[XGNews]: What are the major events in China’s 5g News Promotion in the past three years?

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Since 2019, China has started to launch 5g news. The Ministry of industry and information technology, telecom operators, communication equipment manufacturers, communication value-added manufacturers and other departments have actively worked on 5g news to increase R & D and business bearing. In the past three years, 5g messaging technology and business have achieved remarkable results. Among the three major telecom operators, Chinatelecom first released 5g messages to the public on January 25, 2022, officially commercial, and has determined its core position in the field of 5g messages.

5g message display scene (tuyuan / chengjingsheng)

◎ 2019

From June 26 to 28, during the 2019 Shanghai World Mobile conference, China Mobile held the establishment of 5g news innovation and opening laboratory and RCS product launch, and released the 5g new product – “RCS commercial rich media news”. The “RCS commercial rich media news” released this time is a 5g era news product based on the latest RCS up2.3 standard of GSMA.

In November, China Mobile held the launch ceremony of “5g information industry development initiative” at the 5g+ business innovation forum of the Global Partner Conference. This time, China Mobile Zhejiang company opened the first call of 5g news at the fastest speed, making China Mobile the first 5gmc (5g message center) operator in China.

◎ 2020

At the beginning of the year, Chinatelecom and the China Academy of information and communications jointly formulated a series of standards such as the general technical requirements for 5g messages.

On April 8, China Mobile, Chinatelecom and China Unicom jointly held an online press conference and jointly released the 5g news white paper. The white paper expounds the core concept of 5g news, clarifies the relevant business functions and technical requirements, and puts forward some ideas for the ecological construction of 5g news. The release of 5g news white paper opens a new chapter in 5g news construction and defines the first year of 5g news development.

On April 13, Xiaoyuan technology announced its open source strategy for 5g news. This release of 5g news “source creation plan” will attract more industrial partners to participate in the construction of 5g news, stimulate the endogenous power of 5g news, accelerate the development process of 5g news, and promote the standard formulation and ecological construction of 5g news.

In April, the first 5gmc (5g Information Center) in China was launched in Zhejiang.

In May, China Mobile briefly launched the “5g news” app version 1.0, which was classified as social. Later, due to some technical problems, the app went offline.

On July 6, at the Guangxi 5g industrial development cooperation conference, after the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region issued the first 5g message of the region, Henan Province, Jiangxi Province, Beijing, Shenzhen and Xuzhou respectively issued the first 5g message of the region.

In August, the pilot access of 5g industry news friendly customers and partners was launched in 15 provinces. All provinces actively explored 5g industry news application scenarios and greatly broadened the application boundary of message business.

On October 14, China Mobile opened 5g message friendly customer trial commercial testing to 15 provinces, autonomous regions and cities including Guangdong and Guangxi. China Mobile Internet company has developed a SMS applet based on “SMS + authentication +h5 applet” to meet the experience needs of Apple iPhone users for 5g messages.

In November, ZTE released the white paper on 5g messaging technology, which comprehensively elaborated ZTE’s 5g messaging solutions.

In November and December, China Communications Standardization Association TC 3 and TC 11 successively reviewed and approved three industry standard drafts, namely, the general technical requirements for 5g messages, the technical requirements for 5g message terminals, and the test methods for 5g message terminals.

On December 14, China Unicom announced that “a new experience of SMS interaction is coming! Shanghai Unicom has launched 5g message trial business”; At the same time, the deployment of 5g message trial commercial platform was completed, and multiple head industry applications were successfully accessed.

On December 17, at the 2020 communication industry conference and the 15th Annual Conference of communication technology, the all media of communication industry news officially released the top ten events of China Communications in 2020, among which China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile jointly promoted 5g news.

On December 22, the 5g news page of Henan mobile news was officially launched at the financial media center on the first floor of Henan Daily newspaper group.

In December, Bao’an District of Shenzhen took the lead in applying 5g messages to government services nationwide, and on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2021, combined with the epidemic prevention and control situation at that time, it accurately pushed 700000 5g message cards to specific groups in the region.

In December, China Mobile Group organized a 5g industry news excellent scene selection activity, and a total of 216 cases were submitted by 15 pilot provinces, covering ten major industries such as finance, party and government, education, and health care. At the same time, the 8 regional network cloud nodes of China Mobile 5g message have been completed. Mainstream terminal manufacturers have completed the first commercial version push that supports 5g message function.

◎ 2021

On January 4, ZTE released the white paper on 5g news innovation and development.

On January 5, Lezhi became one of the first companies shortlisted by Chinatelecom as a 5g message partner through Chinatelecom 5g message CSP.

In January, the joint centralized procurement project of 5g message platform (RCS) construction project of operators such as Chinatelecom and China Mobile was officially launched in 2020, and the maximum bidding price of the project is about 200million yuan.

In January, 5g message business was applied in Nanshan and other fields in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

From February 23 to 25, ZTE released the 5g message global cooperation plan during the 2021 world mobile communication conference (Shanghai) and launched the “0 trial capex” action, which will provide global operators with a trial of “0 capex” 5g message based on public cloud.

From February 23 to 25, the 2021 world mobile communication conference (MWC) was held in Shanghai. The GSMA 5g innovation and investment platform (5g in) and the hard walnut 5g message developer community set up a 5g message zone in the 5g Innovation Zone, which is the first large-scale 5g message ecological enterprise in China to have a centralized display.

From February 23 to 25, 2021 world mobile communication conference was held in Shanghai, and Jufeng system became the only RCS service provider that passed GSMA up certification in China.

From February 23 to 25, 2021 world mobile communication conference (MWC) was held in Shanghai, where “let’s go, 5g news!” On the talk show, Rao Guanqi, the 5g news strategic cooperation center of dreamnet technology, delivered a speech entitled “5g news: Killer Applications in the 5g era”.

From February 23 to 25, 2021 world mobile communication conference (MWC) was held in Shanghai. Led by Xinhuanet and jointly with Chinatelecom and other authoritative institutions, it issued the first 5g message application standard in the media industry – “general technical requirements for 5g message application business in the media industry”.

On March 1, Chongqing daily news group and Chongqing Mobile launched 5g news during the national “two sessions”, which is the first case of 5g messaging technology in Chongqing.

On March 11, the 5g news Chatbot innovation and development competition jointly held by Chinatelecom, China Unicom and other units was officially launched. The innovation and development competition aims to explore new needs, new forms and new models in the key application fields of 5g news, explore excellent innovative application works, incubate and build a 5g news ecosystem.          

On March 19, the preparatory meeting of the 5g news (RCS) working group jointly organized by the China Academy of information and communications and the China Communications Enterprise Association was successfully held in Beijing. The relevant representative enterprises of the 5g news industry chain jointly discussed the 5g news industry promotion plan and other matters.

On March 29, the Chinese Academy of communications and communications jointly held the “online press conference on the high-quality development of 5g news in China” with ZTE. ZTE OpenLab laboratory and the mobile Internet business innovation center of Tel terminal laboratory established the joint innovation laboratory of new information and communication technologies. Both sides released the technical requirements, testing standards and evaluation system of the first 5g news platform in China.

On March 30, the “founding meeting of 5g message working group” jointly sponsored by China Communications Enterprise Association and other units was held in Hangzhou.         

In March, the China communications network operation and maintenance service annual conference was held in Beijing, and ZTE won the “2019-2020 communication network operation and maintenance service innovation quality project award” with the 5g message operation and maintenance support project. ZTE created an end-to-end 5g message operation and maintenance management system, which greatly guarantees the multimedia business experience of end users.

In March, during the national two sessions, Beijing Mobile and Xinhuanet jointly developed the “5g message simulation experience of the two sessions of Xinhuanet” product, which is the first time operators have applied 5g messages to the media coverage of the two sessions.      

In April, Yimei softcom “satisfactone 5g message platform” officially provided services to enterprise customers.

On May 17, 5g news of Beijing Mobile’s heart level service was launched. This is the first service 5g message in the communication industry, and it is also the first 5g message product to help improve the customer service experience of operators.

On May 17, the 5g news Chatbot innovation and development competition jointly held by Chinatelecom and China Unicom ended perfectly.

On May 20, a symposium on candidate governing units of the “5g Information Working Group” was held in Xiamen. Three major telecom operators, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile, and 43 candidate governing bodies attended the meeting.

On May 25, the first intelligent consultation hotline +5g information platform in China was officially launched. This is an innovative breakthrough and landing practice jointly created by Guangzhou Telecom and Guangzhou Tianhe District Government Service Data Management Bureau in the national 5g+ government application field.

In May, Shanghai Unicom, UnionPay Data Service Co., Ltd. and ZTE Co., Ltd. signed the 5g message strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. The three parties will jointly promote the commercial application of 5g message in China’s financial industry, mine richer 5g commercial application scenarios, provide customers with more convenient and safer digital financial services, improve the industrial application value of information services, and help the digital transformation of the financial industry.

On June 16, “Shanghai 5g messaging platform (MAAS)” was put into trial use. The Maas (messaging as a service) platform independently developed and built by Shanghai Telecom is based on the 5g message framework of China Telecom Group, coupled with the capabilities of operators, and can realize one-stop access, personalized customization and other capabilities.

In July, ZTE and GSMA think tank released the 5g news white paper. Focusing on “new perspectives, new experiences, and new values”, the white paper makes an in-depth analysis and Discussion on the needs, business models, and target markets of the 5g era messaging business, and through the case practice of the world’s leading operators, it proposes that 5g messaging based on RCS standards is the transformation goal of operators in the 5g era messaging platform.

In July, the 5g news special competition of China mobile maker marathon was officially launched. The special event focused on the launch of 5g Message Application Innovation Incubation Platform and China Mobile 5g message developer community, aiming to take the event as the engine, carry a number of services, and encourage more developers to participate in 5g message application innovation.

In July, the 5g message working group held its first specification discussion. At the meeting, five specifications were approved, including 5g message service display specification, dual card 5g message terminal technical specification, 5g message terminal and network compatibility test specification, and Chatbot name specification. The preparation unit, content scope and outline were determined and entered the comment draft stage.

On August 5, the 5g message working group, together with 7 units including Chinatelecom, set up a 5g message joint laboratory to carry out technical verification related to 5g messages.

On September 24, during the 17th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo, the 2021 radio, television and listening Industry Summit Forum was grandly held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Tu Jiashun, chief scientist of ZTE nfv/sdn, delivered a keynote speech entitled “5g news, a new entrance to integrated media” at the 2021 radio, television and listening Industry Summit Forum (Shenzhen).

On September 29, 5g news high level forum was successfully held at China International Information and Communication Exhibition in Beijing.

In November, China Unicom launched the trial commercial use of 5g messages across the country, and launched the “5g message experience recruitment activity”, providing free 5g message experience packages for enterprise customers and individual users. Users with friendly experience will get a richer, convenient, intelligent and safe 5g message new experience.

In November, “Guangxi Mobile Huiyun smart agriculture” won the “national first prize” in the 5g message special competition of the fourth “blooming Cup” 5g application competition hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology.

In November, we worked together with Yijie and other units to create a fire emergency application “fire emergency alarm center” based on 5g messages, providing efficient and convenient emergency alarm services for more than 18 million 5g message end users across the country.

On December 7, the 2021 China Unicom Partner Conference “Zhixin future” 5g message ecological development forum was successfully held in Beijing, and China Unicom 5g message ecological alliance was officially established.

From December 21 to 22, at the “2021 China value added telecom and virtual operators Summit Forum – technological innovation meeting under the trend of 5g integrated communication”, Chinatelecom revealed that it plans to promote the commercial use of 5g messages in January.

On December 30, the signing ceremony of the memorandum of cooperation for the 5g news campus town research project was held on the campus of Guangzhou University Town, marking the official launch of the first “5g news campus town project” in China.

On December 31, the first standard Seminar on technical requirements for 5g messaging applications in banking industry, led by the Institute of cloud computing and big data of the Chinese Academy of communications and communications, was held. Experts from Chinatelecom and other units discussed the standard framework and the next formulation and revision plan.

In December, Shanghai Mobile and ZTE successfully completed the 5g message private network pilot in the 5g message innovation center.

In December, ZTE released the white paper on the full scenario deployment of 5g messages, which comprehensively introduced the message business capabilities facing 5g/6g mobile communication networks, the requirements of diversified deployment scenarios, networking and technology deployment solutions, as well as the successful cases of actual deployment.

In December, Chinatelecom number Blackstone and ZTE signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai to establish a 5g messaging application incubation base. And rely on the traditional business of number PepsiCo to release the application market beta based on 5g news.              


From January 19 to 23, during the “two sessions time” in Jiangsu Province in 2022, Jiangsu Mobile launched the “5g news two sessions link” with local media to enrich the content and form of media reports of the two sessions in Jiangsu Province.

On January 25, Chinatelecom held a 5g news commercial press conference, officially announcing that 5g news has entered the commercial stage. Tang Ke, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom, said that 5g message, as an upgrade of traditional SMS, can become an important basic service for operators on 2B and 2C.            

In January, the country’s first digital intelligence rural 5g message platform was launched in Hubei, providing users with the latest information on agricultural policies, knowledge popularization, rural style and so on. Tens of millions of users have received the rural service information of “5g message”.

In January, China Unicom launched the Winter Olympics application of 5g news with ice and snow theme. The Winter Olympics application with ice and snow theme 5g news launched this time can help users easily watch the live broadcast of the Winter Olympics, capture the wonderful moments of the Winter Olympics, exchange Winter Olympics Souvenirs, Winter Olympics surrounding goods and other operations, and provide more new options for popularizing ice and snow sports and meeting the public to make an appointment with ice and snow.

On February 4, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was grandly opened. China Mobile 5g financial media mobile news launched “news morning and evening news – special issue of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics”, which gathered rich media content such as audio and video, graphics and H5, and disseminated the wonderful contents of the Winter Olympics in the form of 5g messages and video messages.

On February 4, Beijing Mobile and the “central video” platform of China Central Radio and television officially launched the 5g message service of ice and snow events series. This is the first successful case that Beijing Mobile has helped the national media to use 5g news to push the news of major international sports events on a large scale in the world with the service advantages of 5g news and big data.

On March 4, the national two sessions kicked off. Beijing Mobile cooperated with CCTV central video to launch the 5g news version of the report on the two sessions, helping to innovate the form of the report on the two sessions.     

On March 31, China Communications Enterprise Association and Chinatelecom post and Telecommunications consulting and Design Institute Co., Ltd. successfully held a signing ceremony for 5g message strategic cooperation.

In March, the China Communications Enterprise Association announced that there were 134 mobile terminals supporting 5g messages from various operators. Among them, 119 support China Mobile, 11 support China Unicom and 4 support Chinatelecom.

On April 14, the working group Seminar on the preparation of three group standards, namely, 5g message service display specification, Chatbot name specification, and dual card 5g message terminal technical specification, hosted by the China Communications Enterprise Association, was successfully held.

In April, Guangzhou Mobile and China Mobile Internet company launched an epidemic prevention reminder solution, which uses the distribution form of “5g message + SMS applet” to achieve full terminal coverage, and sends 5g message epidemic prevention reminders to Guangzhou health code yellow code personnel and key groups.

In May, Shenzhen mengwang Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Xinyuan Public Information Development Co., Ltd. signed the [5g message fallback solution] technical service contract.

On June 21, the 5g message platform products of 4 enterprises including UFIDA Network Technology Co., Ltd. passed the evaluation of 5g message joint laboratory and obtained the first batch of functional integrity certificates of 5g message platform.

On June 22, Chinatelecom took the lead in releasing the white paper on the enhanced architecture of Chinatelecom 5g hybrid private network, marking a major breakthrough in the independent innovation and research and development of c-iwf (customized interworking function, customized signaling interworking gateway) architecture.

In June, the Dahan three links became the first one in the industry to raise 100 million yuan with 5g news as the theme.

On July 18, the 5g message platform of China Mobile officially launched the new function of “5g message wechat one click migration”. Merchants can send rich media messages to C-end users by configuring message cards through 5g message platform. Merchants only need to obtain authorization from their wechat official account, and can start using it after binding on the 5g message platform.

Compiled on July 25th, 2022

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