[XGNews]: Fiberhome “1 + X certificate” helps the reform and development of Vocational Education

The following is the [XGNews]: Fiberhome “1 + X certificate” helps the reform and development of Vocational Education recommended by xgapn.com.

“Enhance the adaptability of vocational education, deepen the integration of industry and education, school enterprise cooperation, and deeply implement the vocational skill level certificate system”, the content of vocational education once again appeared in the “2021 State Council government work report”. Vocational education is an important part of national education, and also an important way to promote economic and social development and employment. However, compared with the developed countries, and the requirements of building a modern economic system and education power, China’s vocational education is still insufficient and needs to be improved.

Breaking the situation, vocational education reform and “1 + X”

In order to meet the needs of the development of the times and meet the huge demand for technical talents from all walks of life, in February 2019, the State Council issued the “national vocational education reform implementation plan” to promote the reform of vocational education, and proposed to launch the pilot work of “diploma certificate + several vocational skill level certificates” system (i.e. 1 + X certificate system) in Vocational Colleges and application-oriented universities. Among them, “1” is academic certificate, while “X” represents several vocational skill level certificates. In short, the “1 + X certificate” system allows students to graduate with both a stepping stone to job hunting and a touchstone to ability.

One of the characteristics of this vocational education reform is to introduce social enterprises to participate in it, that is, to let the leading enterprises in the industry participate in the vocational education system, and formulate standards, teach technology, assessment and certification. As the final input of talents, enterprises also know more about what kind of talents they need.

Integration, advanced technology and talents

Information and communication technology is an important grasp of economic and social development, talent is a strategic resource of economic and social development, the deep integration of the two will bring great value. According to the white paper on 5g’s economic and social impact issued by the China Academy of information technology in 2017, 5g will drive China’s direct economic output by 6.3 trillion yuan and create 8 million jobs by 2030.

In April 2019, five “1 + X” pilot areas of vocational skills will be launched, among which information and communication technology will be listed. As the birthplace of China’s optical communication and the scientific and technological strength to strengthen the national strategy, Fiberhome first launched the certification of 5g bearer network operation and maintenance, which was officially released in the list of the fourth batch of “1 + X vocational education training evaluation organization and vocational skill level certificate” issued by the Ministry of Education recently.

Combining theory with practice to lay a solid foundation for talents

As the core part of 5g network, 5g transport network is the cornerstone to meet the needs of large bandwidth, low delay and ubiquitous Internet of things. Therefore, the demand of 5g transport network professionals also follows. In order to meet this urgent need and cultivate a group of on the job talents, Fiberhome started the curriculum design from two aspects. On the one hand, we have developed a series of targeted theoretical courses and teaching materials to lay a solid theoretical foundation for students; on the other hand, we have accumulated practical experience for students through practical training combined with real business scenarios.

In the training environment, Fiberhome adopts the deployment of operators’ existing network commercial equipment, carries simulation software, and supports the simulation of network planning, engineering investigation, equipment installation, business configuration, fault debugging and other scenarios. In addition, through the introduction of XR technology, the real devices and scenes are further restored, and the strong interaction mode of XR makes the interaction between teachers and students closer.

At present, the “1 + X certificate” system is steadily advancing with the joint efforts of all parties, and Fiberhome is also closely cooperating with relevant universities, taking the certification of “5g bearer network operation and maintenance” as a new starting point, giving full play to its own advantages, actively promoting the integration of industry and education and the application of “1 + X” certificate, helping the output of talents, and injecting backbone force into the high-quality development of the new era.

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