[XGNews]: Nokia will stride forward to China’s 5g market, the momentum can not be underestimated

The following is the [XGNews]: Nokia will stride forward to China’s 5g market, the momentum can not be underestimated recommended by xgapn.com.

In October last year, Ma Boze, CEO of Shanghai Nokia bell, mentioned in his keynote speech “5g return and breakthrough” that although Nokia is facing a grim situation in 2020, it is ready for a strong return. In addition, at the first quarter media roundtable meeting of Nokia bell, Mr. Ma Boze also said that the Greater China region has the strongest growth compared with the markets of other countries and regions of Nokia bell, and it is ready to serve the Chinese market through a full line of 5g products including 5g, LTE, cloud ran, etc.

Today, according to China news network, Ma boce said in an interview that Nokia has now completed all the bidding tests and has been fully recognized. The company’s products fully meet the needs of Chinese operators.

In terms of wireless frequency band, Nokia bell has released 2.6g/700m, 3.5g/2.1g/1.8ghz full band product series, which cover 64t / 32t / 8t / 4T and other channel types, fully meet the needs of China’s construction scene, and respond quickly and flexibly to the new national infrastructure tasks.

In millimeter wave, Nokia bell is the first successful demonstration of millimeter wave 4gbps peak performance in Huairou imt-2020 5g test field.

At the telecom software level, Nokia has a complete product layout in core network, network slicing, OSS, network automation, etc.

Aiming at the current stage goal of 5g in China, Nokia has set up a dedicated 5g R & D team to research and develop 5g technology suitable for China’s development. Nokia has served more than 1000 partners, helping China build double Gigabit, digital economy, AI, big data and data center.

In addition, it is understood that in the dual band WiFi 6 smart home gateway part of the “smart home gateway products centralized procurement candidate publicity” released by China Mobile in March this year, Nokia bell ranked first with 32.26% of the winning share, higher than China Mobile Communications Group and Shenzhen Zhaoneng Smart Technology Co., Ltd. In addition, Nokia bell also ranked first with 23.91 of the candidates for the dual band WiFi 5 smart home gateway announced in February.

Nokia’s momentum in the next 5g market in China should not be underestimated.

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