[XGNews]: Beijing Unicom 5g guarantee new crown vaccine development

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The following is the [XGNews]: Beijing Unicom 5g guarantee new crown vaccine development recommended by xgapn.com.

On March 5, a vaccine R & D enterprise in Beijing, which is fully engaged in the development of new crown vaccine, realized the connection between its headquarters and laboratories in five different places in the city under the support of 5g network of Beijing Unicom. The enterprise’s vaccine R & D work is realizing remote command, remote guidance, data transmission and business exchange through 5g network.

In late February, Beijing Unicom second division company learned that the vaccine R & D enterprise was subject to the network environment of the laboratory in the development of new crown vaccine. When communicating with the headquarters through the video platform, due to the large amount of data and poor network environment, the phenomenon of stuck was serious, which affected the communication efficiency in the process of vaccine development. The second division company of Beijing Unicom urgently coordinates the 5g network construction resources. It only takes five hours to build a 5g network environment for its R & D headquarters, realizing the access capacity of high-speed network. In the follow-up, the 5g network connection between the five laboratories in Fengtai, Chaoyang and Changping and the headquarters was realized. Each laboratory realized gigabit network coverage. Scientific researchers sent back a large number of on-site experimental videos through 5g network to exchange problems and share achievements in vaccine research and development experiments for the first time. The command center quickly made judgments and gave guidance according to the experimental video, which greatly improved the efficiency of vaccine research and development.

At present, the 5g network of Beijing Unicom is providing strong scientific and technological support for all kinds of medical units engaged in fighting against the epidemic. In February 27th, novel coronavirus pneumonia remote diagnosis and treatment in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan four places, with the help of Beijing Unicom 5G network and the medical industry cloud platform technology advantages, achieved the expert remote consultation on the new crown pneumonia critical patients located in the Wuhan Raytheon hospital in Wuhan, 5G. In February 27th,

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