[XGNews]: Huawei Hu houkun: connection is still a sunrise industry, and F5 was first mentioned 5g industry vision

The following is the [XGNews]: Huawei Hu houkun: connection is still a sunrise industry, and F5 was first mentioned 5g industry vision recommended by xgapn.com.

News on the evening of April 26 (Jiang junmu) the connection demand of human society is endless, and connection is still a sunrise industry. Hu houkun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, said at the 2022 Huawei global analyst conference and put forward the vision of “10Gbps everywhere”.

Hu houkun, for example, said that in the industrial scenario, industrial control has very high requirements for real-time and reliability, which requires at least 10 times improvement in bandwidth, delay and reliability; In the home scene, in order to realize ultra-high definition video, VR, AR and even holographic remote communication, we often pursue the experience of “immersive” and “the horizon is close to each other”, but the current Gigabit to home bandwidth is far from enough.

“We boldly put forward a vision to realize 10Gbps ubiquitous bandwidth in the future. Today’s broadband is not 1Gbps ubiquitous. In order to realize the leap of 10Gbps ubiquitous, we need to overcome many challenges, and Huawei is working in this direction.” He talked about.

To this end, two years ago, Huawei first proposed 5.5G in the wireless field. Now it has completed a number of key technology innovations and verification of 5.5G. For the fixed network industry, Huawei first proposed F5 5g’s industrial vision aims to increase bandwidth, coverage and experience by more than 10 times.

“We hope to continue to promote the development of the connectivity industry through innovation in both wireless and fixed networks.” Hu houkun said.

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