, the patrol inspectors had high labor intensity, low efficiency, single raw material management means and low utilization rate of the stockyard. However, now, China Unicom 5g has installed an intelligent eye for Masteel, making the whole process of raw material transportation visible, unmanned and intelligent, and steelmaking suddenly becomes tall!”

The unmanned operation of stacker reclaimer has effectively promoted the reduction of staff and efficiency. Ye Hui said that after the intelligent transformation, the labor cost is expected to be reduced by 5.6 million yuan per year. “The stacking position, height, length and width of the original material pile and strip can only rely on human observation, and the operation plan can be modified according to experience.” Ye Hui introduced that now the massive point cloud data scanned in 3D is returned to the data center through 5g network for 3D modeling and calculation, so as to complete real-time inventory and formulate operation plan. After the implementation of the project, the fine management of the stockyard can be realized, and the production efficiency can be improved by 20%. Among them, the utilization rate of the shoreline of the self-contained wharf is more than 2 times higher than the average value, and the stability index of the mixed ore is at the best level in the industry.

Good steel should be used on the blade. As early as the beginning of 5g commercial, China Unicom realized the role of 5g in promoting the digital transformation of the whole iron and steel industry, and formulated a set of reliable 5g + industrial Internet application scheme according to the specific situation of Maanshan Iron and steel port raw material general plant. The scheme adopts the 5g hybrid private network architecture of China Unicom, realizes the deep integration of 5g private network and Masteel backbone intranet, and helps Masteel to realize six scene applications such as intelligent belt maintenance inspection, unmanned stacker reclaimer, 3D digital stockyard, intelligent video cruise, AI safety production behavior supervision and AR intelligent patrol inspection, so as to provide a platform for unmanned operation of large mobile equipment Lay the foundation for intelligent operation and maintenance. “As long as you click the mouse and input the command, you can automatically generate the raw material allocation plan, realize the raw material mixing and batching, and the composition and quality of the mixed material are more stable!” “with 5g support, the automatic operation of stacking and reclaiming is realized, and the problems such as signal instability and jamming are completely solved!” in the operation management center, the personnel on duty praised 5g technology one after another.

5g not only realizes the real-time control of production status, but also makes management decisions more accurate and efficient. “For example, in the past, due to the complex working environment, long transportation distance and large transportation volume, motor and reducer faults, belt deviation, slip and tear often occurred in the production and operation of belt conveyor. Now, after the application of intelligent sensor and 5g network technology, it can quickly realize the intelligent diagnosis of faults, realize the informatization and intelligent remote management of operation and maintenance monitoring, and save energy every year About 1.47 million yuan was spent on equipment repair, “Ye Hui said heartily.

This is only one of the visual manifestations of the deep integration of 5g private network and high-quality industrial intranet of Masteel. At present, China Unicom has deployed 19 5g stations in the external supply area, water transportation area, mixing area and central control room of Maanshan Iron and steel port raw materials general plant, and one set of MEC in Xiangyun data center of Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., so as to ensure the stability and reliability of the six major applications of Maanshan Iron and steel port raw materials general plant.

“Didi didi…” a burst of alarm sound from the scene attracted the reporter’s attention. “This is the production site monitoring function to capture and alarm problems such as not wearing safety helmets and non-standard on-site operation behavior”, introduced by the on-site staff. Relying on China Unicom 5g network and 4K HD camera monitoring system, combined with in-depth AI learning visual technology, Masteel has been able to realize intelligent supervision of personnel production behavior and effectively prevent various safety accidents caused by non-standard behavior.


The transformation of the iron and steel industry from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing” is inseparable from the technology and platform support of 5g + industrial Internet. In May 2019, China Unicom and Maanshan Iron and Steel Group jointly established “China Unicom 5g Innovation Center – Maanshan Iron and steel joint laboratory” to carry out innovative application research in the field of 5g industrial application private network, promote the broadband wireless transformation of iron and steel enterprises in the front end of production, and realize the automation, unmanned, digitization and intelligence of production and manufacturing.

In 2019, “Magang 5g high quality industrial intranet construction and application” project was selected as one of the top ten “5g + industrial Internet” integrated innovation application demonstration projects of the Ministry of industry and information technology in China.

In 2021, the project of “5g high quality industrial intranet construction and application of Masteel” was selected into the ten typical application scenarios and five key industry practices of “5g + industrial Internet” by the Ministry of industry and information technology.

In 2021, the project of “5g high quality industrial intranet construction and application of Masteel” won the first prize in the final of MEC edge computing thematic competition of the fourth “blooming Cup” 5g application solicitation competition of the Ministry of industry and information technology.

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