[XGNews]: Is the spring of 5g application acceleration + Beidou system upgrading intelligent transportation coming?

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Recently, the 16th China Intelligent Transportation Annual Conference (itsac 2021) and 2021 China Intelligent Transportation Conference were held in Changsha. China Intelligent Transportation annual conference is the largest and most influential annual industry event in the field of intelligent transportation in China. So far, it has been successfully held for 15 sessions. The theme of this annual conference is “its creates a new pattern of sustainable transportation”.

Li Chaochen, President of China Intelligent Transportation Association, said that adhering to innovation driven, accelerating cross-border integration, enhancing development momentum and adhering to ecological priority are the long-term strategies to achieve sustainable transportation development. Sustainable transportation development should focus on scientific and technological empowerment, fight the battle of key core technologies, and promote transportation to improve efficiency, expand functions and increase kinetic energy; Promote green and low-carbon transformation and make positive contributions to the realization of carbon peak and carbon neutralization.

So, what will intelligent transportation be like in the future?

In December 2nd, Baidu’s chairman Robin Li’s new book, “intelligent transportation”, described the future of Intelligent Transportation: intelligent transportation system built by new technology, new concept and new mode, which is expected to reduce traffic accidents by 90%. Within 5 years, China’s first tier cities will no longer need “purchase restriction” and “travel restriction”; Within 10 years, relying on the improvement of traffic efficiency, the problem of urban congestion will be basically solved.

The realization of all this will benefit from the integrated application of 5g technology and Beidou navigation system. For 5g, the requirements for location services will be higher and higher in the future. In addition to using its own base station for accurate positioning, 5g must rely on Beidou system to achieve high-precision location.

With the advantages of large bandwidth and low delay, 5g can support “vehicle to X” (v2x) applications. For example, cars can use cloud based artificial intelligence and data, as well as key security features provided by wireless updates (instant resolution of network security threats), and “communicate” with road vehicles and other traffic infrastructure including street lights. Beidou system integrates multiple functions such as precision positioning, centimeter level navigation, time service and ground enhancement, and has the ability to provide basic services of high-precision positioning throughout the country. It can be said that 5g and Beidou are mutually enabled. Beidou enables all information in 5g mobile network to have a “birth certificate” from the moment it is generated, that is, the space-time position when the information is sent, as well as the track files of the activities and residence of each node after entering the network. 5g can transmit Beidou foundation enhanced spatio-temporal position correction signal at high speed, stability and large capacity to improve accuracy.

At present, intelligent driving has many challenges in positioning ability. Complex scenes such as shady roads, urban canyons and bilateral occlusion put forward higher requirements for the self adaptability of the algorithm. Through 5g + Beidou high-precision positioning system, users do not need to build their own reference station, and only need one account / SDK to obtain national high-precision positioning services; The vehicle gauge Mu + GNSS is equipped with a tight coupling solution algorithm to ensure the continuous positioning of vehicles in complex environments such as tunnels and urban canyons; Using the characteristics of high bandwidth and low delay of 5g network, the differential data interaction between vehicle equipment positioning terminal and high-precision positioning network is realized to ensure the safety of high-precision position data.

With the increasing maturity of 5g network, China has built the world’s largest 5g mobile network to serve thousands of industries, and 5g applications have been accelerated. On September 16, the Beidou system was upgraded again. Even if the mobile phone had no signal, it could send a distress message. In the future, the innovative application of “5g + Beidou” vehicle road collaboration will be widely used in multiple scenarios, such as micro bus, unmanned vehicle connection in scenic spots, Valet independent parking, smart bus, etc., to create an overall solution of multi network collaboration and multi scene integration.

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