[XGNews]: Smart site ar patrol, Huawei and Anhui Mobile start a new journey of digital transformation

The following is the [XGNews]: Smart site ar patrol, Huawei and Anhui Mobile start a new journey of digital transformation recommended by xgapn.com.

Recently, Anhui Mobile, together with Huawei MAE (MBB automation engine) and Huawei CS (customer support), innovatively launched the AR patrol solution for Daiwei intelligent site, which has been applied on a large scale in four cities including Hefei and Wuhu. The scheme has supported the patrol inspection of nearly 1000 computer rooms, and has been used for more than 10000 times in three months, and the efficiency of site patrol inspection has been improved by 50%. Anhui Mobile and Huawei are actively promoting ar patrol of intelligent sites to Anhui Province.

Mobile communication network is the information infrastructure of the new era. In order to ensure the stable operation of the network, operators need to arrange a large number of manpower to conduct regular inspection of machine rooms and stations. Traditional patrol inspection has large manpower investment and high cost, so it is urgent to introduce intelligent means to improve the quality and efficiency of patrol inspection.

In order to implement the strategic requirements of cost reduction and efficiency increase, Anhui Mobile, with the innovative trend of “first try”, has actively explored the field of site inspection in conjunction with Huawei Mae and Huawei CS. By introducing intelligent algorithms and AR technology, and combining expert experience, it has launched an innovative solution for ar inspection of intelligent sites. Based on the digitization of CS’ daily inspection experience, MAE can realize the intelligent identification of inspection problems, inspection fault correlation analysis and intelligent decision-making through continuous online learning of intelligent algorithms and iterative optimization of inspection model, and help to realize high-quality and efficient inspection. Intelligent site ar Patrol has the following values:

Automatic inspection of machine room based on image recognition: the inspection scope includes 11 types of inspection items, including door lock, battery, grounding and lightning protection, and 25 scene subcategories. It has the ability to identify 9 types of problems, such as battery corrosion and shelf life. It can assist engineers to quickly complete photo collection and machine room inspection, improve the efficiency of single station inspection, and 100% of inspection items are missing.

Knowledge map assisted hidden danger active repair: patrol inspectors automatically patrol and check the abnormal alarm and performance of the equipment according to the patrol rules. If abnormal conditions are found, you can refer to the MAE online knowledge map for treatment, or you can call the backstage expert for support with one click, which greatly improves the efficiency of machine room inspection and problem handling.

Schematic diagram of AR patrol operation interface of intelligent site

Anhui Mobile will connect the intelligent site ar patrol inspection with the “he Dai Wei” system and put it online. The online, automated and intelligent site inspection and audit can improve the inspection efficiency by 50% and the accuracy rate by 80%. It can greatly save labor costs, which is expected to save millions of yuan per year. Ar patrol inspection of intelligent stations is an important application of digital transformation and a basic and pilot project for the construction of self intelligent network. Through intelligent patrol inspection, the high reliable operation of the network can be further guaranteed.

Mahongbo, President of Huawei wireless network Mae product line, said: “in the future, MAE will continue to consolidate its intelligent ability, continue to improve its intelligent inspection ability, strive to cover 85% of the site inspection items in Anhui by the end of the year, and improve the accuracy to more than 90%. In the field of network intelligence, we will jointly carry out broader, deeper and more efficient cooperation to jointly build a self intelligent network benchmark.”.

The wave of digital transformation has arrived. As an intelligent engine of mobile network, Huawei Mae will continue to explore jointly with the industry through continuous technological innovation, adding sustainability to the sustainable development of the whole society’s digital and mobile industry.

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