[XGNews]: Ericsson joins hands with Hebei mobile to escort the “xueruyi” international event

The following is the [XGNews]: Ericsson joins hands with Hebei mobile to escort the “xueruyi” international event recommended by xgapn.com.

Recently, xueruyi, the national ski jumping center in Zhangjiakou, welcomed two major international events of the “meet Beijing” series “2021-2022 international ski jumping Intercontinental Cup” and “2021-2022 international ski jumping Intercontinental Cup”.

National ski jumping center “xueruyi” (photo source: UAV photo – Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Fan)

As a network guarantee for a series of high-standard international events – meeting a high level of uplink and downlink speed and guarding the smooth operation of the network are two necessary questions for each network provider. Zhangjiakou competition area is located in mountainous area. It not only has complex terrain, but also has high altitude strong wind and extremely cold weather. In order to give a satisfactory answer to the network support under the special natural conditions, Ericsson and Hebei mobile joined hands to show their “unique skills of looking after the family”. In line with the engineers’ firm belief in “solving problems”, they not only overcome various difficulties under bad weather and geographical conditions, but also made special sacrifices for the network support of the test race “Four innovative network security secrets”.

2.6g + 4.9g carrier aggregation “speed-up artifact”

Sharing wonderful moments and excitement in real time is now an essential experience for watching the game. With the rise of short video and the deployment of various HD video live broadcasting applications, how to give consideration to the use experience of a large number of spectators in the stadium and the smooth live broadcasting of the event also puts forward higher requirements for Ericsson and Hebei mobile engineers.

In order to meet the 5g communication service of mobile phones of all personnel in the venue during the test competition and the “high density and heavy load” scenario demand of 5g + 4K / 8K ultra-high definition cloud broadcasting – Ericsson and Hebei mobile jointly discussed and adopted the “2.6g + 4.9g carrier aggregation function”, which can integrate the network in the hot areas of the existing core competition areas in Zhangjiakou competition area, The downlink peak rate is increased to more than 3gbps, doubling the network throughput.

In the hot area of the core competition area, users can enjoy the ultimate rate experience by aggregating 4.9g and 2.6g stations

Such a rate level not only meets the network transmission requirements of various HD live broadcast applications, but also makes full use of the existing carrier resources to meet the network use of the live audience, so as to avoid the problem that the live game cannot be transmitted smoothly or congestion due to high capacity. While improving the user experience, it also brings new choices and possibilities to the event broadcasting scheme of the organizing committee.

Beam interference “elusion artifact”

Many spectators at the event have the experience of looking for signals everywhere in order to check the score or call online car Hailing after the game. In the past, we often needed to carry out omni-directional and three-dimensional network coverage through the simultaneous deployment of outdoor macro stations, sub stations and micro stations to ensure the use experience of venue audience areas, but such an architecture would also face the quality problem of CO frequency interference due to regional overlapping coverage.

In the same frequency area where macro station, micro station and indoor sub station are jointly networked, by applying the beam characteristics of large array antenna AAS, the antenna can achieve coverage avoidance in specific areas, reduce the same frequency interference and improve the signal quality at the same time

In view of the high traffic scene in the core competition area, Ericsson and Hebei mobile went deep into the field investigation and innovatively adopted the “beam interference avoidance scheme”. The scheme can finely adjust the beam shape of the macro station, so that the antenna can achieve coverage avoidance in a specific area without adjusting the coverage angle. By deploying beam interference avoidance in macro stations, reduce its interference to the coverage areas of indoor sub stations and micro stations, greatly improve the network quality in different areas, give full play to the deployment value of each station type, and greatly improve the network use feeling of spectators. Meanwhile, the macro station deployed outdoors will also specifically ensure the network use of roads outside the stadium and other relevant areas, so that users can enjoy high-quality network services when entering and leaving the stadium. This scheme has been successfully tested in Zhangjiakou.

In the traditional optimization scheme for overlapping coverage, power reduction, antenna feed adjustment and frequency error adjustment often have a great impact on the overall network. The Ericsson beam interference avoidance function can form a spatial gap in the coverage direction of AAS (active antenna system), and can flexibly configure the avoidance area by determining the horizontal and vertical angle and avoidance width, so as to reduce the signal interference in the target area without affecting other factors. This scheme enables macro stations and micro stations to perform their respective duties and cooperate to cover the venues and surrounding areas.

Network performance optimization “treasure chest”

Although 5g brings various advantages of high speed and low delay, with the increase of data traffic, how to optimize the network deployment to the greatest extent in the preliminary design stage and make the best use of each base station deployment is a problem that every network engineer hopes to solve.

In view of the particularity of communication network support in the competition area, Ericsson and Hebei mobile conducted in-depth discussion on the demand for “efficient operation and maintenance”, and developed a customized “intelligent network optimization platform” – the service platform aims to improve the diagnosis speed of network performance, with high scalability and good results. By using big data, artificial intelligence and data analysis functions, the platform realizes real-time monitoring of many network performance indicators, providing an effective guarantee for improving the efficiency of network operation and maintenance.

During the test competition, the service platform not only realizes automatic and real-time indicator monitoring and push by scene, but also can automatically check parameter configuration, intelligently analyze network performance related problems such as interference, capacity and load, provide accurate, automatic and real-time performance monitoring for the mobile network in Zhangjiakou competition area, and provide comprehensive, graphical and Geographical intelligent analysis enables the spectators to obtain a good network experience.

Network intelligent operation and maintenance “toolbox”

High level international events are bound to put forward higher requirements for network stability and performance. For every network operation and maintenance personnel, an intelligent, powerful and effective “toolbox” will greatly improve the efficiency of network operation and maintenance.

In fact, allowing users to use the extremely smooth network every second requires the effective control of the overall network situation by the operation and maintenance engineers and the early warning of network hidden dangers to ensure the smooth operation of the network.

Since the network support during the test competition will be carried out simultaneously with the construction of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games area, the network equipment may face problems such as unstable voltage and low temperature – according to the constructive needs put forward by Hebei mobile, combined with the meteorological environment of ultra-low temperature and the characteristics of network operation and maintenance of “minute response” international ice and snow events, Ericsson and Hebei Mobile launched a personalized “network intelligent maintenance platform”.

Combined with the characteristics of Zhangjiakou competition area network, the platform integrates the support experience of Ericsson in more than 150 major network operation and maintenance events around the world. Through the latest machine learning algorithms and the practical experience of operation and maintenance experts, the platform can replace repeated work in a large number of automated ways, greatly improve the effectiveness of network early warning, and achieve better support for network operation and maintenance of the Winter Olympic Games. The optimized data acquisition method improves the data warehousing efficiency by more than 90%, and realizes the rapid positioning of network faults. Spectators will experience the ultimate experience brought by high-speed network, and the organizing committee can also improve the efficiency and quality of event management, live broadcast and event arrangement.

These “black technologies” that ensure our ultimate network experience in the ice and snow sports field are mostly hidden in the corners we can’t see, running quietly, emitting light and heat. Just like every worker behind the scenes, they work day and night to bring an extraordinary live viewing experience to every audience.

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