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On March 8, China Telecom Group Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as telecom investment) and Shanghai cloud axis Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as zstack) jointly announced that telecom investment has completed its strategic investment in zstack, and China Telecom and zstack will carry out more in-depth and close cooperation in the field of cloud computing.

China Telecom actively practices its responsibility and mission of building a network power and digital China, and maintaining the security of network information. In the first year of the 14th five year plan, based on the new development stage, it implements the new development concept, comprehensively implements the strategy of “cloud to digital transformation”, continuously promotes the enterprise to become bigger and stronger, and builds a world-class enterprise. As the operator ranking first in the global cloud service capability, while deepening the business cooperation between the two sides, China Telecom further empowers through capital, makes strategic investment in zstack, strengthens the layout of scientific and technological innovation, and enhances the control of key network core technologies. In the future, both sides will focus on the cultivation and construction of domestic cloud platform and ecology, and open up the platform and entrance of enterprise digital transformation.

Relying on the product advantages of universality and standardization, zstack has been leading the technology trend of domestic private cloud and hybrid cloud development for five years since its establishment. The number of customers and performance revenue have been growing rapidly year after year, which has been widely favored by the user market. So far, zstack cloud platform has provided cloud products and services to more than 1200 customers, covering more than 10 industries including government, telecommunications, energy, transportation, education, manufacturing, medical care, finance, radio and television, and Internet, with global sales reaching 30 countries and regions.

Facing the vigorous market opportunities of enterprise digital transformation, new infrastructure, and Xinchuang, zstack chooses to continue to focus on IAAs, concentrate on polishing products, from function to performance, and focus on customer experience, so as to greatly reduce users’ cloud access threshold, reduce it costs, and improve users’ cloud performance.

As for the strategic investment in zstack, Li Yuan, chairman of China Telecom Investment Corporation, said that zstack is an IAAs provider with self research and product advantages in the field of cloud computing in China, and has been widely recognized by users in the construction of new digital infrastructure. As an important part of China Telecom’s cloud to digital transformation strategy, China Telecom attaches great importance to the development of cloud computing. It will always adhere to the concept of ecological win-win, deeply coordinate with the product capability, technical capability and operation capability of ecological enterprises, enable the whole society to realize digital transformation and achieve high-quality development together.

As for the cooperation between zstack and Tianyi cloud of China Telecom, Hu Zhiqiang, general manager of Tianyi cloud of China Telecom, said that zstack is an important partner in Tianyi cloud ecology of China Telecom. In the past 2020, the two sides jointly launched a number of products and achieved good results in product promotion. In the future, both sides will continue to provide more professional overall solutions and services for the whole industry, and promote the construction of Digital China with scientific and technological innovation.

Regarding the strategic investment of China Telecom, Zhang Xin, founder and CEO of zstack, said that China Telecom is the largest public cloud provider among global operators, and we are very optimistic about the cooperation with China Telecom. Zstack will adhere to the original intention, adhere to independent innovation, continuously reduce the threshold of Enterprise Cloud access by means of technology, and realize inclusive cloud computing as soon as possible. In the future, in the fields of “cloud + network”, “cloud + 5g” and “cloud + edge”, zstack and China Telecom have a vast space for cooperation. We will sincerely cooperate with each other to provide the best cloud products and services for every customer.

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