[XGNews]: BlackRock has established a strategic partnership with clarity AI to enhance Aladdin’s forward-looking sustainability analysis and reporting capabilities

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The following is the [XGNews]: BlackRock has established a strategic partnership with clarity AI to enhance Aladdin’s forward-looking sustainability analysis and reporting capabilities recommended by xgapn.com.

Clarity AI technology platform deeply analyzes the social and environmental impacts of more than 30000 organizations

Data science and machine learning help customers gain insight into sustainable development

BlackRock announces minority investment in clarity AI

BlackRock Inc., NYSE: BLK today announced a small investment in clarity AI, a sustainability analysis and data science platform, to continue to invest in providing customers with sustainable investment analysis and software. BlackRock will integrate the functions of clarity AI with BlackRock’s end-to-end operating system Aladdin? For investment professionals.

Clarity AI uses big data and machine learning to create actionable sustainability and impact insights, and extends them to a unique range of companies, national and local governments. Its environmental and social impact expertise and data science capabilities cover more than 30000 companies in nearly 200 countries. Clarity AI also supports regulatory and customer reporting to help investors meet new sustainability disclosure obligations.

Mary Catherine Lader, head of sustainability at Aladdin, BlackRock, said: “social incentive investors make sustainability a key consideration in managing current and future risks, and better data is indispensable. As BlackRock uses sustainability as its investment standard, we are committed to raising standards for environmental, social and Governance (ESG) data and technologies. We are investing in new analytics and software for Aladdin and are also integrating the capabilities of strategic partners such as clarity AI so that customers can understand the social and environmental impacts and risks of their investments. Clarity AI’s capabilities leverage machine learning to help Aladdin customers analyze a wider range of companies, respond to their disclosure obligations, and build a more sustainable portfolio. “

Rebeca minguela, founder and CEO of clarity AI, said: “BlackRock invests in clarity AI and integrates our capabilities and comprehensive ESG, sustainability and impact data into BlackRock’s Aladdin platform. This will be transformative and will bring clarity AI data and analysis to more large-scale and important investors in the world. This strategic partnership with BlackRock reflects the growing need for our innovative approaches to help investors assess the company’s impact on our society and the planet. “

In 2020, the demand for sustainable investment will increase rapidly. In the 12 months to November 2020, global investors in mutual funds and ETFs invested $326 billion in sustainable assets, up 97% from a year earlier. In addition, a recent survey of global investors 2 shows that their investment in ESG strategy is expected to double by 2025. In survey 2, 53% of respondents said that worrying about “poor quality or availability of ESG data and analysis” was the biggest obstacle to their adoption of sustainable investment. As more and more investors look for ways to assess the social and environmental impact of their investments, the demand for improved ESG data and analysis in individual investments and across portfolios will continue to grow.

Based on the existing sustainable development data set of Aladdin platform, clarity AI adds forward-looking sustainable development analysis and model generated from the data of various companies. These insights complement the traditional enterprise ESG disclosure.

This investment is the latest initiative of the Blackrock Aladdin platform, which continues to invest in its sustainability research capabilities, adding 1200 sustainability indicators last year, and establishing a data partnership to help investors understand the risks and opportunities in ESG and physical climate.

BlackRock also recently launched Aladdin climate, which helps investors understand and respond to climate risks. This is the first software application to provide investors with a measure of the physical risks of climate change in their portfolios and the risks of transition to a low-carbon economy.

BlackRock will join existing investors, including Deutsche B ΓΌ RSE, Kibo ventures, Mundi ventures, seaya ventures and founders fund.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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