[XGNews]: Wechat single chat can open Taobao, and Tencent Ali has opened a door gap for each other

The following is the [XGNews]: Wechat single chat can open Taobao, and Tencent Ali has opened a door gap for each other recommended by xgapn.com.

After years of separation, the Internet giants finally opened the long closed door.

On the afternoon of September 17, in response to the previous requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology for contact shielding external chain, the wechat official account “wechat faction” issued a statement on the adjustment of wechat external link content management specification. The most important changes are:

1. Users can access external links in a one-to-one chat scenario;

2. Group link opening is still under development, and an external chain complaint portal is set up at the same time;

3. Users can report violations of laws and regulations outside the chain, and the platform will deal with them according to the corresponding rules.

Enter the Taobao website on the wechat private chat page. After the user chooses and agrees, you can open the picture source: 36 krypton

The external chain adjustment statement from wechat launched the first shot of China’s Internet giant’s rectification for interconnection. Previously, according to the requirements of the administrative guidance meeting on “blocking website links” held by the Ministry of industry and information technology on September 9, giants including Alibaba and Tencent must remove the shielding according to standards from September 17.

After the meeting on the 9th, Tencent responded quickly and spoke cautiously: “we firmly support the decision of the Ministry of industry and information technology and implement it step by step in stages on the premise of taking safety as the bottom line.” Alibaba group also followed up and said: “Interconnection is the original intention of the Internet, and openness is the foundation of digital ecology. Alibaba will face the future together with other platforms in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology.”

Tencent will be affected by the naked eye. In the article of Xinhuanet, it also makes a clear definition of shielding behavior. For example, the mutual shielding between Taobao tiktok and WeChat, the micro envelope’s jitter and so on, all belong to this kind of problem.

Tencent may suffer the most. It is because of the closed ecosystem of WeChat that tiktok has been able to grab a piece of meat from Taobao’s mouth and grow into a star rated company of 100 billion dollars in value. It is precisely because of its inability to enter the circle of friends that Tencent still has time windows to hatch short video applications.

Once this exclusivity is broken, Tencent’s social dividend, which has been painstakingly guarded for many years, will suffer a steady erosion. In the era of stock competition, this is obviously not good news for a HK $4 trillion market value company that needs to maintain growth.

The trend has changed. These big factories, which are extremely strong in the capital market, have to bury their heads and comply with the new direction.

The struggle never stops

Domestic technology giants are used to taking all winners, both as referees and athletes. Filling their dissatisfied appetite kept them fighting forever. The tiktok 3Q war was a start, but the two party was involved. With WeChat, Taobao and jitter, App grew into national level applications, and the competition was more perplexing.

This time, the external chain is opened. In the short term, it is obvious that Ali system and headline system make profits. They can divide the wechat traffic pool in a fair and aboveboard manner. In particular, the tiktok attack power is not to be underestimated, including short video matrix, business, game, and even music streaming media. When there are link shielding restrictions, they have separated the user time of Tencent products. Once the links are opened, this situation will only become more and more serious.

For Ali system, payment may not be “one of two” in many scenarios in the future, which will affect the number of users, but they can get a lot of benefits. The most attractive picture is to get rid of the embarrassing situation of Taobao password. Taobao link can appear in the wechat group together with pinduoduo, cutting away some small program transactions and wechat pie. The big tree planted by predecessors, the headline department and Ali department can enjoy the cool.

Of course, Ali was originally a closed system. Tiktok, if the seller can promote the business of friends through the circle of friends, jitter and official account, the user who will contribute the rolling cash flow promotion tools and advertising marketing products will surely lose some users. “Sellers will go to these places that are more conducive to transformation,” an employee engaged in user operation told 36 krypton.

When the flow dividend has not been exhausted, the giants in the period of savage growth seem to be keen on confrontation. As early as 2013, there was tension between Ali and wechat. In August of that year, Taobao first blocked the Taobao customer interface on wechat and blocked all links from wechat in November.

Taobao explained that many users fell into the trap of fake Taobao stores with wechat circle of friends and marketing numbers. These links threatened users’ privacy and security. There was no room in words: wechat was not safe all day, and we were not open all day. We are only open to security. Since then, as we all know, wechat finally blocked the Taobao link, forcing Taobao to respond with Taobao password.

Super platforms have gradually become isolated islands, and search engines have become part of being injured by mistake.

Some important government information is difficult to search on Baidu at the first time. Taking “Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau held a press conference on the implementation plan of Beijing on further deepening the reform of tax collection and management” as an example, Baidu can not find the official information released by “Beijing taxation”, but can only see the handling information of other websites, but the handling information is often delayed.

Meanwhile, a large number of official account of WeChat public can not be retrieved on Baidu. When baidu searches “microblog published in Beijing”, you can find the official microblog account published in Beijing. Click in to see the microblog content recently released by the account. When you search “wechat published in Beijing”, you can’t find the wechat public account published in Beijing.

The big platform is both a rule maker and a participant in the venue. For example, when online car Hailing was still attacking cities and land, the quick taxi red envelope function was blocked by wechat, but Didi, who had a better relationship with Tencent, was not affected. The rapid rise of pinduoduo has something to do with Tencent’s support for social portals.

There are no innocent people in these wars. They all have their own great wall, show no mercy to the invaders, and are not satisfied with doing their existing business and expanding into the bone marrow.

Uneasiness never disappears: as a platform, management is duty bound, but who is supervising these Big Macs to ensure that the knives in their hands will not fall at will? Who will guarantee that they will not be like one another?

Regulatory boundaries

The exclusive behavior of giants does not only occur at home. In 2013, Facebook blocked the path access API created by competitor vine and former employees.

This policy continued until 2018, when Facebook suffered a heavy blow. In that year, Facebook was fined for data privacy in Europe, and then it was exposed to the scandal of Cambridge analysis and collection of Facebook user data, which caused an uproar. At the end of 2018, Facebook, which wanted to avoid the wind under the pressure of public review, suspended its anti competitive platform policy.

Facebook’s lesson may be used as a reference. Giants will not stop their tentacles when they sit in the ecology of traffic, and it is their instinct to strangle all threats in the cradle, while barbaric and sometimes even reckless behavior can only be curbed by external supervision.

Few companies in the world dare to take charge of all businesses, and banning is not common. Zack Burke no longer wants to see Tik tok, nor can he prohibit their videos from appearing on Facebook pages.

Of course, the reason behind this is not the company’s own conscience, but the containment of various external forces. This includes the Sherman law, which has existed in the United States for more than 100 years, the digital market law, which was submitted by the European Union last year, and the eyes of the public everywhere.

However, the supervision platform is actually a topic that needs careful judgment. Last December, 48 states including the Federal Trade Commission and New York State filed two antitrust lawsuits against Facebook, which mentioned Facebook’s blocking of opponents.

In June this year, the court finally ruled that it rejected the lawsuits of 46 states and FTC, and Facebook won. In the judgment, the judge wrote: even if Facebook is really a monopolist, it still has the right to participate in market competition, and it has no obligation to help competitors. Regulation itself is to prevent disorderly growth, not to stifle competition itself.

Objectively speaking, WeChat’s number of users has exceeded 1 billion, and the tiktok has broken 600 million. The huge flow pool certainly needs to be managed, otherwise there will be various chaos in the gray and black areas.

Sometimes, the closure between platforms does bring more controllability. The reason why wechat still retains a relatively clean and bright environment is that wechat is very soft in cleaning up chaos. It once asked for pinduoduo, Jingdong and Tencent News rectification, which was jokingly called “everyone plays”.

Not allowing big factories to enclose land can naturally increase the vitality of the Internet. The problem is that if you are eager for quick success and instant benefit, the future circle of friends will be full of “slashing” and overwhelming spam links. The Ministry of industry and information technology did not require all opening-up across the board. Obviously, it also knows the difficult balance behind it.

Large companies have never been the weak side. As goalkeepers with data rights, they should be exposed to the spotlight and subject to the most rigorous scrutiny, but they also need room for growth. In such a complex era, every move will trigger the butterfly effect. It’s hard for us to draw a simple conclusion.

But in any case, some spirits should not be forgotten. Perhaps many people are already unfamiliar with the meaning of WWW: World Wide Web. From the moment it was born, it has the ideal of openness and equality. As Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, said in a computer message on the stage of the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games, “this belongs to everyone”.

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