[XGNews]: Supreme People’s Court: fully and solidly promote the fight against and governance of telecom network fraud in three aspects

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News on April 14 (Lesi) today, the State Information Office held a press conference on the progress of combating and controlling telecom network fraud. Cheng Lei, head of the fourth procuratorial Office of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, said that in 2021, procuratorial organs across the country earnestly implemented the important instructions of the general secretary and made every effort to solidly promote the fight against and control telecommunications network fraud, mainly in three aspects:

Cheng Lei (Photo by Xu Xiang)

First, adhere to the whole chain strike. Focusing on key areas, new means and special objects, we strengthened the crackdown on telecom network fraud according to law, and prosecuted nearly 40000 people throughout the year. All kinds of cyber crimes of “blood transfusion and food supply” for fraud crimes were punished according to law. A total of 129000 people were prosecuted for helping information cyber crimes throughout the year, an increase of 8.5 times year-on-year. More than 43000 people were prosecuted for the crime of concealing the proceeds of crime and the proceeds of crime, a year-on-year increase of double. The prosecution rate of the above three types of crimes is nearly 9 percentage points higher than the average prosecution rate of criminal crimes.

Second, adhere to integrated governance. In combination with the “two card” management, campus security management, industry personal information management and other issues reflected in the handling of the case, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other places urged to strengthen the source management by making and issuing procuratorial suggestions, risk reminder letters, signing memoranda and other means. We actively explored the establishment of a linkage mechanism between criminal prosecution and public interest litigation in the field of personal information protection, handled more than 2000 public interest litigation cases in this field throughout the year, and strengthened source prevention.

Third, adhere to precise prevention. Jointly with the Ministry of education, we will release the typical cases of students’ crimes involving “two cards”, organize and carry out the activity of “anti fraud into the campus” and jointly build the defense line of campus network security. The “anti fraud in progress” column was opened in the supreme prosecutor’s micro to strengthen the interpretation of the law by cases and improve the public’s ability to identify and prevent fraud.

Cheng Lei pointed out that the frequent occurrence of telecom network fraud reflects that there are still some areas that need to be improved in network governance and social governance.

According to Cheng Lei, this year, according to the requirements of the Party group of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, while cracking down severely in accordance with the law, the procuratorial organs should pay more attention to the active performance of their duties, strengthen the reverse examination of cases, cooperate to promote the governance of online litigation sources, and provide “procuratorial programs” for issuing “procuratorial early warning” for social governance.

We should pay more attention to the full performance of the four procuratorial functions of criminal, civil, administrative and public interest litigation. In particular, we should strengthen the information exchange, resource sharing, clue transfer, personnel cooperation and case handling linkage between criminal prosecution and public interest litigation prosecution, carry out whole process supervision and strengthen the comprehensive protection of justice.

We should pay more attention to data empowerment, strengthen big data thinking, actively learn from the experience of digital reform and exploration in Zhejiang and other places, promote the establishment of data exchange and sharing, strengthen data integration analysis and judgment, realize the transformation from case handling supervision to case governance supervision, and timely find the “dead corner” and “blind spot” of network governance.

We should pay more attention to the construction of enterprise compliance, take advantage of the opportunity of the comprehensive spread of enterprise compliance reform throughout the country, and in combination with the prominent problems of network black and gray product governance, urge the enterprises involved to strengthen compliance construction, especially data and information compliance, and strengthen source governance. We should pay more attention to giving full play to the guiding role of typical cases, strengthen the interpretation of the law by cases, warn criminals to know their way back, educate the general public to enhance their awareness of prevention, promote industry departments to strengthen comprehensive management, and jointly create a clear cyberspace.

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