[XGNews]: Tamp the base of computing power and help the take-off of digital economy. Hengtong appeared at the first China Computing Conference

The following is the [XGNews]: Tamp the base of computing power and help the take-off of digital economy. Hengtong appeared at the first China Computing Conference recommended by xgapn.com.

On July 29, the first China computing power conference was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. With the concept of “intelligent link value symbiosis”, Hengtong made a wonderful appearance, showing its innovation and landing ability in the field of smart cities. In order to accelerate the integration of digital technology and the real economy, and promote the digitalization and digital industrialization of industries.

It is reported that the “2022 China computing power conference” is the first national conference in the field of computing power in China. With the theme of “computing power leads the future”, the conference aims to show the latest achievements in the development of computing infrastructure in China, and promote the empowerment of computing power and the comprehensive digital transformation of economy and society.

Wang Po, general manager of Hengtong smart city business department, was invited to participate in the special sub forum of “computing enabled comprehensive transportation”, and introduced the smart transportation with the modernization of traffic management as the goal, with intelligent cognition as the core, through computing instead of manpower, to strengthen the role of its city’s bone system, promote the healthy development of urban road network, and help build a new traffic digital infrastructure.

Hengtong is committed to becoming an industry-leading digital intelligence solution provider, providing the best scene experience for different agents such as transportation, communities / villages and parks through real-time governance means and efficient human-computer collaborative applications. In this conference, Hengtong took cognitive intelligence as the core and used computing power to replace human resources, showing typical application scenarios including smart transportation, smart parks, smart communities, urban lifelines, beautiful villages, as well as products and technologies such as three in one (pole, cable and box) intensive green infrastructure and intelligent cognitive systems.

Wang po said that Hengtong will continue to give play to the head goose effect, lead the innovation practice with the five in one “mechanism business technology ecology industry”, cooperate with central enterprises and leading enterprises in the industry, jointly build an open and shared ecosystem, realize urban / regional industrial innovation clusters, continue to improve independent innovation capabilities, consolidate the “computing base”, and actively expand the development and governance of transportation interconnection, industrial Internet and ecological environment Rural Revitalization and other application fields, create new digital infrastructure and help the development of digital economy. In the future, we will continue to improve our independent innovation ability, consolidate the “computing power base”, actively expand the application fields of transportation interconnection, industrial Internet, ecological environment development and governance, Rural Revitalization and so on, create new digital infrastructure, and help the development of digital economy.

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