[XGNews]: Vodafone Germany has achieved the milestone of 5g network covering 50% of the population

The following is the [XGNews]: Vodafone Germany has achieved the milestone of 5g network covering 50% of the population recommended by xgapn.com.

San Francisco, January 13 (ACE) according to foreign media reports, after Telefonica Deutschland became the last of the three major mobile network operators in Germany to close its 3G network in December 2021, the operators in the country now focus entirely on the upgrading and expansion of 4G network and the deployment of new 5g network.

The three mobile operators have reached an agreement on a key aspect: 5g is launched faster than any previous generation of mobile network technology. Vodafone Germany recently said that its 5g network now covers 45 million people in Germany, accounting for more than half of Germany’s 83 million people.

Hannes ametsreiter, CEO of Vodafone Germany, said that the deployment speed of 5g network is more than twice that of the original plan. Its initial goal was to provide 5g services to about 20 million people by the beginning of 2022. Vodafone now expects to be able to provide 5g fixed line access (FWA) services to more than 60 million people by 2023.

So far, Vodafone Germany has deployed 18000 5g antennas in 6000 locations. The company’s 5g deployment depends on the combination of multiple frequency bands – 3.6ghz frequency band is used in urban centers and large venues, 1.8GHz frequency band is used in residential areas and suburbs, and 800MHz frequency band is used in rural areas. In addition, Vodafone Germany also deployed its first 26ghz band antenna at Red Bull arena in Leipzig.

Vodafone also said that its 5g SA technology has been deployed in many regions, and customers can use this technology through some oppo and Samsung smartphones.

Its competitors Germany Telecom (DT) and Spain Telecom Germany (O2) are also busy building their own 5g network.

In December 2021, Deutsche Telekom said that its 63000 antennas were transmitting 5g signals, of which 3500 antennas had been upgraded to support 5g SA. The operator also claimed that its 5g network now covers 90% of the German population, and said its goal is to achieve 90% geographical coverage of 5g network by 2025.

Spain Telecom Germany said that the company’s 5g network will cover 50% of the population by the end of 2022, and the company has achieved 30% population coverage by the end of 2021. Spain Telecom Germany plans to achieve 100% population coverage of 5g network by 2025.

In addition, the fourth 5g network in Germany is also planned. 1 & 1 of United Internet is building its so-called most modern 5g network in Germany. In fact, the operator has been preparing for its new network deployment. For example, it signed a new national roaming agreement with Spain Telecom, expanded its optical fiber network, formulated a detailed antenna network plan, and selected Japan Rakuten mobile as its mobile network construction partner.

Last December, 1 & 1 also signed an agreement with vantage towers, a tower company, to provide passive infrastructure. Vantage towers will provide 1 & 1 with access to up to 5000 existing sites.

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