[XGNews]: Lianyungang Ganyu mobile fully guarantees the “6.18” Online Shopping Festival

The following is the [XGNews]: Lianyungang Ganyu mobile fully guarantees the “6.18” Online Shopping Festival recommended by xgapn.com.

With the “6.18” Shopping Festival, shopping malls, e-commerce personnel and logistics in Ganyu District, Lianyungang City have ushered in a busy period. In order to cope with the challenges brought to the network by the surge of network services before and after the shopping festival, Lianyungang Ganyu mobile actively carried out the “network protection” action, inspected the outdoor fiber distribution boxes, optical delivery boxes, OLTS and other key nodes one by one, and successfully completed the network support task of the shopping festival.

Haitou Town, Ganyu District, Lianyungang City is known as “the first town of Kwai broadcasting” and “Taobao town in China”. There are more than 3000 e-commerce households in the town. According to data, during the “double 12” period last year, the cumulative sales exceeded 300million yuan. At present, with the advent of the “6.18” Shopping Festival, online celebrities are also working hard all night to make full preparations for the shopping festival. Lianyungang Ganyu mobile, in order to cope with the challenges brought to the network by the surge of network services, went deep into the online live broadcast site to carry out equipment troubleshooting, capacity expansion and emergency drills for various e-commerce companies. For the early warning of e-commerce with large Internet traffic and full load Internet access, the user traffic is dredged through Internet capacity expansion, broadband speed up, 5g package upgrade, etc. In addition, network optimization and capacity expansion were also carried out for Jingdong Logistics, express points and other traffic intensive scenarios to avoid network congestion caused by users’ surfing the Internet during the centralized period, and fully ensure the network security and stability during the “6.18” event.

In addition, the huge amount of express packaging garbage caused by the “buy buy” shopping boom and the idleness of resources caused by excessive consumption will also pose a burden on the ecological environment. “Migrant family” party and League members’ volunteers go deep into communities, e-commerce bases and express delivery sites to guide the whole society to form a new green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly way of life by promoting rational consumption, using recycled old bags and other green shopping methods.

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