[XGNews]: Wentai technology’s 12 inch automotive semiconductor wafer manufacturing center project officially started

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On January 4, the commencement ceremony of major projects in Shanghai in 2021 was successfully held. Ten industrial projects with an investment of over 1 billion yuan from Lingang New District participated in the ceremony, with a total investment of over 30 billion yuan. As one of the seven key connection sub venues, the 12 inch car size semiconductor wafer manufacturing center project of Wentai technology in Lingang New Area officially started.

The project is invested by Shanghai Dingtai Jiangxin Technology Co., Ltd. and its controlling shareholder wentianxia Investment Co., Ltd. is also the controlling shareholder of Wentai technology, A-share listed company. According to Wentai technology’s announcement, in order to avoid investment risks and maximize the protection of the interests of the company and all shareholders, especially small and medium shareholders, after careful judgment, it is agreed that the 12 inch wafer manufacturing project will be invested and constructed by the controlling shareholder Lhasa wentianxia. Lhasa wentianxia made a commitment to avoid horizontal competition and transfer it to Wentai technology within 2 years after it meets relevant conditions.

The total investment of the project is 12 billion yuan, with an annual output of 400000 wafers. The packaged and tested power devices can be widely used in automotive electronics, computing and communication equipment, with an output value of 3.3 billion yuan / year.

With the rapid popularization of electric vehicles in the world, automotive semiconductors are entering a rapid development track. It is estimated that by 2022, the automotive semiconductor market is expected to reach US $65.1 billion, accounting for 12% of the global semiconductor market, becoming the fastest growing market in the global semiconductor segment. It is estimated that by 2026, the market share of electric vehicles will exceed that of traditional vehicles, and China will become the world’s largest producer and consumer of electric vehicles.

Zhang Xuezheng, chairman of wentianxia, Wentai technology and Dingtai Jiangxin, said that the huge demand of automotive semiconductors, especially in China’s automotive market, has driven our investment, so we decided to build a 12 inch automotive power semiconductor wafer manufacturing center in Shanghai Lingang New Area. Lingang New Area has become an important electric vehicle industry base in China. Wentai technology’s 12 inch power semiconductor wafer manufacturing center project is of great significance for Lingang New Area to build a world-class electric vehicle industry chain. Zhang Xuezheng stressed that we will continue to increase investment in anser semiconductor, help anser semiconductor expand the scale of R & D, wafer, packaging and testing, and plan to promote the output value of Anser semiconductor to exceed 10 billion US dollars in 10 years, so as to further strengthen the global competitiveness of Anser semiconductor.

Weng Kaining, vice president of Lingang group, said in his speech: the project of Wentai technology’s 12 inch automotive power semiconductor wafer manufacturing center was launched in the new area, which not only presented a “big gift” for the development of integrated circuit industry in the new area, but also polished the gold lettered signboard of “Lingang service” once again.

Wu Xiaohua, full-time deputy director of the Management Committee of Lingang New District, said: the new district has signed 42 key industrial projects involving integrated circuit industry, with a total investment of 112.8 billion yuan. In the new year of 2021, the project side takes this commencement as an opportunity to make greater contributions to breaking through the key bottleneck technology and accelerating the development of the industry.

Fu Xinhua, deputy director of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, said in his speech: speeding up the construction of the integrated circuit industrial base of “dongfangxingang” in Lingang is an important measure for the city to actively implement the general secretary’s requirements on the development of new areas and integrated circuit related work. After a period of joint efforts, Lingang has gathered a number of important enterprises represented by Wentai technology, and the industrial level has been continuously improved, supporting Shanghai to move forward to a world-class IC industrial cluster.

Lingang New Area is an important city for the development of integrated circuits in Shanghai. Last year, the “Oriental core port” industrial park was unveiled. After the completion of Wentai technology’s 12 inch power semiconductor wafer manufacturing center project, which participated in the ceremony, it will add new impetus to the development of “Dongfang core port”.

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