[XGNews]: Lianyungang mobile Ganyu branch organized the theme activity of “national traffic safety day”

The following is the [XGNews]: Lianyungang mobile Ganyu branch organized the theme activity of “national traffic safety day” recommended by xgapn.com.

December 2 is the tenth “national traffic safety day”. The theme of this year’s traffic safety day is “law-abiding, courteous, safe and civilized travel”. Recently, Lianyungang mobile Ganyu branch has organized a series of publicity activities with the theme of “abiding by laws and regulations, knowing courtesy and making concessions, and walking safely”, so as to effectively improve the legal awareness, civilization awareness and safety awareness of the general public.  

It is reported that Lianyungang mobile Ganyu branch, together with the traffic police brigade of the local public security bureau, has set up a traffic safety consultation point to answer questions and explain traffic accident cases for the masses by placing display boards, hanging banners, distributing traffic safety publicity materials and small gifts, playing traffic accident audio and other forms, and advocate wearing safety helmets when driving electric bicycles, Motorists are courteous to pedestrians. In addition, in view of the professional characteristics of most takeout “riders” delivering meals on motorcycles and electric vehicles, organize local “riders” in a unified way, focus on publicizing the harmfulness and consequences of illegal acts such as grabbing orders, answering and making phone calls and changing lanes at will, guide takeout diners to pay attention to driving safety and strictly abide by traffic laws and regulations. The volunteers of “migrant family” party and League members also went deep into rural areas and communities to distribute publicity materials and explain cases face-to-face, reminding the people to eliminate traffic violations such as driving without a license, driving after drinking, driving without wearing a seat belt, riding a motorcycle and electric vehicle without wearing a safety helmet, and illegal carrying of people by agricultural vehicles, so as to comprehensively improve their awareness of traffic safety, We will spare no effort to prevent rural road traffic accidents.  

In addition, in order to comprehensively improve the development of urban intelligent transportation, Lianyungang mobile uses the new generation of information technologies such as 5g, Internet of things and big data. The “e-police” has completed the seamless upgrading and expansion of the corresponding platforms and storage, including the installation of new e-police and traffic signal control systems at key intersections in the region, so as to completely solve the lack of monitoring at multiple intersections in villages and towns, As a result, illegal activities cannot be collected, and there are certain potential safety problems. The “smart bus” platform realizes the intelligent docking of the monitoring and positioning equipment for the normal operation of buses in the region, so as to “see clearly” the operation status of public transport vehicles online in real time, and comprehensively improve the level of transportation management.  

Lianyungang mobile Ganyu branch always adheres to the principle of “digital intelligence mobile and practical for the people” and gives full play to the industry advantages. It is understood that in the later stage of mobile, it will continue to explore the construction of 5g intelligent transportation comprehensive information service capacity, so as to boost the “wisdom +” of urban traffic safety with information empowerment.

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