[XGNews]: The real flagship doesn’t look at the parameters: one plus 10 Pro is officially released, starting from 4699 yuan

The following is the [XGNews]: The real flagship doesn’t look at the parameters: one plus 10 Pro is officially released, starting from 4699 yuan recommended by xgapn.com.

News on January 11 (shuiyi) today, Yijia held a “10 to Minggui” new product launch and officially released the annual flagship one plus 10 pro.

“Yijia insists on making good products.” Liu zuohu, founder of Yijia mobile phone, said that to make a good product is not to blindly pile up parameters, but to polish every detail. Whether it is the industry-leading high-definition screen, low-key and introverted ID design or the light and smooth system experience, we always take every detail seriously.

It’s not really about parameters

As one plus nine years and 10 generations, one plus 10 Pro continues the product concept of one plus only making high-quality products.

In terms of the most intuitive performance, one plus 10 Pro is equipped with a new generation of Xiaolong 8 mobile platform + lpddr5 + ufs3 1 +USB3. The combination of 1 brings a pleasant experience with extreme performance. The newly customized X-axis linear motor enables one plus 10 pro to have stronger, simpler and richer vibration in multi-core scenes such as game, incoming call and typing through o-haptics vibration system. At the same time, the one plus 10 Pro is also equipped with a space cooling system with the largest area in the history of one plus, up to about 55% of the A4 paper area, supporting 80W wired super flash charging and 50W wireless super flash charging, combined with 5000 MAH super battery.

In Liu zuohu’s view, parameters can only determine the lower limit of the flagship. “Three parts depend on stacking and seven parts depend on polishing, which has been unchanged for one plus nine years. Only the extreme polishing of every detail can meet all the user’s imagination of the flagship.”

In terms of design, while continuing the design and process accumulation over the past 8 years, Yijia 10 Pro has brought the most pioneer and exquisite product design of Yijia so far. In the color matching, 10 Pro breaking black is added, and the first third-generation silk glass technology is adopted, which not only does not touch fingerprints, but also has a delicate touch like silk; All things green uses a brand-new star glass process, inlaid with countless bright spots like stars on the dark green frosted surface. The one plus 10 Pro weighs only 200.5g. The appropriate curved surface at the edge of the fuselage makes it more comfortable to hold, and it still has a good hand feel.

For a long time, heating, jamming and high power consumption are difficult to overcome in mobile game scenes. In order to prevent the frame rate of mobile games from falling precipitously due to temperature control, one plus 10 Pro integrates the world’s four R & D bases to study and build GPA frame stabilization technology for 2 years. AI algorithm is used to make decisions thousands of times per minute, and the parameters such as game scene, user behavior and equipment temperature are adjusted in real time to achieve frame stabilization. In a 5-hour MoBa game test, the frame rate was maintained at 87.9 frames, and the lasting frame stability continued to improve.

In terms of image, one plus 10 Pro is equipped with the second-generation mobile image system Hasu Image 2.0 jointly built by one plus and Hasu. Through continuous polishing, it realizes the color optimization of more than 500 core scenes and continues to bring advanced and natural Hasu color performance. One plus 10 Pro brings the second generation Hasu professional mode, adding full focus professional mode shooting and super raw + integrated with computational photography.

Yijia has been leading the development of high frame screen in the mobile phone industry. Through the accumulation of ltpo technology, it launched the industry-leading generation of ltpo 2.0, equipped with 6.7-inch 2K + ultra clear resolution screen and 120Hz ltpo adaptive screen refresh rate, and led the development direction of ltpo through three breakthroughs of “rapid frequency conversion, flexible adaptation and 1Hz AOD”. One plus 10 Pro has also obtained the five-star product certification of “adaptive display refresh rate performance” of Theil laboratory.

Thousands of sales, thousands of after-sales

The product concept of “no compromise” has also brought returns to Yijia in the market, and its influence in the global market has been continuously improved.

In 2021, the global mobile phone market was facing the test of the epidemic, but it rose against the trend, and the global shipment exceeded 10 million for the first time. Since its establishment in 2013, Yijia has focused on the flagship of high-quality products. In 2018, Yijia became the first Chinese brand to enter the U.S. operator market with high-end products. It has repeatedly ranked first in the Indian high-end market in the past four years. At the same time, it has been listed on the brand Z Sea brand list for five consecutive years.

Liu zuohu said that so far, Yijia community has 14 million users from 50 countries and regions. With the rise of global brand influence and the support of users, the sales volume of Yijia will exceed 10 million in 2021, and ranks fourth in the global high-end market. “As a mobile phone brand focusing on the high-end market, breaking through 10 million sales has also achieved a small goal.”

While the global market is rising steadily, the domestic market will be strengthened in an all-round way. In 2021, Yijia will further expand from product to marketing. In terms of products, Yijia has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the legendary image brand hassu to comprehensively improve the image capability, and constantly enrich the product ecology to meet the needs of different users. In addition to the high-end flagship one plus 9 / 9 pro, one plus launched the quality flagship one plus 9R and 9rt, enabling more users to have a flagship experience with extreme performance and excellent quality.

In terms of marketing, together with national spokesmen Zhou Xun and Hu Ge, we can accurately reach a wider range of consumers and effectively improve brand awareness. It is worth mentioning that with its excellent game performance, Yijia 10 Pro has become the designated machine for the two E-sports events of 2022 hero League mobile game professional league and 2022 pel peace elite professional league, providing professional players with a smooth, lasting and sensitive E-sports experience, and laying the foundation for Yijia mobile phone to reach E-sports consumer groups.

At the same time, after Yijia officially became an independent brand of oppo, nearly 1000 oppo after-sales outlets in China have been officially opened to Yijia users, covering more than 90% of prefecture level cities in China, providing after-sales services for Yijia users and exclusive refueling days. Through this initiative, Yijia users will enjoy a better service experience and further strengthen the emotional connection between the brand and users.

In terms of price, one plus 10 pro, 8GB + 128GB costs 4699 yuan, 8GB + 256gb costs 4999 yuan, and 12gb + 256gb costs 5299 yuan. It will be officially on sale at 10 a.m. on January 13.

At the press conference, Yijia also released the first active noise reduction headset Yijia buds Pro Special Edition – Mithril. In addition, Yijia Budd Pro upgrades the smart dual device function, which can connect the mobile phone and computer at the same time, and easily switch between the two devices. One plus Budd Pro secret silver will be on sale at 4 p.m. on January 11, with a price of 799 yuan and an initial price of 699 yuan.

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