[XGNews]: Ningxia: sampling inspection of C-band satellite earth stations

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Is the C-band satellite earth station transformation plan OK and the transformation effect good? With these problems in mind, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region no commission office has recently carried out the sampling inspection work of C-band reconstructed satellite earth stations. Through on-the-spot inspection of the performance parameters of the high frequency head, inquiry of user satisfaction, monitoring of electromagnetic background and so on, the transformation quality and signal quality are well controlled for users.

According to the introduction, on the basis of the transformation units of Ningxia radio and television C-band satellite earth station completed in 2020, the key application units of C-band satellite earth station, such as district level newspaper, meteorology, cable television network company, have been added. Through sampling inspection, the installation of the modified equipment (high frequency head) of C-band satellite earth station application unit is reliable and standard, the performance index meets the requirements, the spectrum background in the working band is clean, the system works normally after the transformation, and the user satisfaction is high.

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region no Commission Office adopted the “closed-loop” working mode of establishing protection list before the transformation, effectively organizing the implementation during the transformation, and spot checking after the transformation, implemented the interference coordination between 5g base station and C-band satellite earth station and other radio stations (stations), and ensured the orderly and healthy landing of 5g base station. As of June this year, nearly 4300 5g base stations have been successfully installed in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

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