[XGNews]: Guangdong Mobile Group special line equipment maintenance service procurement, involving more than 57800 sets of equipment

The following is the [XGNews]: Guangdong Mobile Group special line equipment maintenance service procurement, involving more than 57800 sets of equipment recommended by xgapn.com.

News on May 6 (Jiaojiao) from the official website of China Mobile, Guangdong Mobile released the 2021 group special line equipment maintenance service public comparison announcement.

According to the announcement, Guangdong Mobile Group will purchase 57639 sets of equipment maintenance services for the special line equipment maintenance service, with a total budget of 7861269.99 yuan (excluding tax).

Guangdong Mobile said that in order to help the group’s business development, improve the group’s business network quality, ensure the stable operation of customer service equipment, and save the cost of replacing faulty equipment, it is necessary to provide maintenance services for IP PBX, access gateway (Ag) and ups of power frequency machine. The specific services are as follows:

1. Group dedicated line equipment technical support services: such as software updates, version upgrades; Test the performance index of software and hardware, and meet the performance index requirements after maintenance; Provide on-site technical support services for serious or difficult failures, participate in emergency repair of serious or difficult failures, and quickly recover the network, including on-site patch loading, equipment health inspection, network cutover adjustment support, communication support, etc; Regular configuration data backup of client key equipment; If we have no corresponding spare parts, we will provide temporary spare parts according to the corresponding SLA service time limit standard.

2. Group dedicated line equipment performance testing and standard configuration services: provide equipment testing site, equipment spare parts storage site, build equipment testing environment and corresponding equipment storage space; Test the recovery equipment, sort according to the test results for repair, maintenance and reuse, reuse of standard configuration engineering, return to warehouse and scrap, etc.

3. Hardware maintenance: repair the faulty parts and deliver them to the designated place; According to the buyer’s asset management requirements, carry out asset management and protection for the plates in various states; Assist to make replacement and expansion plan for maintenance equipment according to the buyer’s requirements.

The project is implemented in Guangdong Province and divided into two shares. The number of successful candidates is two. The list of maintenance expenses of each city is as follows:

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