[XGNews]: CITIC mobile Wang Yingmin: promoting the high quality development of 5g and helping the digital upgrading under the change of the times

The following is the [XGNews]: CITIC mobile Wang Yingmin: promoting the high quality development of 5g and helping the digital upgrading under the change of the times recommended by xgapn.com.

News on May 19 (lexis) in recent years, with the rapid development of digital economy, new requirements have been put forward for the transformation and upgrading of digital industry while promoting the development of productivity and the transformation of production relations. The global fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia is further highlighted the necessity and urgency of the transformation and upgrading of the industry digitalization.

Recently, the “517 world telecommunication and information society day” conference with the theme of “accelerating digital transformation in a challenging era” was successfully held. Focusing on the digital transformation, Wang Yingmin, chief scientist of CITIC Mobile Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CITIC mobile”) delivered a keynote speech entitled “continuous high-quality development helps digital upgrading”.

In his speech, he said that 5g is a new generation of information and communication technology, which is becoming an important driving force to promote the digital transformation of economy and society. In the face of the new situation, as the core manufacturer in the field of information and communication in China, and the backbone of 5g technology and industry, CITIC Mobile has been deeply involved in China’s 5g construction in the whole process, deeply cultivating in four aspects of standards, products, networks and applications, contributing to accelerating the global 5g development and the construction of a new generation of information infrastructure.

5g brings the era of scene and deeply influences the development of human society

For a long time, the information and communication industry has been regarded as the cornerstone of the development of digital economy and an important part of the development of digital industrialization. 5g network is the key support of digital economy and the key digital infrastructure supporting the digital, networked and intelligent transformation of economic society.

In Wang Yingmin’s view, 5g has a profound impact on industrial ecology, digital economy and social governance. Compared with traditional mobile communication, 5g brings three important expansion. The first is to expand from the past enhanced mobile broadband to the Internet of things; Secondly, 5g has expanded from public consumption application to vertical industry application; Finally, from the traditional mobile communication technology to information technology, that is the integration of ICT.

“5g is the basic supporting technology of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and the enabling technology for the innovation and development of vertical industries. It will have a broad and profound impact on the development of human society.” He stressed.

Wang Yingmin believes that 5g has brought an era of “scenes”. It can be understood from two levels. One is 5g based on scene; The second is 5g of scene connection“ Scene based 5g “is based on the scene design, implementation and application. Furthermore, the system has the ability to perceive and adapt to the scene.

“Scene connected 5g” can provide joint multi-dimensional information and communication services. The services provided by mobile communication system have developed from a few single services to rich multi services. The new generation mobile communication system will provide scenario connection services, that is, joint multi-dimensional information and communication services of corresponding scenarios. Scenario connectivity is the key feature of the information society in 2020 and the future. 5g provides multi-dimensional technical capabilities to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

He concluded: “big data, crowdsourcing and scene experience are the basic features of 5g. A scene can be expressed as information about the situation of one or a group of entities. It can be a specific entity (such as human, machine, object, location) or a virtual entity (software function, software application, service, activity, etc.). Therefore, scenarios contain multiple dimensions associated with each other, such as users, environments, activities, and so on. Supported by the development of mobile communication, Internet of things, big data, social network, positioning system, artificial intelligence and information security, scenario based business and applications will bring human society into a new era. “

Continue to promote the high quality development of mobile communication and help digital transformation

5g is a strong support for digital transformation and upgrading. Its technology continues to evolve, providing high-quality development and supporting industry progress. Nowadays, the demand vision and technology research of 6G standard have started.

Looking forward to 6G, Wang Yingmin believes that the common feature of 5g and 6G is that the basic technologies they adopt are scene adaptation and intelligent connection, and the services they provide are intelligent scene services. And they all want to provide an information network space closely coupled with the real society.

According to reports, 6G standardization work will be carried out gradually after 2025. Ten years later, the mobile communication system needs to focus on two main types of technology and service application scenarios: full coverage mobile broadband scenario and intelligent cross domain scenario.

Wang Yingmin said that as a communication system equipment manufacturer, CITIC Mobile has made comprehensive preparations for the 5g era and the 6G era.

It is reported that CITIC Mobile has a full range of 5g products. Its 5g products have passed the commercial test, and the new product integration and power consumption are optimized. The product series covers all frequency bands and all scenarios. The product series covers 2.6g, 3.5G, 4.9g, 2.1g, millimeter wave, 700m and other mainstream frequency bands, including all 5g wireless access products of macro station, micro station, digital laboratory and other industries; The implementation of “urban + hot + suburban + rural” and other full scene networking solutions will help operators deploy 5g networks in multiple provinces across the country.

Aiming at the optimization of new products, through multi-dimensional technology to save energy and reduce consumption, reduce weight. The measured data of energy saving in the existing network shows that CITIC Mobile’s joint industrial chain continues to improve the efficiency of its products, and the 5g phase III products reduce consumption and weight by more than 30% through new algorithms, new designs and new processes.

At the same time, CITIC mobile also has intelligent transportation products and solutions, focusing on security, integration and perception, providing corresponding products for the upgrading of transportation infrastructure. On 5g road side, there is a gateway integrated with vehicle side. There is also security support for the Internet of vehicles. For sensitive privacy data such as vehicle identity information, driving status and location information, it provides authentication, integrity, non repudiation, anti replay attack and privacy protection ability for vehicle information through secure transmission through air port.

It is worth mentioning that CITIC Mobile’s CA products have participated in the new four span activities in 2020 organized by China Academy of information technology, and successfully provided security certification services for them.

Communication measurement and testing is a key link in 5g industry chain. In terms of test instruments, CITIC mobile also has Datang Lianyi, a leading domestic communication instrument manufacturer. At present, Datang Lianyi has formed three types of 5g self-developed products: 5g terminal protocol conformance test system, 5g terminal integrated tester and 5g NR frequency sweeper. The basic R & D platform has covered the field of terminal test and general electronic measurement.

At the end of the speech, Wang Yingmin stressed that although it is a company with a new name, CITIC mobile is a combination of Datang Mobile and Hongxin communication, which have a long history of mobile communication equipment manufacturers. In the future, CITIC mobile will continue to provide optimized solutions for the industry with the company’s advanced technology, excellent quality and a full range of equipment, and provide better support for the large-scale application of 5g and the digital economy of 5g vertical industry!

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