[XGNews]: Inventory of 5g industry virtual private network 2021: multi-point flowering and sailing

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News on January 13 (shuiyi) if 5gtoc has helped operators realize the return of the value of the basic disk in the past year, 5gtob has taken an important step “from 0 to 1” to help operators realize the value leap.

Compared with the familiar TOC business, in practice, it is found that tob business is different from the traditional public network business. Different industries have significant differentiation characteristics, and the information needs of business scenarios among industries are also different. Therefore, the three operators launch the customizable 5g industry virtual private network to meet the customized needs of users.

In terms of time point, the three major operators have successively released commercial 5g private network solutions at the end of 2020. After more than a year of development, the latest data of the Ministry of industry and information technology show that by the end of October 2021, the number of virtual private networks in China’s industry has exceeded 2300. At the same time, the release of 5g application “sailing” action plan (2021-2023) also further promotes the success of private network enabled 5g commerce and industry.

Policy support, 5g virtual private network takes advantage of the opportunity to set sail

The application value and potential of 5g enabling industry have been widely recognized by the industry. With the continuous acceleration of the digital process, whether telecom operators or enterprises in traditional industries, the demand for transformation and upgrading using 5g technology is becoming more and more urgent.

In order to promote 5g to flourish in more industries, in July this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other ten departments issued the “sailing” action plan for 5g application (2021-2023). In addition to putting forward development indicators for 5g personal market, the plan requires that by 2023, the 5g application penetration rate of large industrial enterprises will exceed 35%, and 5g applications in power, mining and other fields will be replicated and promoted on a large scale, forming a number of 5g + smart education, 5g + smart medical and 5g + cultural tourism model projects, and creating more than 100 5g application benchmarks in each key industry.

It is understood that up to now, 5g applications have covered many fields of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. 5g has continuously released the potential of enabling economic and social digital transformation, and nearly 50% of 5g applications have achieved commercial landing. Taking the most representative innovative application of industrial Internet as an example, it has been widely used in more than 40 key industries of national economy, such as steel, machinery, transportation and energy, of which more than 1800 projects under construction of “5g + industrial Internet”.

Facing 2022, Xiao Yaqing, Minister of industry and information technology, said that he would steadily and orderly carry out the construction of 5g and gigabit optical networks, accelerate the large-scale construction of virtual private networks in 5g industry, lay a solid network infrastructure for digital transformation, focus on key industries such as manufacturing, mining and electric power, and deeply explore the typical application scenarios of “5g + industrial Internet”. Support upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to open data, accelerate the development of basic common standards such as industrial data interaction, and support all localities to explore and cultivate data element markets. Deeply implement the digital transformation of manufacturing industry, accelerate the construction of digital transformation service system, and promote the industrial Internet platform into parks and enterprises.

Capability upgrading and evolving product system

On the basis of policy support, the three major domestic operators, guided by the needs of enterprise customers, have continuously improved the product capacity of 5g industry virtual private network and carried out systematic upgrading in the practice process of the past year. As Wen Ku, vice president and Secretary General of China Communications Standardization Association, pointed out at the imt-2020 (5g) conference held in December 2021, 5g industry virtual private network is moving from 1.0 to 2.0, and evolving from tob general network to customized network in various industries.

In the past year, China Telecom has targeted 1000 customized commercial networks, continuously subdivided users’ scenario based needs through experience summary, innovated and launched 5g customized network capability cube, and realized accurate scenario adaptation, multi-dimensional capacity construction, and multi-dimensional capacity building around business needs, technical parameters, atomic capabilities, standard products, business models and technical solutions And fast delivery of solutions to further realize from “1” to “n”, and promote 5g scale replication and commercial closed loop. At the same time, it also improves and optimizes the service system and upgrades the industrial ecology.

China Mobile launched 5g private network technology system 2.0 to upgrade and evolve from three aspects: network capability, private network service and equipment system. In terms of network capability, industrial Internet enhancement capabilities such as 5glan and TSN, access control capabilities such as NPN and secondary authentication, and service carrying capacity such as super uplink, ultra-low delay, ultra-high reliability and high-precision positioning are introduced; In terms of service system improvement, build a one-stop operation system, provide operation and maintenance automation, localized operation and maintenance, SLA quality assurance and visualization, and promote the 5g private network from “available” to “dare to use” and “easy to use”; In terms of improving the equipment product system, we have independently developed openupf, opensigma edge computing platform and other products, are planning and developing customized 5gc and “fruit core” integrated equipment, and have formed a perfect 5g private network equipment product system for customized deployment scenarios.

China Unicom released 5g industry private network product system 2.0 (i.e. “5g private network plus”) to create a three-dimensional network architecture with 5gc centralized one cloud and distributed one network, so as to quickly realize network access through innovation, commercial verification and large-scale promotion throughout the whole network; In terms of industry leapfrogging, it is oriented to industry segmentation application scenarios, baseline network schemes and template network configuration, and supports large-scale delivery of 5g private network; In terms of service leapfrogging, adhering to the intensive operation concept of “one-point access and serving the whole country”, 5g application mall and 5g private network operation platform have been comprehensively upgraded to make industry customers comfortable to buy, worry free to build and use.

Ecological synergy, accelerate 5g integration into thousands of industries

Of course, the virtual private network of 5g industry is a long industrial chain from scheme to implementation. It has always been the eternal development law of this industry that “walking alone is fast and people are far away”. As the main construction and operator of virtual private network in 5g industry, telecom operators actively build industrial ecology.

China Telecom upgraded the integrated industrial ecosystem from one-way customer service, simple channel sales and single supply procurement to jointly build, share and win-win with the majority of partners, so as to create a broader, broader, deeper and fully integrated industrial ecosystem and share the digital ecological dividend of the industry.

Adhering to the concept of openness, innovation, cooperation and win-win, China Mobile has joined hands with upstream and downstream partners of industry, University and research, promoted the continuous integration of 5g and the industry, and accelerated the digital intelligent transformation process of thousands of lines and hundreds of industries.

China Unicom upgraded the 5g private network platform 3.0 in an all-round way, reduced the boarding threshold of enterprise applications through capacity opening standards and edge computing architecture, built a large-scale business ecology of Tob, and truly achieved full 5g applications, one-stop integration, one-time innovation and whole network replication.

Liu Yulin, deputy director of the information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that in order to further give play to the supporting role of 5g industry virtual private network for industry applications, he put forward three suggestions. First, continuously optimize the promotion environment of 5g industry virtual private network. Second, accelerate the improvement of 5g industry virtual private network standards. Third, focus on promoting 5g industry virtual private network industry resource sharing.

The value of 5g lies in the tob scenario. The virtual private network of 5g industry is the key infrastructure for 5g to take root in various vertical industries. At the same time, 5g + thousands of industries, “cross-border” is necessary and inevitable. The open “circle of friends” is the key to determine how far it can go. I believe that with the joint efforts of the industrial chain, the transformation of 5g industry application from “model house” to “commercial house” will be accelerated.

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