[XGNews]: CEO of SAMENA Communication Committee of the United Arab Emirates: all Gulf countries have released 5g commercial networks

The following is the [XGNews]: CEO of SAMENA Communication Committee of the United Arab Emirates: all Gulf countries have released 5g commercial networks recommended by xgapn.com.

On the afternoon of October 13 (Jiang junmu), the Middle East is one of the first regions to apply 5g in the world. All Gulf countries have released 5g commercial networks. Bocar A. Ba, CEO and director of SAMENA Communication Committee of the United Arab Emirates, said at the 12th global mobile broadband Forum (mbbf).

He pointed out that 5g is a transformative technology that enables real digital transformation and is also the foundation of the future intelligent world. The whole world has high hopes for 5g, but there are still many uncertainties in demand. In order to better release the value of 5g use cases and promote the interconnection of all things, a large amount of infrastructure investment is needed.

“The Gulf countries really regard the promotion of 5g as a priority, and also regard 5g as an important pillar of transforming from a traditional oil dependent economy to a knowledge-based digital economy.” the Middle East has a very good ICT foundation and a vision of economic diversification. At the same time, it has done a lot of international collaborative work, and has advanced and enlightened regulatory policies, Therefore, we can take the lead in achieving results in 5g construction.

It is reported that 5g in Gulf countries has high availability and experience. For example, the 5g downlink rate in Saudi Arabia exceeds 200Mbps, twice the world average. It also leads the world in application, forming use cases such as machine vision, video surveillance and multi access edge computing, involving many vertical industries such as medical treatment.

Bocar A. Ba also stressed that in order to further stimulate infrastructure investment and accelerate the development of 5g industry, better financing methods and better public-private cooperation are needed. He proposed to reform in two aspects: one is to unite a wider range of stakeholders based on the existing regulatory policies; the other is that the government revenue generated by ICT should be earmarked for digital development.

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