[XGNews]: Feng Huo communication fan Zhiwen: smart optical network has four values and can serve “counting from east to west”

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News on November 23 (Nanshan) in recent years, with the high-quality development of China’s digital economy, digital connection and digital transformation have become the direction of exploration and application of thousands of industries. At the digital connection conference held during the “China 5g + industrial Internet Conference in 2021”, fan Zhiwen, vice president of Fiberhome Communication Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech, explaining the value of “smart optical network” for digital connection.

Digital applications are booming, but there is no unified definition of digital connection in the industry. Fan Zhiwen believes that digital connection is to transmit data and computing power, provide new kinetic energy for digital development, and has three characteristics and three goals. The three characteristics are the digitization of connecting resources, operation control and service capacity; The three major objectives are to solve the needs of data circulation after it becomes a factor of production, to solve the needs of controlling the digitization of productivity, and to solve the needs of cloud and computing resource allocation.

Based on the above characteristics and objectives, the value of optical network for digital connection is highlighted. Fan Zhiwen said that optical communication, optical sensing, optical computing, optical storage and other technologies have the basic characteristics of large transmission capacity and fast transmission rate, and can connect thousands of lines and industries to create a rich digital scene. It can be said that optical network is the core foundation of digital connection.

Optical communication technology has gone through more than 50 years of development history. At present, it has entered the era of coherent optical communication, and has made a great leap in transmission capacity and transmission distance. Beacon communication is one of the main suppliers in the field of optical communication. It has witnessed the changes of China’s optical communication industry from scratch and from weak to strong, and has played an important role in many stages of the development of optical communication. For digital connection, beacon Communication puts forward the concept of “intelligent optical network”, aiming to turn the optical network into a part of production resources, production factors and productivity.

To build a smart optical network, beacon communication defines the infrastructure of “three layers and three sides”. Fan Zhiwen introduced that the three layers refer to the connection layer, network layer and service layer. The connection layer provides integrated resources, the network layer cooperates to control cloud network integration, and the service layer operates services uniformly. One is the digital twin, which integrates the real world into the digital world, which can be called the “meta universe” of the network. The second is artificial intelligence, which upgrades e-learning to network situational awareness and makes it more intelligent. The third is the algorithm computing power, which is the driving force for the intelligent deployment of the whole stack from the network element to the network.

Fan Zhiwen stressed that the three-tier and three-sided architecture of smart optical network will bring four values of ubiquitous, ultra wide, open and on-demand for digital connection. Taking ultra wide as an example, beacon communication has achieved single wave 400g long-distance trunk transmission, and can concurrent 160000 100 megabytes of users, which is a large pipeline carrying massive digital content. With the continuous development of digital economy, there will be an increasing demand for 400g and even subsequent 800g high-speed optical transmission systems.

Fan Zhiwen said that the smart optical network will be able to well carry the implementation of the national “East digital West computing” project. The single wave 400g high-speed optical transmission system can provide super capacity, ultra-low delay and super flow dredging, with ultra-high reliability, and meet the massive needs of “East digital West computing” Application and computing power connection.

For example, based on the smart optical network, beacon communication cooperates with Beijing Unicom to become an all-optical base serving the 2022 science and technology Winter Olympics and the green winter Olympics; Cooperate with Shanghai Telecom to build an all-optical smart city in Shanghai, and support the stable low delay circle of 1ms in the urban area, 1.5ms in the outer ring and 2ms throughout Shanghai. Beacon communication also undertakes the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao super optical network innovated by the Ministry of science and technology, providing new momentum for data transmission, computing power and digital development.

The above projects can be regarded as the benchmark of optical network infrastructure and are also in a leading position in the world. Smart optical network and 5g are jointly promoting digital connection. Looking forward to the future, it will also be an important part of 6G air, earth and sea technology system, with unlimited potential. Beacon communication will maximize the value of digital connection by building a smart optical network.

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