[XGNews]: Can you still play like this? Unicom 5g VR experience area airborne Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

The following is the [XGNews]: Can you still play like this? Unicom 5g VR experience area airborne Guangzhou Baiyun Airport recommended by xgapn.com.

“It’s too hard. These Red Army seem to be only in their twenties and twenties. They can even grope through the rain of guns and bullets.” Mr. Li, who arrived at the airport two hours in advance, took off his VR glasses and said to his friend with emotion: “I didn’t expect to experience 5g VR technology when waiting. The immersive scene is so realistic!”

[Baiyun Airport 5g VR Long March experience zone launched]

On July 28, a special experience area was unveiled in area F of T2 terminal of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport“ The “broken” bridge slab, shaking iron chains and surging river water vividly restore the scene of seizing Luding Bridge, an important battle on the long march. This is a 5g VR Long March experience area jointly built by Guangzhou Unicom and Baiyun Airport. Using Gigabit 5g network and VR interactive technology, citizens can experience the vivid details of the Red Army’s long march through the immersive scene interaction of snow mountains and grasslands by wearing VR glasses.

It is understood that Guangzhou Unicom officially launched the “four hundred” series of activities of “I do practical things for the masses” in July, including 100 enterprise co construction activities, 100 year inheritance experience, 100 classic reviews and 100 public welfare science popularization.

[personnel from Huadu District to Guangzhou participate in “5g mobile party history class”]

We have partnered with hundreds of governments, enterprises and institutions in Party building, led by Party building, deepened innovation and cooperation, and promoted the implementation of more projects benefiting the people; Set up experience areas in key places such as Baiyun Airport to provide citizens with different new experience of party history learning; Create a special area of “one hundred years of the founding of the party” on 5g new live broadcasting platforms such as wo video app, so that more viewers can feel rich and colorful red culture without leaving home; Establish a vanguard of public welfare science popularization, enter the campus, the community, the construction site, the post station and the nursing home, bring the party history learning and education to the citizens, and create “5g mobile party history classroom” with cutting-edge technology.

Red Centennial official account idle away in seeking pleasure WeChat Kan public address, click on the menu bar “Kan live” to experience.

Experience better 5g in Guangzhou. It is believed that under the promotion of a series of measures of “I do practical things for the masses” of Guangzhou Unicom, citizens will be able to experience more comfortable 5g network and more cutting-edge 5g technology applications.

PS: all equipment will be killed regularly, and disinfectant will be placed on the desktop. Please disinfect consciously before and after experience~

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