[XGNews]: [going to the grassroots level in spring] one of a series of reports: they have “everyone” in their hearts

The following is the [XGNews]: [going to the grassroots level in spring] one of a series of reports: they have “everyone” in their hearts recommended by xgapn.com.

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Catching up with the new year’s festival, buying new year’s goods, adding new clothes and celebrating the new year… These are not the way they open the Spring Festival. This Spring Festival, when every household warmly welcomes the new year, many Unicom people are running in the front line of the market.

When the Spring Festival of 2022 is approaching, we go into several provincial branches of China Unicom to find fresh stories of dedication and struggle, and record moving scenes of sticking to our posts and doing real work.

Shanghai Unicom employees go deep into the community to carry out land promotion marketing activities

Shanghai Unicom: “there is always a gap to break through”

Couplet: happy to live in the treasure land for thousands of years; Second couplet: Fuzhao family made a good start; Banner: grand plan.

Thick red spring festival couplets surround an open door. There is a big word “Fu” on the door.

“Not only hope that China Unicom will prosper in the new year, but also wish the major shops we serve open their doors.” In front of the Zhongtian building in Yangpu District, Yu Weiqiang of Shanghai Unicom introduced the Spring Festival couplets he had written himself. His heart was full of pride.

Yu Weiqiang’s hometown is in Shandong. Although Shanghai is basically in a low-risk area, he still stays in Shanghai for the new year in response to the national policy. “First, for the sake of safety, and second, I also want to use the holidays to complete more orders and sprint performance.”

“The fierce competition in the building market this year is very challenging for the development of fixed network business. But we firmly believe that there are always gaps to break through.” Two weeks before the Spring Festival, Yu Weiqiang began to contact major properties and study the businesses that will enter the house after the festival in advance.

“After the 15th day of the first month, many businesses will move in one after another. There are also enterprises that will carry out internal decoration and reopen.” Yu Weiqiang analyzed that at present, due to the introduction of the “double reduction” policy, many educational institutions will move out one after another. On the occasion of “alternation between the old and the new”, the team will understand the business type of the new enterprise for the first time and accurately recommend products. At the same time, visit old customers and promote the optimization service of the existing fixed network.

Liu Jingjie, a local girl who lives in Shanghai, was not idle. For fear that the merchants would have a holiday in advance, she began door-to-door visits early to formulate business opportunity analysis and sales plan for 2022 in advance for the employment and employment involved in the customer’s enterprise planning for the coming year.

“During the Spring Festival, although building customers do not go to work, shops along the street will be open as usual.” Liu Jingjie said that in the coming days, he will look for sales business expansion opportunities in surrounding shops and support community promotion.

Xi’an Unicom “Yanfei” gate magnetic deployment personnel are ready to go to the front line

Shaanxi Unicom: the work here is “not closed”

The Spring Festival is a day for Chinese families to get together. But in Xi’an Unicom’s government enterprise customer business department, the work here is “not closed”.

The recent fluctuating epidemic situation has rekindled the “beacon fire” of prevention and control. The innovation business team led by Zhang Yixing of Xi’an Unicom is busy with the “two points and one line” between the project site and the company.

Zhang Yixing’s work is mainly responsible for the organization, production and support of China Unicom’s “cloud big things” products. “At present, many isolation points in Xi’an have a strong demand for safety monitoring products. We are contacting governments, communities, hospitals and schools at all levels every day to formulate scientific and technological epidemic prevention plans for them, and accurately deploy IOT products such as’ wotianyan ‘,’ Yanfei Menci ‘,’ emergency broadcasting ‘.”

When night falls, it is also the busiest time for Zhu Huihui of Xi’an Unicom.

“Most of the construction teams will build isolation points at night. We will squat in advance and recommend to the construction party to handle mobile network and broadband services.” Zhu Huihui said that in order to avoid network congestion, he often stays on duty all night to ensure the efficiency of on-site construction liaison and dispatching.

“Affected by the epidemic, the needs of customers and society have changed suddenly, and our service mode should also be flexible.” He said.

Zhu Huihui’s new year’s wish is to see Xi’an unsealed as soon as possible and have a noisy New Year’s Eve dinner with his family scattered in different administrative regions.

Guangdong Unicom Zhijia engineer door-to-door service marketing

Guangdong Unicom: they have “everyone” in their hearts

It should be a scene to make a fuss over the new year. However, according to Dai xianmou of Guangdong Unicom, the left behind people are still as busy as usual. They chose to stay in Guangzhou for the new year in response to the national call of “Celebrating the new year on the spot”. Another more important purpose is for the “lights of all families” of the people.

“Whether it’s watching the Spring Festival Gala or making video calls with relatives and friends to pay New Year’s greetings, the demand for broadband will be higher than usual.” Ensuring the smooth family broadband network during the Spring Festival is the reason why Dai xianmou still sticks to his post.

Dai xianmou revealed that his 62 member team formulated the schedule for the Spring Festival as early as new year’s day. “Even during holidays, we will strictly implement the company’s requirements of ’24-hour installation and 8-hour repair’ to provide customers with home network services.”

In the process of door-to-door service again and again, Dai xianmou found that more than 80% of customers reported for repair because the network cable was aging, the crystal head was loose, and the router data was wrong.

In order to solve such problems, the team provided customers with on-site evaluation and troubleshooting services of the whole house network, and accurately designed the scheme according to the needs of home network. After the construction is completed, the team will conduct network test again and issue the test report to ensure that the user’s home network is optimized.

“A broadband product with these three elements can be called a good broadband product with civilian price, high network speed and home service.” Guangdong Unicom Wei Hongxia said.

Different from the traditional Zhijia engineer, Xiao Zhiwu of Guangdong Unicom not only completed the repair work, but also focused on the promotion of Zhijia products.

In the running of many communities, they have no regrets. As Wei Hongxia said, “as a communicator, we should shoulder corresponding responsibilities and promote high-quality development through broadband and mobile collaboration.” More importantly, they all have a “everyone” in their hearts, which is to build a smart life for thousands of families.

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