[XGNews]: Verizon embeds video conferencing services into smart glasses

The following is the [XGNews]: Verizon embeds video conferencing services into smart glasses recommended by xgapn.com.

RCR wireless News reported on September 17 that after Verizon acquired cloud video conferencing company bluejeans in April 2020, the company has cooperated with augmented reality (AR) Company Vuzix to promote cloud based video conferencing service to the mobile terminal and expand the potential use cases of the service. The two companies will use Verizon 5g and mobile edge computing (MEC) networks to run bluejeans on Vuzix’s smart glasses products to help front-line employees in vertical markets transfer key information using non handheld devices. After downloading bluejeans from Vuzix app store, users can scan QR code with smart glasses and enter bluejeans conference.

Verizon has developed bluejeans that can run on Vuzix M400 and M4000 smart glasses, which provide 8-core processor, 4K phase detection autofocus camera, voice activation and noise reduction microphone. In addition, the two glasses have multiple wearable installation options, which the two companies say makes them suitable for almost any enterprise environment and for a variety of staff, such as on-site technicians or remote staff.

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