[XGNews]: Can the mobile phone be used for a week without charging? Samsung and IBM launch new chip transistor

The following is the [XGNews]: Can the mobile phone be used for a week without charging? Samsung and IBM launch new chip transistor recommended by xgapn.com.

Recently, IBM and Samsung announced a new semiconductor chip design, claiming that this design can continue Moore’s law. This breakthrough architecture will allow transistors with vertical current flow to be embedded into the chip, resulting in more compact devices and paving the way for long-term operation of smart phones.

It is reported that the new vertical transfer field effect transistor (vtfet) design aims to replace the FinFET technology currently used in some of today’s most advanced chips. In essence, the new design will stack transistors vertically, allowing current to flow up and down in the transistor stack, rather than the left and right horizontal layout currently used on most chips.

According to IBM, the new vertical structure allows more transistors to be placed in the space, while affecting the contact points between them to increase current and save energy. The company said the design could double performance or reduce energy consumption by 85%.

IBM has produced a test chip with this new vtfet architecture and envisages that it plays a game changing role in many fields. With the continuous development of the Internet of things, these chips can make marine buoys and autopilot vehicles run with less energy, and may have a similar impact on the energy intensive computing process such as the mining of encrypted currencies, and reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition, according to IBM, it can make spacecraft more efficient and even let smartphone batteries use for a week instead of a few days without charging.

Dr. Mukesh Khare, vice president of hybrid cloud and systems at IBM Research Institute, said, “today’s technical statement is about challenging tradition, rethinking how we continue to promote society and provide new innovations to improve our lives, businesses and reduce our environmental impact.”

“Considering the current constraints faced by the industry in many aspects, IBM and Samsung are demonstrating our commitment to joint innovation in semiconductor design and jointly pursuing what we call ‘hard technology’.” He added.

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