[XGNews]: China Mobile oneos appeared at the 2021 international aiot ecological development conference and won the NICT Innovation Award

The following is the [XGNews]: China Mobile oneos appeared at the 2021 international aiot ecological development conference and won the NICT Innovation Award recommended by xgapn.com.

On July 27, the “2021 international aiot ecological development conference” jointly sponsored by aspencore, the world’s leading professional electronic organization media, and Shenzhen’s new generation information and communication industry cluster was held in Shenzhen. China Mobile Internet of things Co., Ltd. attended the conference with solutions related to China Mobile’s oneos operating system and published “help build a smart life, A keynote speech on “creating a new ecosystem of end cloud integration”. At the new generation information and communication technology (NICT) award ceremony held at the same time, China Mobile oneos won the NICT Innovation Award for its innovative application in the field of Internet of things applications.

NICT innovation award is awarded by Shenzhen new generation information and communication industry cluster as the Secretary General of the Award Committee. The nomination fields cover 5g, AI, new display, IOT technology, scheme, software, etc. The award aims to commend enterprises with domestic leading, international first-class technology, national invention patents and distinctive innovation characteristics.

“Winning the NICT innovation award is the best recognition and encouragement for China Mobile oneos by industry experts and industry people.” Sun Jing, director of China Mobile Internet of things information technology center, said, “as a ‘recruit’ of the Internet of things operating system, oneos has always adhered to an open-source and open attitude. Based on the oosp open source project, we will continue to enrich and develop new technologies and capabilities, focus on system security, and strive to build the safest Internet of things operating system in China with the best development experience. “

Help build a smart life and the overall synergy of “cloud pipe edge end”

With the construction of 5g, cloud computing and other new infrastructure, the Internet of things industry will continue to maintain rapid growth in the next five years. It is expected that the domestic Internet of things connection will exceed 8 billion and the market scale will reach 5.5 trillion in 2025. How to support tens of billions of equipment networking and services requires the continuous development and innovation of the whole industrial chain.

“At present, China Mobile Internet of things provides the overall synergy of” cloud management edge end “, enabling the huge Internet of things market.”. Sun Jing mentioned in the keynote speech of “helping to build a smart life and create a new ecology of end cloud integration”. In the cloud, the onenet open platform of China Mobile Internet of things accesses devices downward and carries applications upward, providing users with a one-stop “device platform application” overall solution; On the edge side, oneedge is an edge computing product for 5g private network scenarios. By providing “connection + computing + application” integrated edge computing service, oneedge brings customers a 5g private network industry solution with low delay, high security and high reliability.

On the end side, the oneos real-time operating system of China Mobile follows the design of Misra C, and the system has high security and scalability. Oneos supports cross chip platform interconnection and end cloud integration, which can well meet the needs of applications in the era of interconnection of all things. At present, oneos has been applied in batch in the fields of energy meter, intelligent wear, security monitoring, furniture and household appliances, industrial control and so on.

Highly secure and reliable real-time operating system oneos

At the meeting, Sun Jing introduced to the guests that the highly secure and reliable real-time operating system oneos has the following main characteristics:

1. High tailorability, suitable for scenarios with 4KB ~ 1GB RAM space;

2. Extensive hardware support, 3 + mainstream chip architecture (arm, risc-v, MIPs), 20 + chip manufacturers (st, NXP, Huada, zhanrui, Hisilicon, etc.), 500 + chip models;

3. Unique network end collaboration capability, close collaboration with operator network, including but not limited to 5g slice, 5g RCS, etc;

4. Rich business components, which can provide rich components such as high-level language components, GUI, high-precision positioning, audio and video components, insensitive distribution network and so on;

5. Comprehensive and thorough safety design, rich safety capability and perfect safety certification.

The intelligent scenario requires the overall security design of the end-to-cloud. Oneos supports a variety of security hardware carriers, which can realize the functions of secure startup, security upgrade, secure communication and so on. Oneos is an operating system conforming to IEC 61508 sil3 standard. It supports device authentication, communication link encryption service and lightweight CA authentication service of international / national secret encryption algorithm. It uses the key operation and key management capabilities provided by hardware security to provide hardware level security protection for TLS, SSL and dtls transmission protocols.

Rich components to meet different application requirements

China Mobile oneos has rich component basic capabilities: first, OTA component. Oneos OTA component supports differential upgrade and security upgrade, and can also support real-time online upgrade of resource constrained devices; 2、 In terms of distribution network, in view of the low activation networking rate of smart home devices, oneos provides insensitive distribution network components, and non network devices can actively initiate network access authentication to users, which greatly improves the convenience of users’ distribution network and the networking rate of devices; 3、 Oneos GUI supports little VGL open source framework, and customers can also choose QT for MCU closed source framework; 4、 In terms of audio and video, offline and online AI voice capability components are provided for smart wear and smart home scenarios. At the same time, it also provides video call capability under various network connections; 5、 In terms of location capability, oneos supports a variety of positioning capabilities such as UWB and 5g base station fusion positioning, has strong anti-interference capability, and the optimal positioning accuracy can reach centimeter level.

In addition to the above rich application components, oneos also provides high-level language components. Developers can use high-level languages to develop applications, so that more non embedded developers can manipulate intelligent hardware in familiar languages and accelerate the prosperity of Internet of things application ecology.

Focus on industrial applications and promote industrial innovation and upgrading

Real time, high security, high reliability, easy tailoring, and rich application components make oneos flexible in different industries. In the energy meter industry, oneos can provide remote differential upgrade capability for equipment upgrade, power consumption sensitivity, data security and other industry problems. At the same time, the deeply customized low-power components can reduce the low-power R & D cost by 80%, complete key management, safe production and safe transmission capabilities, and ensure the security of meter equipment and data.

In the intelligent wearable industry, compared with Android devices, RTOS wearable devices have poor interactive experience, few available services and low operation derived value. Oneos launched the wearable turnkey solution. In addition to providing end-to-end wearable basic components such as GUI, audio and video, it also integrates wearable characteristic applications, including video call, audio content, AI voice assistant, AI face recognition, etc. wearable manufacturers can continuously tap user value by relying on the supporting unified operation and management background.

In the smart home industry, although many smart home devices have entered our life, there are still some pain points in smart home, such as low network access rate, insufficient connectivity, insufficient experience innovation and so on. To solve these problems, oneos supports a variety of capabilities such as insensitive distribution network, OTA and 5g messages, and realizes cross device functional cooperation through the underlying protocol to improve the user experience of smart home scenarios from multiple levels such as interaction, service and application.

Finally, referring to the ecological construction of oneos, Sun Jing demonstrated the support of oneos’s fully enabled users from the four aspects of technology, network, service and channel. With the advantages of oneos’s full open source, full network communication coverage and operator channels, oneos will focus on the industries such as meter, wearable, smart home and industrial control, and cooperate with mainstream chip manufacturers and industry leading enterprises, Strive to create industry benchmark cases and promote industrial innovation and upgrading.

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