[XGNews]: The five questions and five answers of “digital intelligence Xi’an” are all you want to know!

The following is the [XGNews]: The five questions and five answers of “digital intelligence Xi’an” are all you want to know! recommended by xgapn.com.

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Driven by the new media, Xi’an culture once again shows its profound cultural and historical heritage and has won the attention of thousands of people;

At the same time, entering the era of digital intelligence, digital intelligence Xi’an has many bright spots with rich talent accumulation and diversified industrial applications.

Here is a popular Q & A about Xi’an digital intelligence ecological construction. All you want to know is here. Come and punch in together.

01. What is the overall scale of Xi’an’s digital economy?

One sentence answer: it will exceed 350 billion yuan in 2020, accounting for half of Shaanxi Province.

According to Xi’an digital economy development report (2020), the scale of Xi’an’s digital economy will reach 358.5 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 17% over 2019, the proportion of digital economy in GDP will exceed 40%, and the annual contribution rate will exceed 45%. In the whole province, the overall level of digital economy development in Xi’an is relatively high, and the scale of digital economy accounts for about half of the whole province.

According to the main economic indicators of software and information technology service industry in sub provincial cities of the Ministry of industry and information technology in the first half of 2021, Xi’an achieved software revenue of 138.6 billion yuan in the first half of 2021, with a year-on-year increase of 16.2%. The scale of software revenue in Xi’an ranked seventh among the 15 sub provincial cities in China.

02. What are the key areas of developing digital economy in Xi’an?

One sentence answer: intelligent equipment manufacturing, intelligent energy, digital agriculture, digital cultural tourism, digital logistics, etc.

Xi’an’s digital economy has a good foundation in satellite navigation, artificial intelligence, virtual imaging and integrated circuit, and its technical level has reached the leading level in China.

At present, one belt, one road, is being promoted in Xi’an, which is to promote the regional digital economy to create the “digital industry” and the national digital economy. Focus on accelerating the formation of the core industrial chain of digital economy represented by integrated circuit, software and information service industry. At the same time, the integration of digital economy with characteristic agriculture, advanced manufacturing and cultural tourism industry has been deepened, and the level of digital governance has been comprehensively improved.

Smart equipment manufacturing, smart energy, digital agriculture, digital culture and tourism, digital logistics and other new business forms have become the key fields for the development of digital economy in Xi’an.

03. Analyze the favorable policies for the development of digital economy in Xi’an.

Answer in one sentence: with multiple advantages superimposed, Xi’an should become the core power source for leading Shaanxi Province, radiating the surrounding areas and supporting strong digital economy development.

As a major city one belt, one road and a key area, Xi’an has more than 460 research institutes and more than 60 institutions of higher learning. Rich talents provide rich accumulation for the development of digital economy.

From the perspective of industrial policy, “new infrastructure” and “Xinchuang”, these policies facing the whole country are not enough to elaborate. At the provincial level, Shaanxi made clear the main direction during the “14th five year plan” period and vigorously promoted digital industrialization, industrial digitization, digital elements and governance digitization. Shaanxi Province proposes to promote the integrated development of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technologies with the real economy around the new business formats.

Shaanxi proposes to strive to build 100 digital economy industrial parks, 200 application scenarios and 300 major projects by 2025, and the added value of core industries of digital economy will account for 5% of GDP; In 2020, the scale of digital economy in the province will account for 30.6% of GDP.

Especially in terms of spatial development, Shaanxi has built a spatial development pattern of “one core, two axes, three belts and multiple points”, in which “one core” is to take Xi’an as the core to create a core power source leading the whole province, radiating the surrounding areas and supporting strong digital economy development. Xi’an provincial digital economy demonstration zone (including Xi’an high tech Zone, economic development zone, national civil aerospace industry base, Yanliang National Aviation high tech industry base and Chanba ecological zone) was selected as the first batch of provincial digital economy demonstration zones in Shaanxi. The comprehensive construction of science and technology carriers will effectively drive the majority of innovative enterprises to become the main force in the construction of digital economy.

04. Recommend some key software enterprises in Xi’an.

One sentence answer: yidiantianxia and Xi’an grape city are the representatives of Xi’an software enterprises.

In terms of software enterprises, Xi’an software enterprises are mainly composed of three groups: Xi’an branches of large digital enterprises at home and abroad (such as Huawei, Tencent, China soft international, softcom power, etc.), Xi’an local software enterprises and university innovation enterprises.

Yidiantianxia and Xi’an grape city are the representatives of Xi’an software enterprises. Yidiantianxia was founded in 2011, and the company was successively selected into the top 100 software companies in China. The company is headquartered in Xi’an high tech Zone and has branches in Beijing, Shanghai and other places. As an international intelligent marketing service provider, yidiantianxia is committed to providing customers with global marketing promotion services to help them efficiently obtain users, improve brand awareness and realize commercialization.

Xi’an grape city is located in Xi’an high tech Industrial Development Zone. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating software development, implementation and training. It is a large-scale software export enterprise in Shaanxi Province. Since 2016, Xi’an grape city has released a low code development platform based on the technical accumulation of professional controls, further promoting the revolutionary change of software development mode and driving a new round of digital economy development. Xi’an grape city company and its products have successively won the honorary titles of China’s low code leading enterprise, China’s annual leading enterprise in the field of development tools, China’s top ten brands of smart service experience, China’s excellent software products, and top ten excellent products of the soft Expo.

05. What are the heavyweight scientific, technological and economic activities in digital Xi’an?

One sentence answer: the “five sessions and one festival” in 2021 deserves attention.

You usually know something about the “four sessions and one festival” in Xi’an, including the global venture capital summit, Xi’an global hard science and Technology Innovation Conference, Huashan sword · network security conference, Xi’an World Intellectual Property Conference and the global programmer Festival.

This “four sessions and one festival” is an important measure for Xi’an to focus on the construction of a national central city, focus on innovation driven, and cultivate new driving forces for development“ The “four sessions and one festival” covers capital venture capital, hard science and technology, network security, intellectual property rights and software development talents. With the help of the “four sessions and one festival”, it will help boost Xi’an to build a global urban IP, promote the in-depth integration of science, technology and economy, and accelerate the construction of Xi’an “capital of venture capital”, “capital of hard science and technology” and “regional financial center”.

In 2021, based on the “four sessions and one festival”, cdec2021 China Digital Intelligence ecology conference and the 14th China software channel conference will be held in Sheraton Hotel, Xi’an on August 17, which will become an important link driving the construction of Xi’an digital intelligence ecology. The “four sessions and one festival” will be upgraded to “five sessions and one festival”.

The cdec2021 conference is hosted by China software network and Haibi Research Institute, which have been tracking the digital construction of Chinese enterprises for a long time. This year’s conference is entitled “seizing the five new ecosystems”, focusing on the industrial changes and ecological opportunities brought by new technologies, new products, new formats, new models and new channels. For the vast software channels and service providers in Xi’an, the conference can realize cooperation and docking with digital supply side manufacturers. At the same time, it also has the opportunity to participate in the selection of China’s excellent digital intelligence ecological partners in 2021, so as to expand their vision, share resources and improve their ability for enterprise development. Can click( http://hdxu.cn/eIhI0 )Sign up, or search “China digital intelligent ecological conference” through the activity line platform to sign up.

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