[XGNews]: Lianyungang Ganyu mobile makes every effort to ensure the smooth communication of “May Day”

The following is the [XGNews]: Lianyungang Ganyu mobile makes every effort to ensure the smooth communication of “May Day” recommended by xgapn.com.

At present, the domestic epidemic is spreading at many points. During the May Day holiday, all parts of Jiangsu called on residents not to travel unnecessarily. In order to ensure the possible high traffic in key business districts and scenic spots during local festivals, Lianyungang Ganyu mobile prepared in advance and carefully implemented it to provide high-quality communication support services throughout the whole process for key business districts and scenic spots such as Wuyue square, he’an lake, Qianyuan Park and ecological park.

It is understood that in order to ensure the orderly operation of various network support work during the May Day holiday, Lianyungang Ganyu mobile established an emergency support team to monitor the operation of the whole network base station for 7 * 24 hours during the May Day holiday. Combined with the support experience of previous activities, special personnel were arranged to carry out multiple rounds of network tests in scenic spots and traffic hubs, so as to open 4 and 5g capacity expansion for densely populated areas such as potential parks. During the holidays, special personnel shall be on duty to deal with and solve unexpected problems in time, and ensure the normal operation of on-site network communication through real-time monitoring in the background. At the same time, aiming at the normalized epidemic prevention and control, through the expansion of community capacity and the optimization of load balancing parameters of important scene sites, we help the major scenic spots to prevent and control the epidemic, scan codes and enter the park and other smart tourism services, so as to improve the user experience and perception.

Lianyungang Ganyu mobile carefully summarized the experience of communication guarantee in the past, actively built 5g high-quality network while continuously improving the quality of 4G network, and constantly worked hard to create a better digital life for the people.

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