[XGNews]: Deeply cultivate smart tourism, and China Unicom helps the scenic spot advance to 5A

The following is the [XGNews]: Deeply cultivate smart tourism, and China Unicom helps the scenic spot advance to 5A recommended by xgapn.com.

On July 15, the Ministry of culture and tourism issued the announcement on determining 12 tourist attractions as national 5A tourist attractions. Among them, Hukou waterfall, Jigong Mountain, Baidi city • Qutang gorge, Zhijin cave, jiangbulake, Taizhou Fucheng and other six scenic spots were listed. It is worth noting that these six scenic spots all use the smart tourism solutions tailored by China Unicom.

Old scenic spot, smart upgrade

As the mother river of China, the Yellow River has unique resource endowment and cultural connotation, attracting countless tourists. With the surge in the number of tourists, improving the quality and upgrading has become an urgent task for scenic spot management. In 2021, Shanxi Unicom formulated a solution according to the information improvement needs of Hukou Waterfall Scenic Spot on the Yellow River. As a professional subsidiary of China Unicom in the field of smart tourism, Yunjing cultural tourism undertook technical support. Hukou Waterfall project takes “one network, one foundation and two platforms” as the core, and comprehensively realizes the electronization of cultural and tourism products, the aggregation of data resources, the branding of cultural and tourism marketing, and the diversification of cultural and creative products. After the implementation of the project, the fine management, integrated operation and customer service level of the scenic spot have been effectively improved.

The control and command center of Hukou Waterfall Scenic Area under the construction of China Unicom

In Fengjie, Chongqing, China Unicom helped Baidi city scenic spot build its capabilities in smart marketing, smart management, smart service, smart protection, etc. in accordance with the relevant requirements of information construction in the 5A scenic spot evaluation standard. Liu Jilin, general manager of Fengjie County Ecotourism Development Co., Ltd., said: “although the project has a long time span from design to acceptance, thanks to the high standard overall design and step-by-step implementation concept of Chongqing Unicom, the project was finally successfully delivered and reached the requirements of 5A scenic spot informatization.”

Technology integration, adding flowers to the “landscape”

Jigong Mountain is one of the first batch of eight national scenic spots opened to the outside world in New China, and it is also one of the first batch of 44 national key scenic spots listed in the country. According to the local practical needs, Henan Unicom will deeply integrate 5g, VR, AR and other technologies with core scenic spots to create an application benchmark for 5g smart scenic spots. At present, 5g+ar interactive system and 5g+vr 8K panoramic live broadcast service have been built for the scenic spot to realize the functions of AR navigation, AR content display and AR original scene reproduction, and an intelligent management system integrating the functions of comprehensive management and control of the scenic spot, vehicle and vessel scheduling, passenger flow monitoring, environmental monitoring, patrol system, access control ticketing, intelligent parking, emergency command, public opinion reputation of the scenic spot has been built. Since the system was launched, it has operated efficiently and smoothly. Taking 5g+ai interactive robot as an example, it has provided nearly 2000 tourists with consulting, guidance, interactive communication and other services every month.

Tourists can take interactive group photos with IP character AR in Jigong Mountain scenic area

Ar navigation and scene restoration in Jigong Mountain Scenic Area

Wang Zaian, member of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union of Jigong Mountain Management Zone, said: “Henan Unicom has upgraded the construction of Jigong Mountain scenic spot intelligently according to the standard of 5A tourist scenic spot, and has given differentiated and characteristic service support in improving details and 5g applications, helping Jigong Mountain construct three systems of intelligent marketing, intelligent management and intelligent service, ensuring sustainable development.”

Based on 5g+xr ecological capabilities, Zhejiang Unicom has created a digital panoramic interactive cloud travel project for Taizhou Fucheng cultural tourism area, and launched new functions such as AR hand-painted map, VR live voice navigation, 4K VR interactive video, video setting hot spot ticket purchase, AI intelligent travel photography, etc. With the help of 5g network, tourists can access the wechat official account VR video of the scenic spot through 4K Ultra HD mobile phone, and visit Ziyang ancient street in an online interactive way. The project applies 5g+vr to the daily operation of the scenic spot, which not only retains the sense of historical massiness, but also shows a very dynamic young posture.

Function display of Taizhou Fucheng digital panoramic interactive cloud Tour Project

It is not only 5A scenic spot, but also 5A technology

The intelligent construction of scenic spots is not only an important consideration in the establishment of 5A scenic spots, but also an important means to build a multi-directional information exchange mechanism of “management unit scenic spots tourists” and realize scientific management. The brilliant “report card” of China Unicom this time is not accidental. Since officially entering the field of tourism informatization in 2014, China Unicom has been exploring the smart upgrading of scenic spots with 5g, AI, big data, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies, and has created a series of smart tourism products. At the same time, as an operator serving the digital construction of thousands of industries, China Unicom also applies scientific and technological achievements in various fields to tourist attractions. For example, the 5g+ vehicle road collaboration technology in the transportation field has been applied to driverless sightseeing vehicles in scenic spots. Now it has been applied in Longmen Grottoes in Henan Province, anoda tropical rainforest in Hainan Province, Qinghai Garden Expo Park and other scenic spots, and has become a new highlight of scenic spots; “5g+4k/8k Ultra HD cloud broadcasting”, as one of the key scientific and technological projects of the Beijing Winter Olympics, is an innovation and reform of the traditional broadcasting mode. Now Unicom has used this technology to build a 5g live broadcasting platform for Guangxi, carrying the slow live broadcasting of more than 300 4A scenic spots in the region.

At present, China Unicom has launched a series of 5g applications in tourist attractions, making 5g truly enter people’s lives, making tourists truly feel smart tourism, and also giving birth to a richer and diverse application scenarios and business models. In the future, China Unicom will continue to promote the deep integration of innovative technology and the tourism industry, enable new cultural tourism with new digital infrastructure, and contribute to the high-quality development of the tourism industry.

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