[XGNews]: Wei Chenguang of China Mobile: take multiple measures to accelerate the business process of 5g message

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June 17 news (99) with the continuous upgrading and innovation of standards and technologies, the commercial use of 5g news is gradually changing from ideal to reality.

At the “2021 Asia Pacific 5g Message Application Conference” held today, Wei Chenguang, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, said that the global mainstream operators are upgrading their message service based on GSMA standard, and the basic message capability that has not evolved for more than 20 years is being comprehensively upgraded to 5g message.

5g message brings technology and business leap

Wei Chenguang introduced that 5g message uses RCS up as the benchmark to realize the multimedia and lightweight of message, and introduces MAAP technology to realize the interaction of industry message. On April 8, 2020, the three major domestic operators jointly released the 5g information white paper, conveying to the industry their firm determination to jointly upgrade basic communication services for users. On the basis of the white paper, the three operators further provide unified business specifications to the industry, jointly promote terminal manufacturers to support unified technical requirements, and jointly promote the adoption of 5g message terminal industry standard in CCSA, laying a good foundation for the popularization of 5g message service and the maturity of the industrial chain.

Wei Chenguang pointed out that 5g message has multiple capabilities, which brings about a leap in basic message technology and business. The first is multimedia capability, which supports text, picture, voice, video, location, file transmission and other media types; The second is interactive experience. Users can complete one-stop services such as service discovery and message interactive payment in the message window; The third is to strengthen the connection ability and become a service platform connecting C2C, B2C, c2m and M2M; The fourth is the big message ecosystem. Operators, terminal manufacturers and third-party service providers work together to build an open and win-win ecosystem.

As for the overall progress of China Mobile 5g news, Wei Chenguang gave a detailed introduction from the following three aspects.

In terms of network and terminal promotion, China Mobile has rapidly promoted the construction of network and system, and taken various measures to promote terminal support. Mainstream terminal manufacturers have completed the first batch of commercial version push supporting 5g message function. As of May 11, 2021, 56 customized terminals have supported 5g messages.

In terms of technical standard guidance, China Mobile has been one of the main contributors to international standards since the 5g message based version up1.0, pushing business functions and technical solutions that meet the needs of Chinese market and the characteristics of network environment into international standards, becoming an important part of global unified standards.

In terms of business and industrial ecological construction, China Mobile has extensively absorbed ecological partners, and has carried out pilot work in 24 provinces, signing more than 50 strategic customers including ICBC and CCB; Give full play to the power of partners to create benchmarking applications in various industries for nine application scenarios (Party and government, finance, media, Internet, education, people’s livelihood, etc.); Explore the openness and cooperation of 5g message related search, payment, location, AI and other capabilities, attract high-quality external partners, and comprehensively improve the business experience.

Promote 5g message SDK adaptation integration for industry chain enabling

Wei Chenguang further introduced that China Mobile is developing the 5g message protocol conformance testing cloud platform, and has completed the 5g message terminal testing of several mainstream brands, effectively reducing the R & D threshold of terminal manufacturers and greatly accelerating the pace of 5g message terminal listing. At the same time, we are also developing protocol conformance testing for Chatbot to ensure a good and unified user experience for Chatbot.

5g message SDK is the core suite for terminal to realize 5g message service. The development of a unified 5g message SDK will lay a solid foundation for improving the compatibility between platform and terminal and between terminals, reducing the cost of terminal manufacturers to integrate 5g message, and promoting the development of terminal industry. Based on enterprise standards, CCSA industry standards and GSMA RCS up 2.4 international standards, China Mobile formulated software design scheme and launched 5g message SDK technology research and product incubation. At present, 5g message core functions such as DM device management, registration and authentication, one-to-one message and MAAP message have been realized.

As the core capability suite of the end side, 5g message SDK implements message data transmission for the platform, and provides unified service call interface and technical support services for the end side. Terminal manufacturers can rely on SDK capabilities and maintain the original interactive visual style of the system for service access development. Based on the unified framework and interface, China Mobile continues to improve and enrich the SDK capabilities.

The terminal manufacturers have fully recognized the operator’s self-developed 5g message SDK. The mode of China Mobile enabling the industrial chain and helping business promotion through joint research and development has been preliminarily verified. At present, it is docking SDK terminal adaptation with Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, coolby and other manufacturers. It is expected that Q2 will complete the first terminal adaptation and warehousing test.

Wei Chenguang said that in the next step, China Mobile will accelerate the business process of 5g messaging by expanding the scale of terminal coverage, enriching business capabilities and promoting the consistency of terminal experience. At the same time, it will enrich product functions such as identity authentication capability, integrated payment capability and community fission capability. On this basis, we will unite with all partners to create a new 5g news ecosystem!

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