[XGNews]: Shandong Jinan Unicom 5g Gigabit Campus private network landed in many colleges and universities in the province

The following is the [XGNews]: Shandong Jinan Unicom 5g Gigabit Campus private network landed in many colleges and universities in the province recommended by xgapn.com.

Recently, China Unicom Shandong Jinan Branch successfully piloted the 5g campus private network for Shandong University, Shandong University of architecture and other universities. This is the first exclusive campus network based on “5g + MEC” in the province, marking that Jinan campus network has entered a new era of interconnection.

It is reported that China Unicom 5g campus private network uses 5g MEC edge cloud technology to realize the integrated communication between 5g network and campus network through 5g MEC ulcl diversion and 5g campus user identity authentication. Teachers and students of the school use Unicom 5g terminals. No matter inside or outside the campus, they can access campus intranet and Internet resources without perception without changing card number and VPN dialing, so as to realize 5g campus integrated communication. Use the container virtualization technology of edge cloud to change the traditional teaching mode, meet the needs of the school to improve the teaching effect and teaching quality through 5g, AI, VR and other new technologies, and promote the campus information construction to maturity. Compared with traditional campus WiFi, 5g campus private network gives full play to the characteristics of large bandwidth, low delay and high security. The uplink bandwidth can reach 200Mbps, the downlink bandwidth can reach 1000Mbps, and the network delay is less than 15ms.

At present, 5g users of colleges and universities in Jinan can access the campus network of the University in the whole city through 5g private network technology. In the future, Shandong Unicom will also realize roaming access in the province and across the country.

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