[XGNews]: The annual report card of Beijing Mobile 5g construction was released, and more than 27000 stations were opened in total

The following is the [XGNews]: The annual report card of Beijing Mobile 5g construction was released, and more than 27000 stations were opened in total recommended by xgapn.com.

At the beginning of the year, Beijing Mobile announced that the 5g construction in 2021 had been successfully completed, exceeding the construction task of the whole year. At present, more than 27000 5g base stations have been built and opened in Beijing, which has achieved continuous coverage in urban and county areas, and in township and rural areas; 5g full coverage of airports, stations and other important transportation hubs, important roads and all winter Olympic venues; A number of key projects of the Ministry of industry and information technology and Beijing, such as 5g 700m network construction, “241 project” and “capital resource pool”, are advancing steadily and orderly.

Under the unified deployment of China Radio and television group and China Mobile Group, 5g 700m network, which has attracted much attention in the industry, was put into construction in Beijing in 2021. Through joint efforts with partners from all sides, Beijing Mobile exceeded the annual planning task 19 days in advance, opened more than 40 stations on average every day, created a new record of 5g construction speed, and delivered a 700m 5g network with excellent quality and seamless connection with the existing 2.6g and 4.9g networks on time.

The “241 project” was proposed at the “working meeting on promoting the improvement of 5g network signal coverage in key places in Beijing” between the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government in August 2021, that is, to complete the “two horizontal” – Chang’an Street and Guangqu Road extension line “Four rings” – two, three, four, five rings and “one hundred” – 5g signal coverage of one hundred key scenes. The “241 project” involves nearly 200 base stations, which are deployed under the leadership of China Iron Tower Corporation, coordinated by the Ministry of industry and information technology and Beijing Communications Administration Bureau, and completed by Beijing Mobile and other brother units. By the end of 2021, the project has made good progress, and the base station opening rate has reached 40%, which is expected to be completed ahead of schedule.

The “capital resource pool” project launched in mid-2021 is the key strategic deployment of Beijing mobile in the construction of 5g core network. The project will build three resource pools in Beijing and Hebei respectively, including nearly 2700 computing and storage servers. After completion, Beijing’s 5g core network will realize intelligent upgrading – phasing out traditional equipment and making a smooth transition to cloud structure. The new core network will be more “intelligent”: capacity expansion is agile, delay is significantly reduced, faults can be quickly located, and 5g new technology implementation and new business development will be more flexible. Whether it is daily communication or major activities, “capital resource pool” can provide greater strength and higher security level. At present, the first phase of the project has successfully passed the acceptance and delivery.

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