[XGNews]: Stimulate new driving forces of science and technology and win-win new financial ecology — ZTE held the 2021 financial cloud ecology Summit

The following is the [XGNews]: Stimulate new driving forces of science and technology and win-win new financial ecology — ZTE held the 2021 financial cloud ecology Summit recommended by xgapn.com.

On October 12, the 2021 ZTE financial cloud ecological summit with the theme of “stimulating new momentum of science and technology and win-win new financial ecology” was grandly held in Changsha. More than 200 guests from the financial industry, including experts and scholars, customer representatives, enterprise executives and partners, gathered together to share the achievements of digital transformation around science and technology serving the financial industry and deepening the scientific and technological reform of the financial system, discuss the hot issues of financial digital construction, and jointly promote the construction of smart new finance and win-win new future of financial technology.

In his opening speech, Wang Xiyu, executive vice president and chief technology officer of ZTE, reviewed the achievements of the company in the first half of 2021 and thanked its partners for their full support. In the first half of 2021, the revenue of ZTE’s government, enterprise and financial industry increased by 200% year-on-year. In the past two years, the number of partners in the financial industry has doubled, and the average performance scale of partners has also increased fourfold. Wang Xiyu pointed out that the financial industry is and will be the strategic main channel for ZTE’s government and enterprise business. He said that thanks to the needs of the country, the times and the industry for digital transformation and science and technology, ZTE seizes the opportunity and is willing and able to continue to invest firmly in this digital economy era and become a strategic force in science and technology for China’s rise.

Zhang Wanchun, senior vice president of ZTE, delivered a keynote speech on “taking root downward and building a digital economy with ingenuity”, and shared the future business development direction of ZTE. Zhang Wanchun said that over the past 36 years, ZTE has been moving forward with great success. Through continuous and healthy operation, ZTE has implemented its development goals, realized the scientific and technological innovation of standards, algorithm architecture, database, operating system and chip underlying technology, continuously rooted down, consolidated its foundation and gathered kinetic energy and potential energy. Facing the future, ZTE takes the expansion of government and enterprise business as a new growth point of the company. It will develop products and solutions that are more suitable and adapt to the needs of customers and partners, make more progress in the field of government and enterprises, and achieve greater revenue, which will bring more support to the development of ZTE and its partners.

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform are accelerating the transformation of financial digitization. The acceleration of financial technology transformation promotes the continuous growth of the demand for servers and storage in the financial industry, the urgent demand for independent innovation of databases in the financial industry, and the development of digital economy also detonates the construction of financial data center. Facing the needs of the industry, ZTE, with more than 30 years of technological innovation and accumulation in the ICT field, is committed to becoming a leader in the reform of domestic financial IT architecture, and is giving birth to new development momentum with scientific and technological innovation and digital reform. At the summit, ZTE focused on server and storage, goldendb distributed database and data center products, showing the key role played in helping the transformation of financial technology and leading the new pattern of independent innovation of database in the financial industry. Meanwhile, ZTE built a diversified, integrated, innovative and win-win financial cloud ecosystem for its partners, and jointly built technical capabilities with partners through product verification platform, application verification platform and intelligent digital platform.

In the future, ZTE is taking a vigorous development attitude, firm independent innovation, continuous open cooperation, and working with partners to shape a new market pattern and jointly create the future of financial technology under the background of full stack innovation, upgrading and substitution of finance.

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