[XGNews]: CMM exhibition, the preferred display platform for electronic manufacturing equipment

The following is the [XGNews]: CMM exhibition, the preferred display platform for electronic manufacturing equipment recommended by xgapn.com.

May 18-20, 2022 | Dongguan Guangdong International Exhibition Center

The 6th CMM electronic manufacturing automation & Resources Exhibition

Exhibition tailored for electronic manufacturing factories

50000 + electronics factory managers visit the exhibition in person

As the first exhibition of electronic equipment industry in South China in the first half of the year, CMM exhibition closely follows the development pulse of the industry, links major industrial clusters at home and abroad, and focuses on production and process automation, robotics and industry applications, machine vision, non-standard automation and manufacturing informatization; It brings together electronic manufacturing and automation equipment manufacturers and end users to show intelligent manufacturing solutions and more competitive products with practical cases, providing rich choices for professional audiences with procurement needs. CMM exhibition provides a diversified display and negotiation platform to boost the development of the industry.

Highlight 1 of CMM 2022: from equipment to peripheral components, from application software to information technology, one-stop display of all resources required by electronic manufacturing plants

CMM 2022 exhibits will cover 12 application fields from equipment to peripheral components, from application software to information technology, including SMT, dip, test section, assembly section, packaging section, intelligent storage, peripheral equipment, chip semiconductor, automation components, process materials and tools, manufacturing environment, informatization and management system, series automation components and production equipment, Manufacturing environment, upstream and downstream of information technology industry to create a one-stop display platform for intelligent manufacturing industry.

In 2022, CMM exhibition will pay more attention to the display of cutting-edge equipment in post processing and testing, as well as the display of cutting-edge equipment in post processing standardization and testing.

CMM 2022 will bring together more than 50 professional equipment manufacturers

In the context of the booming manufacturing industry in South China, the application industry resources of CMM exhibition are increasingly rich, including Fuji, Mitsubishi, momko, Pangu, defulai, Dezhong, anda, Desen, Kaige, zhenhuaxing, Wali, Yixie, Xinghe bright spot, Japan union technology, Shichun, feixinda, Bedi, Fancheng, sitek, Luyuan, Yishi Zhitong, zhishengwei, Daming intelligent Yingshang, Lizhun, silinger, Taozi, logic, pengke, Yipu, Xutong, lockers, Peitian, Biyang, Yongchuang, xingyebang, Shansi, Qihua, Dazhen, orange, Hongqi, Yingyan, Weichuang, ruimao, Haishun, Lixiang, Heyi, Hengmao, Shanlong, leichen, Yongxinda, sonda, Zhenghe, gaobeirui, tuoshida, Hushan, jietaida, Haoyang, sailed Hundreds of exhibitors such as coprui have professional customer groups and leading industry advantages. It is of great significance not only to optimize the audience’s exhibition experience, but also to improve the exhibitors’ exhibition efficiency and return.

Only some exhibitors are listed and ranked in no order

Highlight 2: the industry is the most complete, with the largest scale, the most equipment and the latest technology. The whole line of real machine unmanned workshop has witnessed the upgrading of the electronic manufacturing field

CMM exhibition line real machine display unmanned workshop, with the most complete, largest scale, most equipment and the latest technology in the industry. It integrates automation line plug-in (DIP), test automation line, pre processing line, assembly automation line, assembly test automation line, finished product packaging line, intelligent storage, motherboard test and other thematic automation exhibition areas.

In 2022, the scale of automation line exhibition area will exceed 6000 square meters. If “difficult manpower” and “difficult upgrade” are your focus, CMM 2022 exhibition site will provide you with optimization solutions.

Highlight 3: visit thousands of manufacturing plants one by one and accurately invite purchasing manufacturers

CMM exhibition focuses on the technical application of electronic manufacturing equipment. It is a professional platform aimed at going deep into the industry and focusing on application solutions. Every year, the organizer will visit thousands of manufacturing factories one by one, covering the production of intelligent hardware, household appliances, communication equipment, commodity electronic products, Internet of things, modules and other major electronic processing industries, and accurately invite purchasing manufacturers!

The visit to the factory of CMM exhibition is ongoing

“Fully promote the unmanned electronic factory” and “comprehensively display the resources required by the electronic factory”. With its unique background and positioning, CMM exhibition has a great attraction to many visitors. Thousands of electronic enterprises have visited and studied in the form of delegations or representatives in each exhibition, including Huawei, TCL, Foxconn, Samsung, vivo, oppo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Gree Apple, BYD, Skyworth, iFLYTEK, Longqi, great wall development, ZTE, Chuanyin, Zhuoyi, Desai, Kyocera, Xinwei, xingxingda, Huaqin communication, Huaxing optoelectronics, Hikvision

33% of the attendees only visit CMM exhibition every year

Highlight 4: enterprises participating in the exhibition, supported by the district government

As the first exhibition of electronic equipment industry in South China in the first half of the year, CMM exhibition has been successfully held for 5 times and has been highly recognized and highly praised by the industry. It has been recognized by Guangming District of Shenzhen and has been listed as one of the exhibition subsidy projects in this region. Exhibitors participating in CMM exhibition have the opportunity to obtain exhibition subsidies.

At the same time, CMM exhibition has been listed as the “key economic, trade and Technology Exhibition” in Shenzhen for three consecutive years since 2018. Enterprises in Shenzhen participating in CMM exhibition can receive corresponding exhibition subsidies, up to 50% of the booth fee.

Highlight 5: build a “exhibition” + “network” dual track marketing platform to help exhibitors win a new highland in the market

CMM exhibition has insight into the development trend of the industry, innovates the exhibition experience and digital marketing technology, and integrates the multi track marketing mode of Exhibition + conference, exhibition + off exhibition and Exhibition + network. In addition to booking booths at CMM exhibition, you can also integrate external communication resources, enjoy big data in the new era of Internet and enhance brand influence through multi-dimensional publicity channels such as multi theme and multi session professional forums, industry exchange dinners, online and offline professional buyer matchmaking meetings, participation in industry exhibitions, media platform matrix reports and so on.

Highlight 6: three theme exhibition areas and centralized product display

At this time, the tide of technology is surging, focusing on the policy dividend of made in China 2025. Large enterprises represented by automotive electronics, engineering machinery, 3C electronics, household appliances and chip semiconductors have paid more and more attention to the construction of intelligent factories and digital chemical plants. Gather the industrial chain and win the new future with wisdom. In 2022, CMM exhibition will continue its own advantages and comprehensively upgrade according to the general tone of transformation and upgrading in the field of electronic manufacturing. At the same time, the sixth CMM electronic manufacturing automation & Resources Exhibition, iiotc industrial Internet of things & industrial automation exhibition and Dongguan International chip and semiconductor industry expo will be held, Comprehensively layout the complete industrial chain of electronic intelligent manufacturing industry and keep up with the development of intelligent manufacturing technology.

CMM will not change its original intention, fully promote the unmanned electronic factory, comprehensively display the resources required by the electronic factory, and focus on new products, new technologies, new materials, new schemes and new models. In May 2022, we will see each other in Dongguan.

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