[XGNews]: Ningbo Unicom joins hands with Huawei to build the first green metaaau Township scale commercial demonstration area of China Unicom Group

The following is the [XGNews]: Ningbo Unicom joins hands with Huawei to build the first green metaaau Township scale commercial demonstration area of China Unicom Group recommended by xgapn.com.

Recently, Ningbo Unicom joined hands with Huawei to open the first metaaau Township commercial demonstration area of China Unicom Group in Beilun. According to the evaluation results, compared with the traditional 32t AAU, the uplink edge experience rate of the coverage area is increased by 35.74%, and the downlink edge experience rate is increased by 30.29%. The average gain of uplink and downlink experience of the whole line is 17.96% and 13.12% respectively. The continuous commercial scale of metaaau continues to build a 5g high-quality network with excellent performance and energy saving for Ningbo Unicom, providing users with ubiquitous 5g intergenerational experience.

The state attaches great importance to 5g construction in villages and towns. The “14th five year plan” for the development of information and communication industry issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology in November 2021 clearly requires “promoting the extension of 5g network to villages and towns and rural areas”. The continuous commercial verification of Ningbo Unicom’s metaaau covering a wide range of villages and towns is an important innovative practice to practice the “Digital China” and “double carbon” strategies.

This time, Ningbo Unicom selected Huawei’s new generation of metaaau equipment. By introducing the new architecture of super large-scale antenna array, the scale of antenna array has been greatly expanded, and the uplink coverage and downlink coverage have been improved at the same time, so as to improve the edge user experience without increasing transmission power, so as to reduce energy consumption; At the same time, the super large-scale antenna array is combined with intelligent algorithm innovation to realize narrower service channel beam, make the service channel beam point to users more accurately, and greatly improve the user experience.

In recent years, accelerating the construction and development of digital countryside is not only the strategic direction of revitalizing the countryside, but also an important content of Building Digital China. How to adhere to the dual carbon strategic goal under the grand blueprint of digital economy transformation, quickly carry out the construction of rural 5g infrastructure network, bridge the “digital gap” and build a new infrastructure digital base for Rural Revitalization has become one of the key work directions of Ningbo Unicom. The verification of metaaau’s continuous commercial networking is a beneficial exploration for Ningbo Unicom to actively promote the construction of rural 5g network.

In the future, Ningbo Unicom will continue to carry out in-depth innovation cooperation with Huawei, actively explore the best transformation of new technologies and new solutions to network productivity, and continue to contribute to the digital transformation of Ningbo People’s digital life.

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