[XGNews]: Meta postponed the offline resumption plan to March: vaccination and booster injection are required

The following is the [XGNews]: Meta postponed the offline resumption plan to March: vaccination and booster injection are required recommended by xgapn.com.

According to reports, meta, Facebook’s parent company, said on Monday that because the Omicron variant ravaged the United States, forcing the company to adjust the offline resumption plan in Silicon Valley, they asked employees to inject new crown vaccine booster shots, and postponed the offline resumption plan in the United States to March 28.

Meta said on Monday that the reason why they decided to postpone the offline resumption of work was to provide employees with more flexibility during the epidemic. Meta previously planned to allow vaccinated employees to return to work offline on January 31. Facebook is headquartered in Monroe Park, California.

Jeannie Gail, vice president of human resources at Meta (Janelle Gale), said: “considering the current situation of COVID-19, our focus is to ensure that employees still have the right to choose their workplace. We understand that continuous uncertainty makes it difficult for the current time to decide where to work, so we give employees more time to choose the best place to work.”

If employees want to work remotely after March 28, they need to apply to the company for extension before mid March. The extension period is 3 to 5 months.

COVID-19’s Meta has delayed the resumption of work in many of Silicon Valley’s neighbours, but Meta is one of the biggest companies that require staff to provide enhanced vaccination certificates.

Apple told employees last month that it had not set a clear offline resumption date. Alpha, Google’s parent company, also said in December last year that the company would indefinitely postpone the offline resumption plan originally scheduled for January 10 until employees could return to a “long-term and stable working environment”.

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