[XGNews]: The first share of baseband chip Aojie technology is listed on the science and innovation board today. Dai Baojia, chairman of the board, is committed to becoming a world-class enterprise

The following is the [XGNews]: The first share of baseband chip Aojie technology is listed on the science and innovation board today. Dai Baojia, chairman of the board, is committed to becoming a world-class enterprise recommended by xgapn.com.

On January 14, Aojie technology was listed on the science and Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first share of A-share baseband chip. The company’s securities code is 688220, the issue price is 164.54 yuan / share, and the issue price earnings ratio is 83.65 times.

Statistics show that the company is a scarce platform chip design company with full-standard cellular baseband communication technology in China, and has made solid basic achievements in the fields of Internet of things cellular baseband chip and Internet of things WiFi chip.

It is reported that Aojie technology, founded in 2015, is a platform chip enterprise providing wireless communication and super large-scale chips. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the R & D and technological innovation of wireless communication chips. It is one of the few platform chip design enterprises in China that has the R & D and design strength of full-standard cellular baseband chips and multi protocol non cellular Internet of things chips, and has the ability to provide large-scale and high-speed SOC chip customization and semiconductor IP authorization services.

Aojie technology has broad downstream application scenarios for various chip products, which can be applied to the consumer electronics market represented by mobile phones and smart wearable devices and the smart Internet of things market represented by smart security, smart home and automatic driving.

At present, Aojie technology has successfully mass produced more than 25 commercial chips, and its product line fully covers the field of cellular communication, non cellular communication and AI, realizing product breakthroughs in non cellular and AI fields, gradually reaching cooperative relations with leading enterprises in various fields and realizing large-scale sales.

It is understood that Aojie technology has an experienced and dynamic R & D team, with about 90% of R & D personnel, of which more than 70% have a master’s degree or above. Such an excellent team has made amazing achievements in the past few years. During the reporting period, the company sold more than 80 million sets of cellular baseband chips and more than 40 million non cellular IOT chips.

With the continuous industrialization of R & D technology and the continuous expansion of customer base, Aojie technology has successively become an important supplier of mainstream module manufacturers at home and abroad such as mobile communication, rihai intelligence, Youfang technology, gaoxinxing and u-bloxag, and has entered the supply chain system of large national power grid enterprises, ZTE, Hitachi, 360, tp link and other well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad.

Aojie technology has independently developed and accumulated most of the analog IP and digital IP required by 2G to 5g multi-mode communication protocol stack IP, ISP, lpddr2 / 3 / 4x, USB2 / 3phy, pciephy and other SOC chips, which can be used in various chip designs. Some IP has been authorized to domestic well-known mobile phone manufacturers. In terms of analog IP, the 12 bit 240mbps analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and 12 bit 960mbps digital to analog converter (DAC) developed by the company have added the function of self calibration and have a very high spurious free dynamic range (SFDR), which can be used in the RF transceiver channels of 4G, 5g and WiFi 6; Compared with the mainstream products in the market, the lpddr4x physical layer developed by the company saves the chip cost and the transmission rate can reach 4266mbps

At present, Aojie technology’s main business is mainly composed of three businesses, including chip products, chip customization business and semiconductor IP authorization service.

Ji microgrid learned that chip products are the main source of its performance. In addition to multi-mode and multi-standard cellular baseband chips, in the field of non cellular wireless communication, Aojie technology not only has a variety of high-performance IOT chips based on WiFi, Lora and Bluetooth technology, but also has a global positioning and navigation chip based on Beidou navigation (BDS) / GPS / GLONASS / Galileo technology, which can fully cover the application scenarios of various transmission distances in the IOT market.

In the AI field, Aojie technology also has a chip design company with simultaneous layout of “cloud side” and “end side”; On the cloud side, with the ability of super large-scale high-speed SOC chips under advanced technology, we customized large-scale artificial intelligence chips for customers and successfully mass produced them. On the end side, Aojie technology has integrated the existing self-developed ISP and end-side AI chip architecture technology, launched the first intelligent IPC chip project, and launched promotion cooperation with industry leading enterprises.

From the perspective of revenue, Aojie technology has achieved explosive growth in performance in recent years. From 2017 to 2019, its operating revenue was 84.2335 million yuan, 115 million yuan and 398 million yuan respectively, with a compound growth rate of 117.35% and a compound growth rate of more than 20% in the last three years; From January to September 2020, its revenue reached a new high, reaching 707 million yuan.

Dai Baojia, chairman of Aojie technology, previously said that this public offering and listing is an important new chapter in the development of Aojie technology. The implementation of fund-raising projects will further expand the overall strength of the company and strengthen its competitive advantage. The company will continue to focus on technology research and development, consolidate and expand market share, improve profitability, continue to create value for the majority of investors and give back the support and trust of investors.

Looking to the future, Dai Baojia said that since its establishment, the company has successfully acquired a number of teams at home and abroad, successfully completed team integration and technology integration, and launched a series of competitive products, which have been recognized by customers and the market. In the future, the company will continue to integrate high-quality resources at home and abroad through strategic acquisition, improve the company’s technical capacity and enrich the product layout, take the opportunity to enter more and more promising new markets, and become a world-class enterprise based on China.

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