[XGNews]: Heilongjiang Management Bureau promotes the work of rectifying professional style in depth

The following is the [XGNews]: Heilongjiang Management Bureau promotes the work of rectifying professional style in depth recommended by xgapn.com.

On June 3, Heilongjiang Provincial Communication Administration organized a video and telephone conference on the construction and rectification of communication industry’s professional style in 2021. The conference carried out the spirit of the video and telephone conference on the construction and rectification of professional style of the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2021, and deployed key tasks in 2021. The conference summarized the novel coronavirus pneumonia rectification work in 2020, and fully affirmed the effectiveness of the rectification work of information and communication in the whole province. Especially since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the whole industry took the initiative to overcome all kinds of difficulties, and made positive contributions to supporting the epidemic prevention and control and resuming work and resuming production. It reflected the spirit and character of the information communication industry that could endure hardships and fight well.

In view of the current gap and deficiency in the construction and rectification of professional style in Heilongjiang Province, Qiao famin, director of Heilongjiang Province, stressed that first, improve the position and strengthen the overall promotion. All units should further improve their political positions, fully understand the special significance of doing a good job in rectifying the work style in 2021, adhere to putting people’s interests in the first place, and constantly enhance their sense of mission, responsibility and urgency. The second is to supervise according to law and strengthen supervision and accountability. Heilongjiang Management Bureau will strengthen the joint supervision and law enforcement, take various ways to check and exchange the implementation of the work of rectifying the business style of various enterprises, and promote the typical experience and successful practices. Relevant enterprises should strengthen self-examination and self correction, improve the accountability mechanism of violators, and timely rectify the problems found and reported. Third, innovate the mechanism and carry out pilot demonstration. It is necessary to gradually study and establish a comprehensive evaluation system of information and communication services covering service complaints, compliance management, user satisfaction and other aspects, and pilot application, so as to comprehensively and objectively evaluate the service level of enterprises. The Provincial Communication Industry Association and Internet association should focus on 5g service, number carrying network transfer service, personal information protection and other key work, create high-quality service demonstration, and contribute to creating a healthy environment for industry development.

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