[XGNews]: Mobile core communication completed round C financing of RMB 1 billion

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On January 12, 2022, mobile core communication officially announced the completion of round C financing of RMB 1 billion. This round of financing is led by Softbank vision fund phase II, followed by Kaihui fund, cornerstone capital, GF Qian and Qiaobei capital, and the old shareholders Qiming venture capital, beacon capital, Fupu investment, prosperity investment and huitianfu capital. The funds obtained in this round of financing will be used for the continuous R & D and innovation of global 5g communication chips in the future.

The global 5g commercial development momentum is fierce. According to the statistics of the global mobile Providers Association (GSA), as of April 2021, 153 operators in 64 countries and regions have operated 5g commercial networks. By the end of August 2021, China has built more than 1 million 5g base stations, accounting for more than 70% of the world, and the number of 5g terminal connections has exceeded 400 million. With the application exploration of 5g Smart Life in consumption fields such as sports and entertainment, event live broadcast and smart community, and the increasing clarity of 5g application mode in vertical industries such as high-end manufacturing, medical technology, mining and port, IOT communication chip has played an important role in the process of digitization, networking and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the real economy.

As we all know, communication technology has experienced technological revolutions from 1g to 2 / 3 / 4G and then to 5g. From analog to digital, from voice to data, from small bandwidth and low rate to large bandwidth and high rate, from connecting people to connecting everything, every change has brought changes to our lives.

As an important part of the network connection infrastructure, 5g communication technology links various technologies such as new intelligent hardware, robot, AR / VR, big data and AI, and deeply connects the industrial capabilities and characteristics of people, process data and intelligent terminals (industry, medical treatment, transportation and energy, etc.), so as to realize 5g ecological change.

Since the birth of 5g, its “original intention” is to build a flexible and all inclusive network to meet various QoS requirements of terminals with various capabilities, that is, according to customer use scenarios, realize one or more combinations of greater transmission rate, smaller communication delay, more reliable communication and lower power consumption than 4G. However, the current 5g products are only limited to improving the transmission rate, that is, 5g embB products. Their high cost and high power consumption greatly limit the application and imagination space of 5g in the Internet of things.

How to reduce the cost and power consumption of 5g and promote the large-scale application and development of global terminals has always been the key research direction of 3GPP international standards organization, mobile communication service operators, network equipment manufacturers, and terminal chip manufacturers including mobile core communication. Therefore, 5g redcap of 3GPP R17 came into being. The full name of redcap is “5g reduced capability”, which means “reduced capability” in Chinese. 5g redcap is mainly aimed at three business scenarios, namely wearable devices, industrial sensors and video surveillance. Targeted improvements have been made to meet the needs of these three business scenarios, such as reducing device complexity, improving power consumption, reducing transmission rate, etc.

With its unique innovative technology, mobile core communication is constantly solving various application problems in 5g scenario, giving play to the comprehensive advantages of higher performance, lower power consumption and higher integration, transforming information transmission into action, creating value for individuals, enterprises and countries, and helping 5g richer digital experience and unprecedented economic development.

Mobile core communication is a leading cellular mobile communication chip design company in the world. It is committed to designing the cellular Internet of things chip with the best performance and the highest cost performance. The first product of mobile core communication, Nb IOT series chips, came out only one year ago and won the first place in the new market orders. In 2021, the monthly sales orders exceeded 4 million, and the products were quickly recognized by customers at home and abroad. As we all know, the world’s largest module manufacturers are in China, and almost 80% of the major module manufacturers are important partners of mobile core communication. The products of mobile core communication began to increase rapidly in subdivided applications such as intelligent meter, intelligent fire fighting, shared bicycle, asset tracking and white appliances, and 5g application scenarios were enabled.

Mr. Liu Shi, the founder of mobile core communications, established the innovative development concept of “China core” for the company. He not only maintained an industry-leading position in products and technology, but also formed strategic cooperation with the world’s best module manufacturers in the market. At the same time, he also had in-depth strategic cooperation with Qualcomm and shared the overseas market.

With the global intelligent interconnection of all things and the continuous generation of new needs in various industries, the new technologies and services of mobile core communication are also developing and upgrading. With innovative R & D technology and excellent commercial landing service capability, mobile core communication has been fully affirmed and ordered by the market; Also with the mobile core communication, the ultra-high performance NB IOT series and cat The large-scale commercialization of 1 bis series products and the progress of innovation and R & D of 5g redcap / embB products have also been widely concerned and highly recognized by the capital market.

The investment of Softbank vision fund phase II is not only the capital support of mobile core communication, but also will further help mobile core communication expand globally in the future. After the completion of the new round of financing, mobile core communication is expected to continue to maintain its overall leading edge in the global Internet of things chip industry and accelerate the completion of the global layout.

Dennis Chang, managing partner of Softbank vision fund, said: “As a core device, cellular communication chip is very important to promote the rapid development of China’s Internet of things market. As an emerging leading enterprise in the industry, mobile core has an experienced management team, strong business partners and a top competitive product portfolio. We are glad to cooperate deeply with Mr. Liu Shi and the team, and Softbank will continue to support Chinese enterprises in artificial intelligence And the development of emerging technologies. “

Mr. Ye Guantai, partner of Qiming venture capital, said: “In my opinion, mobile communication belongs to an ultra-low-key and well-developed chip development team. Under the leadership of president Liu, the mission of the team is not to simply develop IOT communication chips to achieve mass production, but to develop them according to their own in-depth understanding of the market demand side and from the perspective of pursuing product innovation and ultimate cost performance. The company launched the industry in 2020 After leading NB IOT chip products, it successfully launched a new high-performance cat to the market in 2021 1 bis chip product series. Qiming venture capital is very lucky to be able to lead the last round of core transfer, and continue to increase investment in this round to support the rapid development of the company in the next few years. “

Mr. Li Maoxiang, partner of Kaihui fund, said: “Companies that can independently develop cellular mobile communication chips are extremely scarce all over the world. Mobile core communication is an innovative company with the ability of core technology and IP reverse authorization overseas manufacturers in this field. At the same time, with the long-term continuous investment in infrastructure construction, China has formed a development dividend in the Internet of things and communication, which is also the focus of Kaihui fund’s Industrial Science and technology team One of the tracks of interest. The founding team led by general manager Liu Shi has great craftsmanship spirit and focuses on continuously optimizing and improving product performance. Coupled with the team’s deep accumulation in the field of Internet of things and communication, we believe that the company can significantly improve customers’ expectations of existing industry products, enhance the overall strength of the industry and become a semiconductor enterprise with global influence. “

Yang Shengjun, partner of cornerstone capital, said: “Internet of things communication chips based on 4G / 5G standards will be more and more widely used in the future. At present, only a few manufacturers in the world can design such communication chips, and mobile core communication is one of the few players. The mobile core communication team has nearly 20 years of technology accumulation in the field of mobile phone communication chips, and its developed Internet of things communication chips are compared with peers in terms of performance and cost Show unique advantages and obtain the exclusive recognition of global giants. With the rapid growth of market demand and the continuous maturity of technology and products, the Internet of things chip of mobile core communication has made continuous progress in commercialization and entered the top customers in the industry. We expect the company to make greater progress under the leadership of president Liu and enter the global market. “

Dr. Guangfa Qian and Dr. Shi tuanwei said: “At present, the world has entered the era of interconnection of all things. Cellular communication chip is a bridge connecting Internet of things terminals; various Internet of things applications such as wearable devices, smart homes and smart cities will bring a huge market for cellular communication chip. Mobile core communication is one of the few domestic teams with research and development capability of cellular communication chip, with strong technical strength and rich product experience Nb-iot and cat 1. The products have been widely praised by customers. We believe that mobile core has the ability to achieve greater success in a broader market in the future and are willing to accompany its peers all the time. “

Dr. Wang Yingbo of huitianfu capital said: “We are optimistic about the development prospects of domestic semiconductor design companies in the next few years. Mobile communication seizes the opportunity of the times. Under the leadership of president Liu, we continue to launch cellular Internet of things chip products that better meet the market demand. Following the mass production of industry-leading NB IOT products last year, we quickly and successfully mass produce CAT1 chip this year. In the future, we will continue to develop high-performance 5g chip, forming a complete network The product echelon moat has become an excellent leading enterprise that can make extreme products in domestic chips. We are very honored to make additional investment in this round after the last round of leading investment in core moving, and accompany the rapid growth of core moving into a global semiconductor design company. “

Mr. Niu Jijing, partner of Qiaobei capital, believes that: “The mobile core team has accumulated profound experience in the field of cellular communication chips, and has very comprehensive technical capabilities in algorithms, baseband, RF, SOC, etc.; strategically focuses on the Internet of things cellular communication; has the ultimate product definition, leading the rival generation; and has comprehensive advantages in performance, power consumption and cost. We are very optimistic about the development of mobile core, which is expected to become the leading supplier of cellular communication chips in the aiot era Business. “

Mr. Dong Qianghua, a representative appointed by the executive partner of beacon industry fund, said: “from an industrial perspective, the field of IOT chips has the industrial characteristics of” long slope and thick snow “, and diversified application scenarios bring massive market scale. The IOT industry will form a development pattern in which NB IOT, 4G (CAT1) and 5g technologies will carry all kinds of IOT connections. Since we invested in mobile core communication in 2019, we have continued to make additional investment and have long been optimistic about the track and the excellent enterprise mobile core communication in the track. The company stands out and is unstoppable in the industry with its comprehensive and extreme products and steady and rapid growth. “

Mr. Cao Huinan, partner of Fupu investment, said: “Fupu investment is pleased to participate in the current round of financing of the company, which is also an important addition of Fupu after Angel wheel as the leading investor. The company’s large-scale mass production of multiple product lines from angel wheel’s single product proves the company’s technical R & D strength. At the same time, it is also pleased to see that as a Chinese chip design company, Fupu has been recognized by chip giant Qualcomm and cooperated with it Strategic cooperation has emerged. The company is undoubtedly the leading company in the field of IOT cellular communication chips. We expect the company to increase R & D investment in the field of cellular communication and continue to iterate products after this round of financing. I wish the company more success in the future! “

Ms. Li Yuanfei, founding partner of Xingwang investment, said: “In the tide of interconnection of all things, we have invested in mobile core communication again this year. The mobile core team adheres to independent innovation in the field of IOT chips, pursues the ultimate hardware optimization, and has solid and complete software stack capabilities. It has successfully produced the most cost-effective NB IOT chip solution in the industry. CAT1 chip is about to be shipped on a large scale, demonstrating its self-improvement in the powerful 5g communication chip track Have unique advantages. With an open and cooperative attitude, we believe that mobile core can go further in the future and become an IC design company with global influence. “

With the update of 5g technical standards and the improvement of infrastructure, network construction and security, 5g is reshaping the production mode, communication channels, marketing policies and channels of content, and deeply linking entertainment, education, industry, transportation, medical treatment, government affairs and other scenes. Driven by the continuous scale of 5g network, the application of 5g intelligent wearable devices is gradually mature, the application of vertical industries such as health care and industrial Internet is constantly improving, the private network projects of operators are implemented one after another, and the business process of 5g industry is accelerating. From public digital infrastructure to transportation digital facilities, from industrial digital facilities to cultural tourism digital facilities, building 5g ecological future city, improving vehicle road collaborative intelligent expressway, realizing industrial digital management and pursuing the ultimate user experience have become important research topics and directions for mobile core communication to help the application and development of 5g digital industry. As a leading domestic communication chip technology explorer, mobile communication will continue to research, surpass, improve technology and consolidate barriers, so as to continuously empower and stimulate more possibilities for the new era of global 5g interconnection of all things. Mobile core communication uses “core” to do practical things, make continuous efforts for China’s common prosperity and innovate for the harmonious coexistence of the world.

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