[XGNews]: “Pre Forum on 5g and new audio visual forum” of 2021 world 5g conference: Taking 5g as an important starting point of new audio visual industry

The following is the [XGNews]: “Pre Forum on 5g and new audio visual forum” of 2021 world 5g conference: Taking 5g as an important starting point of new audio visual industry recommended by xgapn.com.

C11 news on July 22 (Le SI) on the occasion of the upcoming opening of the 2021 world 5g conference, a pre Forum on 5g and new audio-visual forum was held on July 20 at the Key Laboratory of the State Administration of radio and television of the people’s Republic of China for research and application of ultra high definition television technology. The forum invited the Academy of radio and television Sciences of the State Administration of radio and television of the people’s Republic of China, CCTV, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Zhongguancun Management Committee, Beijing Radio and television station, Gehua cable and other industry experts, enterprise representatives, as well as district and county financial media center representatives, jointly launched a hot discussion on 5g and new audio-visual development prospects and trends.

At the forum, Yang Peili, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of radio and television, gave a brief introduction to the development of Beijing 5g. She said that Beijing’s 5g development will take advantage of the “14th five year plan” to make a good start. Beijing Municipal Bureau of radio and television focuses on the construction of “one park, two funds and three platforms”, strengthens the top-level design and overall planning, takes the overall situation into consideration, thinks macroscopically and starts from the long term, has the courage to take responsibility and act, gives full play to Beijing’s development advantages in the number of new audio-visual institutions, production capacity and scientific research income, and promotes the optimization of industrial structure, The industrial layout is becoming more reasonable, the number of high-quality audio-visual enterprises with global influence is increasing, the scale of audio-visual industry is expanding, the new audio-visual high-quality industrial cluster in Beijing is built, and more “technological highlights” are injected into the “Olympic city”.

Among them, “one park” refers to China (Beijing) high tech audio visual Industrial Park“ Two funds “one is the 30 million special fund for smart radio and television development, the other is the 25 million special support fund for 8K ultra high definition video production, which promotes the innovative application of 5g + 8K technology in a wider range of fields, cultivates a new ecology of digital economy, and constantly meets the spiritual and cultural needs of citizens and the needs of high-quality ultra-high definition audio-visual experience“ “Three platforms” refer to R & D platform, application platform and promotion platform. Among them, the R & D platform focuses on audio-visual program creation, production, shooting and production technical services, makes full use of the R & D capabilities of key laboratories such as the Key Laboratory of the State Administration of radio and television for the research and application of ultra high definition TV technology, encourages and guides University Enterprises to carry out exchanges and cooperation to jointly tackle key problems, improves the integrated development mechanism of industry university research and application, and supports the landing test of audio-visual application scenarios Integrated development and achievement transformation. The application platform focuses on the implementation and construction of 5g audio-visual innovative application scenarios, takes key projects as the starting point, promotes the demonstration and display of Winter Olympic super HD 5g + 8K in outdoor squares, key venues, demonstration communities and other areas, links up the new audio-visual industry content chain, technology chain and service chain, and guides social capital to invest in 5g + 8K application scenario projects. Focusing on festivals and exhibitions, the promotion platform makes use of such key audio-visual exhibition platforms as China Service Trade Association Beijing New TV listening exhibition, China (Beijing) International audio-visual conference and China Radio and television media integration development conference to carry out policy publicity and application scenario promotion, highlight the latest application achievements and cutting-edge technology trends of 5g + 8K, and build a platform for technical cooperation and cooperation and exchange, Promote the innovation and development of 5g + 8K ultra high definition video field.

Zhang Xinsheng, executive vice chairman of the future mobile communication forum, said that while successfully running the 2021 world 5g conference, we should pay attention to the integrated development of 5g and TV industry. The main goal of this year’s conference is “deep cultivation and integration”. Deep cultivation means that 5g itself promotes the development of Qianxing Baiye. Its biggest advantage is not only to serve consumers, but also to serve Qianxing Baiye. Therefore, we need to tap its potential. In the development of 5g, it is not a singles competition, but a team competition. Only in this way can 5g play the core role of digital economy.

“The combination of 5g and all walks of life will certainly create more new innovations and new values, and these new innovations and new values will make our communication take the lead in the development. We hope that through this, we will have more new achievements and let the people see more combinations of 5g and radio and television.” Zhang stressed.

Then, on the theme of “5g and new audio-visual”, the participants had a positive discussion. Experts from China Central Radio and Television Corporation attending the meeting held that 5g and UHD technologies have made rapid progress in recent years, and have made great progress in technology, standards and applications. The most urgent task is to excavate and develop industry applications as soon as possible, make them fall into the ground and serve the industry, so as to ensure the sustainable development of the industry. At the application level, we should pay more attention to how to create new value from the perspective of industry.

Experts from Zhongguancun Management Committee of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission said that 5g + new media or ultra high definition video is one of the important application scenarios of 5g, which can provide higher speed and lower delay for 8K, AR and VR. Beijing has many advantageous enterprises in the field of “5g + 8K” in technology products, core components and content production.

Experts attending the meeting of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone said that as one of the main development directions of 5g industry in the economic and Technological Development Zone, the HD audio-visual industry has formed industrial advantages, space advantages and policy advantages. In addition to the environmental support provided by 5g network construction, the audio-visual industrial structure also forms a whole industrial chain layout covering the core layer, service layer, content layer and application layer“ As an important application scenario of 5g technology, the new Ultra HD audio-visual industry will undoubtedly become the first explosion. Therefore, we are also speeding up the design and application of 5g scenes, building 5g scenes and realizing their value, striving to make further breakthroughs in the direction of Ultra HD, immersion, intelligence and interaction, and building a new pattern of symbiosis and win-win ecology. “

The senior high school entrance examination experts advanced by Beijing radio and TV station said that Beijing radio and TV station has considered some advanced technology problems in the design of 8K system, and is seeking for further new encoding methods, new file combination methods, and universal and compatible in the live broadcast scene. This is an important step in system design. With the coming of this step, relevant products and solutions will emerge and adapt. We hope that manufacturers with content production capacity, product development capacity and solution providing capacity, as well as relevant scientific research institutions, can cooperate with Beijing Radio and television station.

Gehua cable enterprise representatives said that at present, the construction of radio and television 5g has started, Gehua cable attaches great importance to it, and has set up a 5g Construction Office specially for this purpose. Meanwhile, according to the unified deployment of the State Grid, the number release of section 192 will also begin this year.

At the forum, representatives from Changping District financial media center, Fengtai District financial media center and Beijing Economic Development Zone financial media center also spoke and participated in the discussion.

This year’s world 5g conference will be held in Beijing from August 6 to 8. The theme of the conference is “5g deep cultivation, integration and symbiosis”. By then, as one of the important forums of the conference, “5g and new audio visual forum” will be held on August 7.

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