[XGNews]: U.S. House of Representatives legislators will introduce a new anti-monopoly bill aimed at technology giants

The following is the [XGNews]: U.S. House of Representatives legislators will introduce a new anti-monopoly bill aimed at technology giants recommended by xgapn.com.

According to reports, according to three people familiar with the matter, legislators in the U.S. House of representatives are drafting five bills related to monopoly, four of which are aimed at directly restricting large-scale science and technology enterprises. The legislature may formally introduce these bills in a few days.

Foreign media have read the discussion draft of the five bills. Sources familiar with the process revealed that these measures are still likely to be revised before they are officially introduced. Two other sources said that the legislature may introduce the measures within this week, but the specific release time is still likely to be delayed.

Among the five bills under consideration, two are aimed at platforms such as Amazon, which create space for enterprises to sell products and then compete with them.

One of the bills stipulates that, in most cases, it will be illegal for the platform to sell its own products. If it violates this rule, the platform may face a fine of 30% of the revenue of the affected enterprises in the United States. The second requires the platform to sell all businesses that will stimulate the platform to benefit its products or business lines.

The third bill will require the platform not to merge unless it can prove that the acquired enterprise will not compete with any products or services on the platform.

The fourth bill requires platforms to provide users with a channel through which they can transfer data to other places, including competitors’ platforms, if they wish. The fifth measure, similar to a previous measure proposed by the Senate, will increase the costs of the Department of justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in assessing large companies, thereby ensuring the legitimacy of mergers and acquisitions and increasing the budgets of these institutions.

In October 2020, the antitrust panel of the House Judiciary Committee released a report on the misconduct of four large technology companies, including Google, apple, Amazon and Facebook under alphabet. The wording of the report is very strict, suggesting a wide range of amendments to the anti-monopoly law.

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