[XGNews]: China Unicom builds Guangdong’s first 5g fully connected demonstration factory

The following is the [XGNews]: China Unicom builds Guangdong’s first 5g fully connected demonstration factory recommended by xgapn.com.

On July 20, China Unicom and Midea Group kitchen and water heater division (“Midea kitchen heat”) launched the first 5g fully connected intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory in Guangdong Province in Midea Shunde factory, and launched the world’s first Bluetooth integrated positioning technology based on 5g edge computing.

In 2019, Midea Group put forward the transformation strategy of “comprehensive digitalization and comprehensive intelligence”; In 2020, China Unicom and Midea reach 5g comprehensive strategic cooperation. It took one year for the two sides to realize deep network coverage in Midea Shunde factory with production scenarios as the core. Combined with the production and manufacturing process, focusing on eight major fields, such as general assembly, injection molding and sheet metal, the two sides designed the “985” digital construction map around the five elements of “human, machine, material, method and environment”, and determined the intelligent storage, intelligent vehicle management, AI intelligent monitoring, intelligent monitoring, intelligent monitoring, intelligent monitoring, and so on 19 applications such as EHS security and over 600 5g connections are implemented. With the characteristics of 5g large bandwidth, low delay and wide connection, 5g full connection factory will be built in an all-round way, which will fundamentally improve production efficiency and benefit, and create a new intelligent manufacturing model of “5g + industrial Internet”.

At the press conference, the intelligent warehousing technology based on 5g + Bluetooth AOA fusion positioning technology jointly launched by China Unicom and Midea kitchen hot went online, which is the first application of 5g fusion positioning technology in the intelligent factory scene in the world. The scheme is based on China Unicom 5g indoor base station and mec private network architecture, localized deployment of integrated positioning engine, providing 5g + AOA integrated positioning capability, and successfully docking with Midea production system. With the application of 5g fusion positioning technology, the position information of the clamping car in the factory warehouse is accurately transmitted to the storage system, and linked with the physical information. The positioning accuracy of the system reaches sub meter level, and the loading efficiency is increased by 50%, which can effectively reduce the storage cost of the factory.

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