[XGNews]: Hubei communications administration promotes 5g network quality improvement

The following is the [XGNews]: Hubei communications administration promotes 5g network quality improvement recommended by xgapn.com.

Recently, in order to further improve users’ perceived network speed, Hubei Communications Administration has put forward three specific measures to further improve 5g network quality.

First, adhere to the problem orientation. Starting from the network quality problems reflected by mass complaints, carefully analyze the causes, study targeted measures, and incorporate the problem-solving situation into the key content of professional style inspection for tracking and supervision. Second, strengthen work coordination. Strengthen coordination and cooperation, form work force, improve working mechanism, improve work process, improve service capacity, strengthen network operation management, accelerate 5g network construction progress, correctly guide users to use 5g terminal and network, and coordinate and deal with user complaints in time. The third is to supplement the short board of speed. Focus on the short board with low user perception rate, take multiple measures and take multiple measures to complete the conversion from 5g NSA to SA as soon as possible, accelerate the flow migration of 4G high load cells to 5g, promote the coordinated development of 4G / 5G networks, optimize the layout of network resources, and continuously improve the happiness and sense of gain of the people using 5g networks.

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